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Why Make Your Quizzes & Surveys Multilingual?

There are numerous languages being spoken across the globe today, limiting your quizzes & surveys to just one language prevents you from achieving accurate & honest results.

On the contrary, if you’ve built your quiz to be multilingual the responders could take the quiz in their native language, this increases the chances of getting quick & candid results.

For thousands of organizations and individuals worldwide, QSM is their tool of choice when it comes to creating Quizzes, Surveys, Tests, etc. With such a wide reach, it is essential to empower all your quiz-takers to participate, regardless of their current level of knowledge in a language.

Why Create Quizzes in Native Languages?

Getting your message across in the native language of your audience can empower them to take action and make a difference. By using full sentences and everyday vocabulary that’s familiar to a native speaker, you’re effectively communicating with your audience.

Here are some more benefits of multilingual quizzes.

Greater Engagement

Students and employees don’t have to pause to translate, which means they can focus on the test at hand. By providing a relevant language-based experience, you have a greater chance of keeping students’ attention throughout the quiz.  

Improved Response Time

Thoroughly testing an interface beforehand reduces the chances of English ↔ [any other language] translation errors that can slow down responses or prevent submissions.

Enhanced Usability

Translated quizzes enable you to connect with more customers, clients, partners, or employees by meeting their needs and preferences before their interest wanes (not to mention before you lose them permanently).

Access to International Audience

Speak the language of your prospective customers! Make a good impression on them by using their native language on your website.

Plugins for creating Multilingual Quizzes & Surveys

WordPress has several ways of translating and localizing your website. If you haven’t dealt with multilingual websites before, the different options can be pretty confusing. Luckily, there are two plugins that are most popular. WPML & Polylang.


Why Make Your Quizzes & Surveys Multilingual - WPML

WPML plugin allows you to translate your website’s content into different languages. It supports 40+ Languages comprising French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, and more.

Integrating WPML – one of the worlds leading plugins for multilingual sites with QSM enables you to create engaging quizzes, surveys, aptitude tests, personality tests, trivia games, or certified exams in a language relevant to your audience on your website.

QSM is actively integrated with WPML and offers translation to each string. This means you can now adapt & translate all parts of the Quiz interface to give your users greater focus on answering the questions instead of being disadvantaged by just translating instructions, questions, or buttons.

Key Features:

  • Over 40 languages are supported.
  • Easy to Setup Wizard
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Excellent Customer Support

You can purchase & download WPML, you can follow these steps to Integrate QSM with WPML


Why Make Your Quizzes & Surveys Multilingual - Polylang

Polylang is a simple, powerful, and robust plugin that allows you to write posts, pages, and even categories in different languages. This plugin provides a straightforward interface that will enable you to edit your content in any language that you want. You will always have the right language for each post and page on your website, no matter what you write.

Key Features:

  • Over 100 Languages Supported
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Plugin Available

Translating a Quiz using WPML

To Translate a QSM Quiz with WPML follow these 3 Easy Steps:

1. Install & Configure WPML

Login to your WPML account Download the WPML OTGS Installer and install it as a plugin to your site. Next, Register WPML with a key from your WPML account. Also, download the String Translation Plugin & Setup WPML using the setup wizard.

2. Create a Quiz to Translate

Make sure you’ve built the QSM quiz that you intend to translate.

3. Translating Quiz Items with WPML String Translation

Navigate to WMPL > String Translation and translate the 4 QSM domains specifically. i.e QSM Defaults, QSM Questions, QSM Answers & QSM Meta.

Read a more detailed document that explains each step of QSM Quiz Translation with WPML.


You’re not limited to English for your quizzes and tests. Create these in the language that’s familiar to your test-takers. This will help them focus on the questions instead of stressing out about how to navigate the interface.

This also helps you adequately meet your non-English speaking populations where they are, particularly in regions with significant non-English speakers like India, China, etc.

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