Full Site Editing and FSE Themes: Simplified (5 minutes read)

WordPress has released the Full Site Editing (FSE) option and we cannot get enough of it. Customizing the appearance of your WordPress website is one of the most effective ways to maintain control over its image and adjust it to your needs.

New QSM 8.0 Released: Everything You Need to Know!

After innumerable iterations and trials and hard work for months, the newest version of your favorite WordPress Quiz and Survey Plugin is finally released! QSM 8.0 is here! Quiz and Survey Master never fails to refresh their menu of possibilities for you all. When you hit a refresh button this time, guess what you get?

Why Make Your Quizzes & Surveys Multilingual?

There are numerous languages being spoken across the globe today, limiting your quizzes & surveys to just one language prevents you from achieving accurate & honest results. On the contrary, if you’ve built your quiz to be multilingual the responders could take the quiz in their native language, this increases the chances of getting quick

7 Best Appointment Booking Plugins of 2022

One-stop to your search for the best appointment booking plugins is here! WordPress has unquestionably changed the way businesses develop an online presence in today’s world. Indeed, thanks to the ever-growing open-source space, WordPress, the online world is becoming a better place for webmasters and web users every day. It has you covered for anything

Christmas & New Year Offer – WordPress Quiz Plugin [25% off]

Who doesn’t want to engage traffic or witness higher customer interaction? Well, everyone does. As a matter of fact, website owners go to great lengths to adopt methods that can, in a way, improve the functionality of their online website and help them gain greater customer attraction.  Odds are that you might have also implemented

QSM Logic Addon with New Features Released!

Quiz and Survey Master's Logic Addon received a major software update with plenty of bug fixes, visual enhancements, & some user-requested useful features.

10 Reasons to use the WordPress Survey Plugin on your website

WordPress Survey Plugin is the best answer to your everyday traffic problems. This piece of software does a lot more and helps you in your WordPress journey.

The Most Popular and Best WordPress Themes of 2022 (Latest)

Finding the Best WordPress Themes is a daunting task to make things simple we've curated a list of the Top Rated Themes of 2022.

Best Shopify SEO App to Boost Ranking in 2022 [Latest]

Here is the easiest way to generate Quality Organic Traffic to your Shopify Store and fix all underlying SEO issues hampering your store's rankings using Shopify SEO App.

Do WordPress Survey Plugins really work? Let’s Find Out

In this article, we have discussed some of the major observations that you will notice when using WordPress Survey Plugins on your website.