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How to add a Contact Form

After preparing your questions and answers, the next step is to set up a contact form to collect users’ details. We can have the contact form setup to show before or after they complete the quiz or survey.

This contact form is useful for collecting information like names, email addresses, business names, phone numbers and other custom information. This information can be used later for sending quiz alerts, results, newsletters, and other marketing activities.

You can create this form with multiple input fields for different types of information in the Contact Tab.

QSM Contact Form

1. Contact Field Type

When adding a new field in QSM, you can choose from 8 types of contact fields:

  • Text: For input like names, businesses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Email: Validates the input as an email address.
  • URL: For website addresses.
  • Number: Accepts numerical input, useful for phone numbers, student IDs, etc.
  • Date: Collects date information, with format settings available in the Options Tab.
  • Checkbox: For confirmations, such as agreeing to terms and conditions.
  • Radio: For adding a single use option example: gender type, etc.
  • Select: This adds a drop-down in the form, you need to add the comma separated drop-down options by clicking on the settings > Options.

It’s important to know that four contact fields—Name, Email, Business, and Phone—come pre-built in QSM and are initially disabled. While you can customize their labels to fit your needs, their types are fixed and cannot be altered. These fields are permanent and cannot be removed.

2. Label

Choose a label for each field; this text will be displayed next to the field.

3. Settings

Various settings are available based on the selected form type.

  • Required: If checked, the field must be filled in before the quiz or survey can be submitted.
  • Hide Label: Lets you hide the set label with just the placeholder text visible
  • Placeholder: Set the placeholder text that will show inside the text field
  • Min Length: Set the minimum number of characters or numbers the input must have.
  • Max Length: Set the maximum number of characters or numbers allowed in the input.
  • Allow Domains (For Email Type): Enter a comma-separated list of email domain extensions allowed for input. Leaving it blank means all domains are allowed.
  • Options (For Radio & Select Type): Enter all the options separated by comma

4. Duplicate Field

Click the “Duplicate” icon to create a copy of a field.

5. Delete Field

Click the “Delete” icon to remove a field.

6. Enable/Disable Field

Toggle a field on or off for use in the quiz or survey.

7. Show Disabled Fields

Reveals any hidden, disabled fields.

8. Form Options

Choose from pre-set options for quick form setup.

  • Show Contact Form After Quiz: Displays the contact form once the quiz is completed.
  • Show Contact Form to Logged In Users: Only users who are logged in will see the contact form.
  • Disable First Page of Quiz: Skips the quiz’s first page.
  • Disable Autofill Entries: Prevents autofilling of answers from previous attempts.

9. Add New Field

Adds a new, customizable contact field.

After adding and adjusting fields as needed, remember to save your work by clicking the “Save Form” button located below the Form Options box.

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