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Easily Collect Survey Responses
Easily Collect Responses

Quickly and easily set up surveys to collect customer feedback, plan events, validate ideas, and more. Set up quizzes to easily test user knowledge, host certification exams, and more.

Variety of Question Types
Variety of Question Types

You can collect answers using a variety of question types including multiple choice, multiple response, drop downs, text boxes, numbers, and more.

Reporting Answers In Pie Graph
Reporting & Analysis

Use built in analysis to easily filter and display survey and quiz responses in a variety of charts including bar, pie, and box plot.

Feature Overview

Integrates With Your Email Marketing

Collect email address using your quizzes and surveys and send them to a variety of services including MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, and many more.

Multiple Results Pages

You can fully customize your result pages and even show different results pages based on the user’s score.


You can set up the plugin to send emails to either the user or admin or both once the user has completed a quiz or survey.

Very Flexible

This plugin includes a variety of options ranging from requiring the user to be logged in to scheduling when the quiz or survey should be active.

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