Reviewing Our Progress For 2015

Now that we are into the new year, I think that it is always important to review our past year to see how the business performed, if we met our goals, and prepare our goals for this year. I thought that I may be able to help people if I share my progress and thoughts with everyone to see and compare. In this post, I am going to share with you all of my analytics on sessions, page views, referrals, and more. I am also going to share with you all of the revenue and expenses for the Quiz And Survey Master plugin. I hope that you will find this beneficial for your own business and that you will leave your thoughts in the comments.

Creating Surveys For Your Event

Lets look at how Quiz And Survey Master can be used for your event. We look at an event planning survey and an event feedback survey with examples and tips.

Use Easy Digital Downloads To Sell Your Quizzes

There are many times that you would want to sell access to your quiz. With our new addon, you can integrate directly with EDD, a very popular eCommerce plugin.

Analyze Your Results With Our New Addon

There are many times when you will want to analyze and aggregate the results from your surveys and quizzes. Our new addon does just that!

Quiz Master Next Rebranding!

We have just released an update to Quiz Master Next which has several bug fixes. However, a bigger thing changed in this update than just the bug fixes. We have decided to rebrand our plugin as Quiz And Survey Master. Many users use this plugin for surveys instead of quizzes. As we have added features and

Add Quiz And Survey Takers To Your List In Get Response

Do you use Get Response to keep in touch with your users? Now, with our new addon, you can add users who take your quiz or survey to be added to your lists in Get Response!

Add Quiz Takers To Your Lists In Campaign Monitor

Have you ever wanted to have your site visitors to have the option to join your Campaign Monitor mailing list while taking your quiz? With our new Campaign Monitor Integration addon, you can do just that

Version 4.4.0 Is Out!

If you check your updates on your site, you should see that Quiz Master Next has a new update. I know that it has been a little while since the last update but we plan on getting back to our 2 per month update cycle starting with this update. So, what is in this update?

Send Results To Zapier With Zapier Integration

There are many times that you would like to send the results from your quizzes or surveys to different websites or services. What if you want to create a Trello card everyone time a visitor completes your survey. Or, maybe you want to have a list of the students who have taken your test in

Post to Slack with Slack Integration Addon

Slack is quickly becoming the main communication platform for many businesses and teams. We here at My Local Webstop use it for communicating among members of the team and even with some clients. Now, with our new  Slack Integration addon, you can have your quizzes, surveys, and tests post to your Slack when a user takes the