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How Do I Make a Custom Quiz: Simplified (7 minutes read)

Do you want to make a Custom quiz for your WordPress Website but don’t know how? Read through the article and by the end of it you will be able to make a custom quiz without any hurdles.

In this blog, we will take a look at different aspects of a free quiz tool that is Quiz and Survey Master, and learn how can we customize a quiz. But to give it a headstart, we would discuss some important things you should keep in mind while creating a custom quiz.

When creating a custom quiz, you might want to look out for some free quiz makers online for WordPress. If we go by the record, Quiz and Survey Master lead the way in the list of best online quiz tools. Let us surf through the process of customizing a quiz using this online custom quiz creator.

Take this sample animal trivia quiz to understand the use of the QSM plugin to make a custom quiz.

Why You Should Make a Custom Quiz?

These days we can access almost everything through the internet. In fact, you can run your businesses, and services and even share a part of life over the internet. In these times, we are finding out various ways to add a fresh perspective to content creation these days. And quizzes are doing that job for us.

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Why You Should Make a Custom Quiz?

Online quizzes are getting quite popular. What makes this such a great success, though? What encourages people to take online quizzes rather than paper ones? Let’s find out some reasons to create your own custom quiz:

1. Boosts your Brand

There are several ways to increase brand recognition, including creating new interactive sales opportunities, increasing traffic to your online channels, enhancing user engagement, and enhancing social media sharing of your campaign and brand.

2. Draws in Attention

Connect your business or educational information to your audience in a fresh and enjoyable way. Your ability to retain customers will increase if you organize a recurring event. For example, if you set a monthly survey for customer satisfaction and abide by their suggestions, chances are that the users would want to focus on your content more than the others.

3. Substantial Audience Traffic

It is feasible to have a high number of participants when doing quizzes online. There may be up to 1000 participants (or even more!). As long as they are connected to the Internet, it doesn’t matter where they take the online quiz.

Secrets to Make a Custom Quiz

Now that you are creating a quiz for your WordPress website, you may want to get a headstart with the initialization. Not only a good WordPress quiz plugin is essential for this quiz but also you should have an agenda based on which the quiz will be formed.

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Secrets to Make a Custom Quiz

Here are some ways to make a custom quiz more exciting:

Creating a Catchy and Trendy Title

Not all quizzes are made for knowledge right? So if you are making a quiz you should keep in mind that people are attracted to something airy than something bulky. For example, if we use the title “Mandela Effect Quiz” and for the same quiz if we go for a title like “How good is your recollection quiz?” Both are indicating towards the same quiz but the latter one seems more inviting and airy as compared to the former.

Tend to the Target

Create a quiz that will be appealing to your target audience. Start there if you’re unsure of who your target market is. This will benefit you not only in the long run, but will also enable you to build interactive dialogues into your quizzes. One of the finest ways to assess your quiz 360 degrees is to understand the target audience.

Use Questions That are Fun to Answer

There are over 95% of websites on the World Wide Web that are using quizzes and surveys to engage the audience but only a few of them are able to cut to the cream. Your questionnaire can make a difference. By adding interactive media and questions you can upscale your quizzes.

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How do I make a Custom Quiz?

These are the 5 steps involved in making a custom quiz:

Step 1: Creating an Interactive Questionnaire

You must include various types of questions while making any quiz. Since quizzes might be made on any subject, you should be familiar with your agenda. We will be creating a sample animal trivia quiz to explain the process of creating the custom quiz.

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However, the questions and their categories might easily change depending on the topic of your quiz or the blogs on your website. A food personality questionnaire, for instance, will differ from the ones we use for an animal trivia questionnaire. Some example questions for an animal trivia quiz can be:

  • What is the loudest animal on Earth?
  • How many hearts does an octopus have?
  • What are the folds of skin on a cat’s ears called?
  • How many legs does a spider have?
  • What mammals lay eggs?
  • What color are Giraffes’ tongues?
  • What is a group of Crows called?
  • What farm animals have best friends?
  • Find out which animal is a llama or Alpaca.
  • Find out which animal is: Alligator Or Crocodile.
  • Which animal is the predecessor of Humans?

Step 2: Installing Free Quiz Maker Online

To make a custom quiz, we need a wonderful WordPress Quiz plugin as well. To download the Quiz and Survey master plugin, you can go for two options.

Option 1: To download from your WordPress dashboard

  • Go to your plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard
  • Search for “QSM” or “Quiz and Survey Master” in the search bar
  • Spot the QSM plugin
  • Click on Install and then activate
  • Your plugin is ready to use
How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Installing QSM Plugin

Option 2: To download from WordPress’s official website

  • On the WordPress website, go to the plugins menu
  • Search for “QSM” or “Quiz and Survey Master” in the search bar
  • Download the setup to install the plugin
  • After the .zip file has been downloaded, toggle to your WordPress website
  • Go to the Plugins menu
  • Click on “upload plugin”
  • Drop your .zip file into the dialog box
  • Click install and activate
  • Your plugin is ready to use.
How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Installing QSM Plugin
How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Installing QSM Plugin

Step 3: Creating a Quiz

Now that we have prepared all of the questions, we will have to add them to our QSM quiz. To begin, select “Create new Quiz/Survey” from the drop-down menu.
We are making an animal trivia quiz, but based on your WordPress website and target audience, you can use any trivia quiz-question type to create a custom quiz.

How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Creating Quiz
How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Creating Quiz

You’ll observe that there are many diverse themes available in QSM. Then, using several QSM add-ons, you may further customize your quiz by adding the Quiz name and grading system.

There are numerous different sorts of questions in the QSM plugin. We now employ multiple-choice questions to construct a correct/incorrect type of quiz, but there are also fill-in-the-blank and polar-answer options.

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How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Creating Quiz
How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Creating Quiz

With these QSM tabs, detailed customization is possible. For instance, a contact form can be created using the Contacts Tab. However, skipping the quiz’s Contact tab optimization would improve the likelihood that people would take the test. Additionally, you can modify your quiz’s appearance and feel using the Style tab and the Options tab, and you can add additional messages to be presented at various times during your test using the Text tab.

How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Creating Quiz
How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Creating Quiz

Step 4: Customizing the Results Pages

Making result pages is the next stage. Utilizing conditional formatting and template variables will help you optimize your results pages. The most important part of creating a custom quiz is optimizing the results pages because doing so will guarantee accurate results and thus boost interaction on both the quiz and the blog or website.

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How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Creating Result Pages
How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Creating Result Pages

Step 5: Publishing and Sharing the Quiz

You can preview your quiz utilizing the various tabs after setting up and optimizing the results pages. You can identify the issues and work out a solution by looking at the preview. Additionally, you may embed the quiz in your blogs or articles.

How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Publishing the Quiz
How do I make a Custom Quiz?- Publishing the Quiz


How can I make my own quiz?

You can make your own quiz using the Quiz and Survey Master plugin in just a few clicks. Whether it is an educational quiz like a geography quiz or a fun quiz like a Pokemon quiz, you can create it all using the QSM plugin.

What is the best app to create a quiz?

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin is the best app to create a quiz. With over 40,000 active installations on WordPress, it gives you a smooth and efficient quiz-making experience for free. You can learn more about creating interactive quizzes on QSM.

Is there a free quiz maker?

A free quiz maker online is the Quiz and Survey Master plugin. It offers all the necessary features for you to create a fun and engaging quiz for your website! Learn how to create a quiz using the QSM plugin.

Final Thoughts

Through this article, we learned about the process of creating a custom quiz using the best WordPress Quiz plugin, QSM. With the help of its features, the process of making a custom quiz becomes easier and more fun.

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You can edit and improve your custom quiz with QSM even after publishing it. Nothing is written in stone and the online custom quiz creator gives you space to upgrade and refine your quizzes as you like.

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