The Astonishing Secrets of Creating Brand Awareness Surveys (5 minutes read)

Is your brand on the first minds of clients when they want to buy something? Brand awareness surveys can be a potent measure of a company’s effectiveness in attracting its target market. Customers that can recall your brand on their own are a sign that your product is well-positioned in the market. If you are in a highly competitive product sector, brand recognition is an essential indicator.

What is known as brand recognition occurs when customers recognize your brand as a trustworthy alternative among a group of brands even though they do not automatically associate it with a particular product category.

Although it is undoubtedly useful when customers remember your brand, you will need to put some effort into developing top-of-mind awareness.

Secrets of creating Brand Awareness Surveys

In this blog, we will go through the ways in which brand awareness surveys work and how can perform brand awareness effectively, without the toiling and relentless anxiety. In a nutshell, we will be revealing the secrets of the brand awareness surveys that we come across every now and then.

Before we jump into that, let us start steady and learn the fundamentals of the brand awareness questionnaire and brand awareness surveys. And don’t forget to take a sample brand awareness survey created by QSM.

30+ Useful Brand Awareness Survey Questions

#1 Brand awareness

  • Have you heard of our company before?
  • How did you first learn about us?
  • How familiar are you with our products or services?
  • What companies come to mind when you think of [product category or type]?
  • Which company is your first choice for [product category or type]?

#2 Brand perception

  • What do you think of our company?
  • What do you think we do?
  • How would you describe our company to someone you know?
  • What are three words that come to mind when you think of us?
  • How favorably do you view our company?
  • How has your opinion of our company changed in the past few months?
  • Rank the following values, from the one you think is closest to our company to the one that is furthest: [list of brand values]
  • How likely would you be to recommend our company to your friends or colleagues?

#3 Brand usage and attitudes

  • How often have you used [product or service type] in the past [time period]?
  • Which of the following companies have you used for [product or service type] in the past [time period]? [list of companies]
  • What are the top three reasons you chose our company over other companies?
  • What do you like most about our company?
  • What do you like least about our company?
  • What would make you more likely to use our company in the future?
  • What could we do to improve our company?

#4 Brand loyalty

  • How likely are you to purchase from our company again in the future?
  • How likely are you to recommend our company to your friends or colleagues?
  • How satisfied are you with our products or services overall?
  • How likely are you to switch to a different company? Why or why not?

#5 Additional questions

  • What is your age?
  • What is your gender?
  • What is your location?
  • What is your income level?
  • What is your occupation?

What are Brand Awareness Surveys?

A brand awareness survey is a questionnaire that assesses the level of brand awareness and perception among your target market. It asks questions that are of business importance. It includes:

1. Brand recognition 

Recognition of your brand among consumers is one of the most essential parts that a brand awareness survey helps you to reveal. It basically means, what capacity of people know about your brand and how familiar are they with your brand. For any brand owner or business keeper, this number or measure is truly crucial.

Despite being related, brand awareness and brand recognition are not the same things.
Brand recognition gauges how well people can recognize a product or service based on its visual brand identification, such as a logo. Without any visual cues, brand awareness gauges how well the general public can recall facts, feelings, or overall impressions about your company.

What are Brand Awareness Surveys?- Brand recognition

2. Brand Recall

In a nutshell, this means how often people recall your brand. Not like reminiscing about it, but if I say “best smartphones” which brand comes to your mind?

When considering a product or a service, how often does your brand instantly springs up into people’s mind? This measure helps you improve your marketing tactics and their face value of it.

What are Brand Awareness Surveys?- Brand recall

3. Brand identity

Even if you forget the brand names, you must recall something that makes it stand out, it could be its logo or its motto. For example, when someone thinks about your brand, is your vision of your brand their vision too?

Are your company’s mission and vision known and understood? The brand identity is measured through the weightage of people understanding and appreciating your brand’s power and perspective.

What are Brand Awareness Surveys?- Brand Identity

4. Brand image

This questions: what do people envision when they think about your brand? Whether they think of it in good faith or as an example of failure? The brand image could be a fundamental deal-breaker (or not) for your brand.

Brand awareness is more than just a single number; it’s a collection of variables and insights that combined provide you with greater context for your brand’s level of recognition.

The following metrics can be used to gauge brand awareness:

  • The volume of branded searches
  • Brand-name references
  • Share of opinions and impressions
What are Brand Awareness Surveys?- Brand Image

Why measure brand awareness?

When measured properly, brand awareness is not a vanity metric. It conveys a lot about your company’s relationship with customers and how well you’re doing in your particular product area. Brand recognition does indeed provide a return on investment.

Here are a few reasons why the brand awareness surveys will aid in the expansion of your company:

1. Saves you money

It’s possible to only concentrate on sales. Perhaps customers simply buy from you without realizing it’s you. To them, your brand is not significant.

While that’s excellent in the short run, in the long run, you want to be everyone’s first pick. You might then stop investing money in Google and other advertisements. If you are already at the top of people’s minds, you don’t need to be at the top of search results.

2. Brand Identiy > Product

As businesses innovate, product features are converging. Although there are countless possibilities in your product area, they are also all remarkably similar. Consider this: there are numerous smartphone brands, and they are all producing top-quality products. What do they do if they are unable to reduce the price or add additional pixels?

Simply increasing consumer awareness of your brand and your values would suffice. Not simply picking your goods over competing options, but persuading people to choose your brand over the competition is the key.

Close your eyes and ponder the Smartphone brands you would be considering if you had to purchase one right now. I assume that this has nothing to do with the particular product, isn’t it?

Why measure brand awareness?
Secrets of Creating Brand Awareness Surveys- Why measure brand awareness?

3. Development of more successful marketing efforts

What if your poll reveals that women are quite aware of your brand, but men don’t seem to know anything about you?

That’s a hint that you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. You can create segmented campaigns that enable you to concentrate on areas of the market where there is more opportunity for you to win by digging into your various target groups and how well they know you.

Secrets of Brand Awareness Surveys

1. Determine Your Ideal Client base

Starting with the respondents to your survey is the first step. Your target market has to be more specific. Your brand awareness study would need to target a certain area of that market. The category best suited to your brand or product is this one. Look at the example of Flash on Air, a radio station, for their brand awareness surveys. The questions give you a glimpse of how the demographic analysis can be done and you can identify your ideal client base.

Secrets of Brand Awareness Surveys
Secrets of Brand Awareness Surveys- Determine Your Ideal Client base

2. Pose the appropriate questions

After choosing the appropriate audience, you need to find out what they think of your brand and whether they are familiar enough with it to use your products and services by asking them questions. Be sure that your inquiries are pertinent to what you hope to learn. This student satisfaction survey from Technical Center for Drivers is a great example of how you can ask the right questions.

Secrets of Brand Awareness Surveys
Secrets of Brand Awareness Surveys- Pose the appropriate questions

3. Start with unaided inquiries

Brand awareness tests come in two types: assisted and unaided. Both give information on how well your potential clients are aware of your brand. You can tell if your clients can remember your brand without your support by using unaided questions. This short and crisp survey by is an example of an aided brand awareness survey. Unaided inquiries help perform brand awareness surveys effectively.

Secrets of Brand Awareness Surveys
Secrets of Brand Awareness Surveys- Start with unaided inquiries

4. Expand Understanding of Your Audience’s Opinions

In addition to finding out if they are familiar with your brand and the associations they have with it, you may delve a little deeper. To learn more about their opinions about your brand, ask extra questions. You can ask them more open-ended questions in the future to elicit additional input. . The questionnaire from Mayfair Philly asks the audience to put in their views.

Secrets of Brand Awareness Surveys- Expand Understanding of Your Audience’s Opinions

For pursuing a brand awareness study, the Google Trends competitive analysis tool is a useful resource. It searches the internet for mentions of your brand so you can check to see if they’re rising or falling over time. Additionally, you can compare this information to that of your rivals.

Secrets of Brand Awareness Surveys- Use Google Trends information

Brand Awareness Questionnaire & Survey

To create a successful brand awareness survey you would require a powerful WordPress survey plugin. Quiz and Survey Master would be a great choice in doing so.

To create brand awareness surveys, you should go for targeted questions that completely depend upon your requirements. We have listed some of the most challenging questions that you can use for your survey.

  • Which of the following would encourage you to stick with our product?
    How would you characterize “brand name” if it were a person?
    How were you made aware of the “brand name”?
  • Which product comes to mind as your first pick when considering a “product type or category” to purchase?
  • Which of these factors influenced this decision?
  • What traits or ideals of our brand help people recognize it?
  • What distinguishes our brand from those of our rivals?
  • Have you seen the commercials for “brand name”?
  • How did you come across the advertisements?
  • How well-versed in brand-name’s products and services are you?
  • How would you define this brand in five words?
  • Use any of these companies’ goods or services at the moment.

Learn how to create Surveys with QSM

Brand Awareness Questionnaire & Creating the Survey
Brand Awareness Questionnaire & Creating the Survey

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin gives you the opportunity to add different types of questions like polar choice questions, multiple response questions, drop-down menu type questions, and paragraph answer type questions.

Brand Awareness Questionnaire & Creating the Survey
Brand Awareness Questionnaire & Creating the Survey

Further, it allows you to create separate contact information forms that do not have to be included in the questions. This data could be easily linked to a google sheet, using the google sheets connect addon.

Brand Awareness Questionnaire & Creating the Survey
Brand Awareness Questionnaire & Creating the Survey

You can also embed this survey on your blog. This would allow the users to see the surveys on your website as soon as they log onto it, therefore increasing the visibility and viability of your brand awareness surveys.

Brand Awareness Questionnaire & Creating the Survey
Brand Awareness Questionnaire & Creating the Survey


How do you conduct a brand awareness survey?

To conduct a brand awareness survey, you need to create a list of all the questions that are devised from you brand identity and its features. For example, you can use the following questions to conduct a brand awareness survey:
1) Where did you hear about our brand?
2) How frequently do you use…?
3) What do you like about … product?

How aware are you survey questions?

1) How did you find about this product?
2) What do you like the most about this product?
3) Why do you prefer this product?
4) What are some suggestions for this product?
5) Which product, other than this, do you use?

What are the four levels of brand awareness?

The four levels of brand awareness are:
1) Brand Recognition
2) Brand Identity
3) Brand Recall
4) Brand Image

Final Thoughts

Through this article, we learned about brand awareness in and out. It is essential to understand where your brand ranks, as a company and in the race for the number one position. All companies try to make the most of their reach and a survey would be a cherry on the cake for that.

To produce recklessly without giving a thought to the outcomes and their repercussions will stunt the growth of your establishment quicker than you would realize. Just as feedbacks are important, brand awareness surveys are a crucial part of marketing as well.

Every coin has two sides, and so does a brand awareness survey. Whenever creating one, you should keep in mind your target audience, your agenda and how would you want to cater to it using the audience’s response. If you start working with clarity, you would be able to judge and accept your progress with grace.

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Final Thoughts

Even in a world that appears to be dominated by social media, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies available to brands. Get creative with your email collection strategies and discover new ways to engage customers in your shopping experience. You will be rewarded for your marketing efforts with higher returns and a more loyal customer base.

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