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How to Easily Create a Conditional Logic Quiz in 4 Steps


Creating quizzes that adapt to each user’s responses can elevate your interactive content from ordinary to extraordinary.

Imagine a quiz that guides participants through different questions based on their previous answers, making the experience more engaging and personalized.

Dynamic interaction is possible with conditional logic, and it’s easier to implement. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a conditional logic quiz using QSM.

All you need to do is get the Logic Addon by QSM. Let’s explore how the Logic Addon works and how it can help you create these adaptive, conditional logic quizzes.

What is a Conditional Logic Quiz?

What is a Conditional Logic Quiz?

A conditional logic quiz is a type of quiz in which the follow-up questions change based on the answers given to the former questions.

In simpler terms, when you add conditional logic to a quiz, the quiz taker’s answers will decide what will be shown to them next.

This could be more clear with a simple branching flowchart. As shown below, there are subsequent questions put on as per the answers to the previous ones.

What is a Conditional Logic Quiz?
What is a Conditional Logic Quiz?

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Why are Conditional Logic Quizzes Gaining Popularity?

Why are Conditional Logic Quizzes gaining popularity?
Why are Conditional Logic Quizzes gaining popularity?

1. Personalized questions

It feels awesome when someone does something, especially for you, right? These conditional logic quizzes make the users feel the same way.

It creates a completely personalized experience for the quiz takers, and they feel more and more connected with the quiz.

2. Email Marketing becomes easier

Creating a follow-up email regime becomes easiest when you are creating a conditional logic quiz. The conditions that you take into account for creating the results pages can directly be implied to create your follow-up regime!

You can safely send personalized blogs and product recommendations to the quiz-takers. This also leaves an impression on the quiz takers that their opinions matter.

3. Quiz results are unpredictable

More often people tend to get bored of quizzes once they anticipate the next questions and sometimes the results. But with a conditional logic quiz, the anticipation of results is completely off the table.

With changing questions, quiz takers never know what is in store for them! This creates a sense of curiosity and users tend to complete their quizzes about 50% more in these cases.

How to Create a Conditional Logic Quiz?

Before adding Logic Addon to your quiz, first install the QSM plugin on your WordPress website.

You can check out the documentation on how to install the QSM plugin to know the installation process.

Step 1: Set up the Logic Addon

Once the QSM plugin is installed, the first step is to install and activate the Logic add-on.

With the Logic Addon for QSM, you can customize your quizzes by deciding which questions to show or hide based on users’ answers to other questions.

For instance, you can configure it so that a particular question appears if a user selects a specific answer, or is hidden if they choose a different one.

You can also set it to display or hide questions based on whether an answer is greater or less than a certain number.

You can purchase the addon from the website.

After making the add-on purchase, you will have access to download it. Installing the add-on is as easy as uploading it as a standard WordPress plugin.

To know how to install and activate the add-on, you can check out the QSM Logic add-on documentation.

How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?
How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?

Once the add-on is activated, now it’s time to create the questions for your quiz and add conditional logic to them.

Step 2: Prepare a Quiz Questionnaire

When creating a conditional logic questionnaire, you must keep in mind the following:

  1. Keep it simple. Many options, and many branches, lead to major confusion. Therefore, keep it simple for you and the quiz takers and create necessary branches or rules.
  2. Creating appropriate branches. Sometimes it gets difficult to create branches, so always keep in check with every logic and its corresponding questions at all times.
  3. Pertain to the original quiz. Quizzes with conditional logic can drift off very quickly, so keeping the question in check with the original quiz idea is very important.

Here is an example of logic branching questions;

1. What type of movies do you prefer?

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama

2. Follow-up Questions:

  • If “Action” is selected:
    • Who is your favorite action movie actor?
  • If “Comedy” is selected:
    • Which comedy movie did you enjoy the most?
  • If “Drama” is selected:
    • Which drama TV series do you watch?

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Step 3: Create the Quiz on QSM

For the conditional logic quiz, we are creating a knowledge test.

First, you start off by initializing the quiz, choosing a QSM theme, adding the title of the quiz, and choosing the required add-ons.

How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?
How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?

Then you would land on the questions tab of QSM.

As you can see there is a separate tab for the logic addon, which we would set up after adding all our questions.

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How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?
How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?

Further, you are required to set up the rules in the logic tab.

For example, we are choosing the answer to the first question as ‘Science’ and then choosing what questions should appear if the user chooses this option.

How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?

Similarly, you can set this logic for different types of options and accordingly choose what questions are to be displayed for the corresponding option.

How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?
How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?

Next, you can customize the different QSM tabs. While creating a quiz you might want to add the contact form, you can add it through the contacts tab.

You can also choose where to place the contacts tab, preferably at the end or the beginning of the quiz (or as preferred).

How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?

You can also customize the text tab, the options tab, and the style tab to deeply customize your quiz.

As per your requirement, you can set up the emails tab to set the email marketing follow-up regime for a different set of results for personalized outcomes.

Step 4: Publishing the Quiz

Once you are through with customizing the quiz, you can embed the quiz into a post and publish the quiz on your website.

You can also share the conditional logic quiz created with your social media audience by copy pasting the link to any of your social platform.

How to create a Conditional Logic Quiz?

You can take our demo conditional logic quiz created by QSM:


What is a conditional logic quiz?

A conditional logic quiz is a type of quiz in which the subsequent questions depend upon the answers to the former questions.

How do you create a conditional logic quiz?

Using the Logic addon of QSM you can create a conditional logic quiz easily. All you need to do is set up the logic addon, add rules as per requirement and you are done!

How do you create a quiz in logic?

You can create a quiz in logic using the QSM plugin’s logic addon. Set your rules for the quiz, according to the deciding questions and add which questions will follow from your questionnaire.

Final thoughts

This brings us to the end of the blog! Now you can create your conditional logic quizzes with the QSM plugin, without having to ponder about what comes next.

With the best WordPress quiz plugin, you can create any type of quiz, whether it be a true or false quiz, a pop culture quiz, or an education quiz.

You can also add conditional logic to any kind of quiz! Quizzes are set towards a set of people and that is what makes the branched quizzes more popular.

Just like the logic addon, QSM has a box full of surprises. To make the most of the QSM plugin, you should grab these add-ons according to your basic, plus, and pro needs!

To ease your shopping experience, QSM brings to you the club of QSM bundles. These bundles carry a different set of add-ons and you can purchase any of them.

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