Installing the WordPress Quiz Plugins Engaging More Users to your Site

Carrying a survey or quiz for a WordPress blog becomes a necessity. Thus, it’s important to install the WordPress quiz plugins that enable you to handle the survey flawlessly. It enhances the popularity of your blog and you can explore the real benefits of using the plugins. It’s easy to install and implement the plugins

Product Update: May 2019 – 3 New Plugins

We recently release QSM 6.3.0 with many changes, most notable are 2 big changes UI Overhaul We are undergoing a much-needed massive UI overhaul. We have couple of goals in for this – good on eyes, ease of use and ease of navigation. Our first change in this direction is completely new Quiz and Survey

Product Update: What’s New in May

In May, Quiz And Survey Master had one minor update and two patch updates which closed 11 different features/bug issues! Let’s take a look at some changes.

A Look Back at 2017

As I sit here planning Quiz And Survey Master's goals in 2018, it is important to look back at 2017 to evaluate our goals, successes, and failures. I know many of QSM's users are in a similar position in their business as QSM so I decided to share all of our data from 2017.

Increased Minimum PHP Version in QSM 6.0

The minimum version of PHP that QSM requires will soon increase to PHP 5.4. Read more to learn about the reason why this is changing and what you may need to do.

Leaderboards Feature is Being Moved

The Leaderboards feature currently built into the main plugin is being moved to a free addon and will be removed from the main plugin in version 6.0. You must install the free addon to continue to use the Leaderboards.

Product Update: Here’s What’s New In January

We started January off right with introducing two new addons, 4 updates to existing addons, and two issues closed in the core plugin. Read more to learn about everything that changed in January!

Important Update to Aweber Integration Addon

In order for your Aweber addon to continue to work after January 16, you must follow these update instructions.

Important Security Update – Version 4.7.9

Earlier today, a vulnerability was reported in Quiz And Survey Master. The CSRF vulnerability would potentially allow a malicious user to attack your site. The vulnerability was on the “Questions” tab when editing your quiz and would have allowed a hacker to potentially input malicious code into the question editor that would affect your WordPress installation.

Certificate Feature is Being Moved

As the project manager of Quiz And Survey Master, I receive hundreds of requests and thousands of data points to use when deciding the future of the plugin. As the plugin grows and its user base changes, I have to constantly reevaluate its features to ensure the majority of users have the best user experience