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WordPress quiz plugin

Get More Traffic And Market To Your Website!

You stop somewhere along the way to a successful online startup and ask yourself what else I can do? What can you do to keep your audience on your website? One of the key elements to keep your audience focused on your page is the original video and podcasting. But these methods take a lot of time for additional efforts. You have to schedule, organize and market them. So you think you’re back in the square?

Think again, as WordPress quiz plugin has come up with solutions to make the page more attractive and sticky for the audience. The quiz is one of them. With the ease of providing plugins, you can add these to your sites. Get your audience to stick and bring more traffic and market to your website!

One of the easiest ways to attract and retain visitors is to make the website more exciting and attractive to them. Sometimes engaging written material is not enough to do just that. So what is the solution? Add quizzes to add guests to your website.

WordPress quiz plugin has built several test plugins to help you do this.

Why is it so amazing? Okay, people will spend more time with WordPress quiz plugin on your page, reducing bounce frequency. User engagement is improving and more viewers and visitors will be available to you. Usually, people follow you and buy your products, not only that but with your quiz.

Finally, who would deny a fun quiz that you can either take or make? It is fun to spend your time endlessly to enhance audience performance.

WordPress quiz plugin is a plugin that allows you to create forms with the drag-and-drop features easily. You can not only create contact forms in the WordPress quiz plugin but also create accessible and insightful quizzes for your app. You can add fun quizzes to improve audience engagement.

Note: The simple, user-friendly interface makes it so easy for even beginners to build a template. All you need to do is drag and drop any area. Then, to create quizzes on your form, you can use the fields Checkbox, Radio then Dropdown. It is also effortless to edit the questions and answers from the form creator.

Wordpress Quiz Plugin Attracts More Users

The WordPress Quiz Plugin Attracts More Users To Your Site

Quizzes are a proven method for driving traffic to your website. It is a great way to continue and stay connected to your website for a long time. Quizzes usually produce more social shares than elegant and straightforward articles. They provide lots of opportunities for visitors to return to your page. It takes a long time and effort to post a quiz on your website. But the best thing is that if you run your site on WordPress, there are WordPress quiz plugins that support you. These WordPress quiz plugins can be left with a selection of answers, publication scores, and results while you can spend all your time presenting the appropriate questions.

Such plugins make it easy to create and manage quizzes. Quizzes can serve two purposes at once — they are a valuable source of input for site managers and informative for visitors. And if designed with little care, social shares can also be promoted. It reduces bounce rates and possibly improves conversion rates by keeping visitors more interested.

The WordPress quiz plugins comes with an installation with a button is easy to configure and works with any WordPress theme. It is possible to change the font size and background colors and hence, the color of the progress bars. Any number of quizzes can be posted. Because the plugin is sensitive, readers can be answered when they go for the quiz. You can include pictures and videos to make the quiz more fun. Within your quiz, you are using images from the web; there is also an option to add credits for these pictures. To increase ad revenue, limit the quizzes to one page or spread across multiple pages for convenience.

Wordprss quiz plugins

Basic Things to Consider While Installing WordPress Quiz Plugins

Want to make your WordPress site more interesting? You can install the WordPress quiz plugins that help you to improve the overall view of your site. It helps users to interact with each other and thus your site brings in all optimistic features. Also, you can collect the contact details of users that aid you to update them with all future launches and promotions. In this way, you can use the plugins making your site a better one driving more web traffic to your site.

Things to Consider

While installing the Wordprss quiz plugins you need to consider the following things:

  • The plugin needs to come up with a flexible user interface that helps you to handle the features at your ease.
  • Make sure the plugins support the version of WordPress you are using that makes it easy to complete the installation process.
  • Next, you need to ensure that you can create unlimited number of quizzes where users can participate and thus you can get familiar with all positive features.
  • The plugins must be mobile-friendly and must support responsive website designs that help you to install without any difficulty.
  • There must be option to share the quizzes over facebook and Twitter that helps users to know about your site.

Once, you get a clear view of these things you can easily choose the plugin that supports your site and you can now engage more users to your site. Now, you can also arrange image-based answers that inspire users to participate in the quizzes and thus you can get an idea of what users want.


Finally, you have to choose the plugins knowing that they work well for your WordPress site featuring the benefits in real-time. Before you install a plugin you must find the rating ensuring that it brings in all beneficial options.

Best Wordpress Quiz Plugin

Installing the WordPress Quiz Plugins Engaging More Users to your Site

Carrying a survey or quiz for a WordPress blog becomes a necessity. Thus, it’s important to install the WordPress quiz plugins that enable you to handle the survey flawlessly. It enhances the popularity of your blog and you can explore the real benefits of using the plugins. It’s easy to install and implement the plugins and you can now get access to all beneficial options helping you to improve the overall functionality of your site.

It’s a fun and your visitors would feel inspired to participate in the survey. In this way, you can engage more users to your site showing interest to what you are doing. In addition, you can get nice comments that help you to know how visitors are feeling about your site. It makes it easy to turn out with new strategies and your site gains real-time attention amid the crowd.

Benefits of Using WordPress Quiz plugins

The benefits of the plugins are like:

  • It helps in keeping users engaged for a longer time that helps you to spread awareness for your blog.
  • You can now show the contents to visitors from different parts of the world that help you to comprehend the importance of using Wordpress quiz plugins.

Once you get familiar with the benefits you can start installing the plugin that improves the functionality of the site featuring the smarter options.

Choosing the Best WordPress Quiz Plugin

It’s time to choose the best WordPress quiz plugin ensuring that it works well for your site. You can seek help of an expert who makes it easy to understand how the WordPress quiz pugins work and accordingly you choose the ideal one for your site. And it’s good to get familiar with the technologies the plugins are using that gives you the confidence knowing that your site supports the plugins.

Why Quiz and Survey Master Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress?

WordPress Quiz Plugin is the simplest way for individuals to create viral content they want to share. Your visitors can participate in the quiz that you generate, which enhances participation through leaps and boundaries.

With the WordPress Quiz plugin, you can generate an infinite amount of quizzes, and each quiz will be responsive. Therefore, even from their mobile phones and tablets, your visitors can participate.

WP quizzes have several options to create quizzes with specific layouts in different styles. Creating a trivia, personality, or flip quiz is an extreme task. To help you with the basic configuration, each quiz sort has its own demo data. Importing demo data is as simple as when you click a button.

Each type of quiz has options for adding text, video, or pictures. You can choose any of these combinations to create specific clicks that your visitors will instantly like. Don’t you have the images you’d like to use? Only add image credits because the option is built and is highly user-friendly.

If there are too many questions, you can spread the whole quiz on the same page or different websites. If you like this style with more skins coming soon, a traditional skin is included.

Questions can be resumed if the user prefers to retake the quiz. Social media buttons are made for sharing the quiz results on social media with your friends, which is very easy for visitors.

You can allow the quiz to scroll to the next question automatically. This makes it profoundly simple in a short time for visitors to complete a lot of questions.

You can edit font colors in an instant with the WP Quiz plugin. You can adjust the background color to suit your subject or keep it in a bright color to separate the quiz from the rest of the content.

To help your visitors understand their quiz status, a progress bar is presented. You can adjust the color of the progress bar.

Six animation impacts to make the questions and the quiz pop out. These specific effects help capture the design.

With the built-in shortcodes, you can manually put the quiz inside another post. This option also enables you to display quizzes in the sidebar.

Amazing Features of WordPress quiz Plugin

  1. One-Click Demo Import
  2. Single or Multi-Page Layout
  3. Social Share Buttons
  4. Auto-Scroll to Next Question
  5. 6 Animation Effects
  6. Shortcode Support

Product Update: May 2019 – 3 New Plugins

We recently release QSM 6.3.0 with many changes, most notable are 2 big changes

UI Overhaul

We are undergoing a much-needed massive UI overhaul. We have couple of goals in for this – good on eyes, ease of use and ease of navigation. Our first change in this direction is completely new Quiz and Survey index table.

New Look for Quizzes/Surveys

Rich Answers

Most demanded feature! You can now create rich answers in your quizzes / surveys and put anything in there (well, limited to what WordPress allows).

3 New Plugins!

We have launched three new plugins which were being demanded by the community.

Save and Resume

Allow users to save or resume a quiz or survey where they left off.

Payment Integration

Enable Paypal or Stripe payments for a quiz or survey.


Implement Google’s reCaptcha to block any bot attacks on your quiz and put a full stop to the spam problem.

Price Drop on Bundle

We have dropped the price on premium bundle to $99 and you can get an additional discount of 10% by using the code MAYDAY2019, this code will expire on 10th May 2019.

Large banner that says 2017

A Look Back at 2017

As I sit here planning Quiz And Survey Master’s goals in 2018, it is important to look back at 2017 to evaluate our goals, successes, and failures. I know many of QSM’s users are in a similar position in their business as QSM so I decided to share all of our data from 2017.

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