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How to Create a Quiz

With QSM you can create multiple types of Quizzes. Engage users with interesting quizzes and test their knowledge on any topic. 

The quiz creation process is simple, you just have to add questions, configure a quiz contact form, setup the success messages, configure the quiz behaviour, setup quiz emails and lastly edit the results page.

After installing the QSM plugin, to start creating a quiz head over to the QSM dashboard. 

  1. Click on “Create New Quiz/Survey”.
  2. Choose the theme of your choice, QSM comes with a free default theme and multiple high quality premium themes, explore other themes and choose accordingly. Click Next.
  3. Configure Quiz Settings, here you need to provide a Quiz Name and configure the quiz settings. Optimal settings are selected by default so you can skip this section. These settings can be changed later from the Options Tab. Click Next.
  4. QSM Addons, QSM comes with 40+ Addons for various purposes, you can have a look if it interests you. Check all QSM addons. Click Create Quiz.

This gives you a fresh quiz template, now the next step is to add questions, setup a contact form, add custom text messages, tweak quiz settings, setup emails and lastly configure the results page.

📌 QSM core plugin and themes now fully support the RTL (Right to Left) language format. Benefit from improved usability for right-to-left language users.

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