Why Make Your Quizzes & Surveys Multilingual?

There are numerous languages being spoken across the globe today, limiting your quizzes & surveys to just one language prevents you from achieving accurate & honest results. On the contrary, if you’ve built your quiz to be multilingual the responders could take the quiz in their native language, this increases the chances of getting quick

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How to create an easy buddy meter quiz in WordPress! (7 minutes read)

If you want to see how well your pals actually know you, create a Buddy Meter quiz and invite your friends to take it to prove they’re your best buddies. This quiz is exactly what it says it is, and it is geared for friendships. It’s a quiz where the quiz takers may see how well their

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Create The Office Trivia Quiz in 4 easy steps!

The Office is one of the best sitcoms to have aired of all time. And therefore, The office trivia quiz is liked by everyone! Even in the 2020s, it is very popular among all age groups. It is the most beloved show in the history of television. It is the gratitude of one of the

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