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How to Setup Results Page

A Result page is shown to the users after finishing the quiz or survey, they can be customized based on certain conditions and can include template variables for detailed information. You can also send a copy of the results to the site admin with user details from the Results tab.

Depending on your needs, you can stick with one default results page or create different ones for various outcomes using the “Add New Results Page” button, allowing for tailored feedback based on the user’s score.

Useful Tip: Make any result template as default by ticking the “Mark as default” checkbox in the template control, this makes sure if any of the set conditions isn’t met the default result template is run.

QSM Results - Overview

Customize How Results are Shown with Conditions

To set up different results pages based on user scores:

QSM Results - Results with conditions
  1. Create Specific Pages: Make results pages for different scoring ranges, like 35%-50%, 51%-70%, and over 71%, and keep the default page for those who score below these ranges.
  2. Define Score Ranges: In the settings, specify the minimum score for a page by entering it in the “Score Greater Than Or Equal To” field and the maximum score in the “Score Less Than Or Equal To” field.
  3. Build Your Page: Use the “Results Page Show” section to craft your results page, incorporating template variables for customization.
  4. Save: Click “Save Results Pages” to apply your settings.

Adding Conditions based on Categories

Now, you can set conditions based on categories in the Results page to tailor the displayed results to the chosen category. 

QSM Results - Conditions on Categories

In the QSM Results Page’s conditions section, choose a category from the “Category Name” drop-down. Then, decide if you want to base conditions on “Total points earned” or “Correct score percentage”. After that, select a specific condition for the results to meet. This allows for customized results displays for users who meet these category-specific criteria.

Remember, results for a quiz or survey are not recorded or shown if it’s in draft mode. Make sure the quiz is published to see the results.

Using Featured Images on Results Page

QSM enables showing featured images from questions on the Results Page. If you’ve added featured images to your questions (see questions tab) and turned on the “Show question featured image in results page” option in the options tab, then these images will appear with the questions and answers on the results page.

Customizing Results Pages with Template Variables

When you access the “Results Pages” tab, the default message in the text editor will be a thank-you note that you can customize. It includes the template variables %CONTACT_ALL% and %QUESTIONS_ANSWERS% by default, which automatically populate with the quiz-taker’s contact details and their questions and answers.

Template variables are tools that help you personalize result pages effortlessly. You can find and add these variables by clicking the “/ Variables” button or pressing “/” in the visual text editor. These variables not only automate adding information like the quiz-taker’s name, quiz details, and scores but also enhance the message’s relevance and detail, improving communication.

View the complete list of Template Variables.

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