The Astonishing Secrets of Creating Brand Awareness Surveys (5 minutes read)

Is your brand on the first minds of clients when they want to buy something? Brand awareness surveys can be a potent measure of a company’s effectiveness in attracting its target market. Customers that can recall your brand on their own are a sign that your product is well-positioned in the market. If you are

Create Powerful Quizzes and Survey for Health Websites (7 minutes read)

If you own a health website or a blog, it is very important for you to keep in check with your visitors. Therefore, a quiz or a survey for health websites is almost essential. Today, in this blog, we will talk about the use of quizzes and surveys for health websites, and healthcare quizzes, and

How to Repurpose Existing Content for Your Quiz in 10 easy ways!

Are you sitting on a blank screen and heading nowhere? Trust me, we have all been there. It is only natural that sometimes you feel that you have hit the dead end and have absolutely nothing innovative left to write or create. Ever thought to repurpose existing content? Have you ever wondered that you are

New QSM 8.0 Released: Everything You Need to Know!

After innumerable iterations and trials and hard work for months, the newest version of your favorite WordPress Quiz and Survey Plugin is finally released! QSM 8.0 is here! Quiz and Survey Master never fails to refresh their menu of possibilities for you all. When you hit a refresh button this time, guess what you get?

Creating a Snowflake Test Quiz in 4 easy steps!

Snowflake test is the talk the hour, did you take one yet? No? Well, that’s okay, because Quiz and Survey Master has made one just for you! In this blog, you could not only take this super famous snowflake test online quiz but you will also get to know all about this test! The Quiz

How to Create a BuzzFeed Quiz in 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to create a BuzzFeed quiz but cannot figure out where to start? Don’t worry, you stumbled on the right stone. Here at Quiz and Survey Master, we make the quiz-making process more fun and more manageable. In this blog, we will go through the process of creating a Buzzfeed style quiz using

How to Create a WordPress Quiz in 5 Easy Steps! (No Coding Required!)

We know how tiring it could be to stick your eyes to the screen every time you want to create a WordPress quiz on your website. We have all been there and done that, but why do it over and over again? this is the time to break the loop now and stop right here!

How to create an easy buddy meter quiz in WordPress! (7 minutes read)

If you want to see how well your pals actually know you, create a Buddy Meter quiz and invite your friends to take it to prove they’re your best buddies. This quiz is exactly what it says it is, and it is geared for friendships. It’s a quiz where the quiz takers may see how well their

How to make a trivia quiz in WordPress and delight your audience! (5 mins read)

Creating a trivia quiz in WordPress, but don’t know where to start? Worry no more, because the team Quiz and Survey Master is here for your rescue! The Quiz and Survey Master plugin, popularly known as QSM, is the most simple WordPress quiz plugin available, and it can be used to create engaging content that