Even after all the boundaries on this earth, one thing that unites everyone across the seven oceans is food. To recognize your motherland with its diversity and quality of food is done by all of us.

But have you tried a Food quiz before?

In our childhood, we all played that famous what food am I quiz and even name that food quiz, in which we had to recognize the name by just looking at half of the dish.

Well, we all wanted to be a mouthwatering dessert, but we moved on. Now in this rush of life, if you are looking to add a fun element to your WordPress website, or if you are a food blogger, we got your back, my friend.

In this blog we will talk about what is a food quiz and why people love it and how can you grow your website by making a “What is my favorite food” quiz using the QSM plugin.

How to create a Food quiz?
How to create a Food quiz?

If you are a foodie and you know and you want to unite every foodie out there, clap your hands! Because the WordPress quiz plugin, Quiz and Survey Master, is here to have you make the best food quiz!


What is a Food Quiz?

As the name suggests, it is a quiz that revolves around food and the yummy noms. In this type of quiz, you can add multifarious questions ranging from anything controversial in the foodie world to something as simple as “Do you like orange juice?”

How to Create a food quiz- What is a Food Quiz?
How to Create a food quiz- What is a Food Quiz?

It could be many types as well. When you talk about a food quiz, we are going to deal with various cuisines and in fact, the most number of people will click on a “What is my favorite food” Quiz rather than a History quiz. I think we can all at least agree to that, right?

Some different types of food quizzes could be:

  • What is my favorite food quiz?
  • Which food am I quiz?
  • Which cuisine suits me the best quiz?
  • Which coffee flavor represents me?
  • Which Asian food am I quiz?
  • Which Mexican food am I quiz?

And the list goes on, but let us stick to the good part. The quizzes like these involve a good knowledge of the food, local, different cuisines and everything in it.

How to Make a Food quiz?

Creating a food quiz is our next step. Food quizzes have a different fan base and there are so many food quizzes that are already very famous. But if you have to do something new, we start different, right?

With this thought, firstly we are going to need an awesome WordPress quiz plugin. The Quiz and Survey Master Plugin is one of the best ways out if you are wanting to make a quiz or survey. It could range from anything formal like an employee engagement survey to something completely random like a cartoon character quiz.

Step 1: Installing the QSM Plugin

To install the QSM plugin, all you have to do is surf on the WordPress official website in the plugins menu for the QSM plugin.

Or you can simply download it by clicking the button given below.

Once install the QSM plugin, make sure to activate it also. After the installation is complete, the install button pops up as an activation button. If you do not activate the plugin, you simply won’t be able to use it.

How to create a Food quiz?- Installing the QSM Plugin
How to create a Food quiz?- Installing the QSM Plugin

Here is a Quiz Guide to Get Started with the QSM Plugin on WordPress

Step 2: Planning of the Quiz

Anything that is done haphazardly, leads to something destructive, most of the time. So, planning the quiz is one of the most important steps. This will not only you visualize your quiz, but also make you reveal different ways in which you can put it up to people.

Some Questions that you can use in your food quiz are:

  • What is James Bond’s favorite tipple?
  • What is the most consumed manufactured drink in the world?
  • What type of pasta has a name meaning “little worms”?
  • What type of pastry are profiteroles made out of?
  • From which type of flower does a vanilla pod come?
  • Which nuts are used in marzipan?
  • Which bakery launched a sell-out vegan sausage roll in January 2019?
  • What type of food is Pumpernickel?
  • What is the best-selling flavor of soup in the UK?
  • Calamari is a dish made from which animal?
  • Name that delicious fruit with an offensive odor?
  • Name that Mexican dish that got its name during a war?
  • Which is this Indian Delicacy?
  • Which Vitamins are rich in Carrots?
  • Lectin protein is found in which of the following?

These are some food quiz trivia questions that you can use in your Food quiz. Other than making the questions, you can work on your email marketing and follow-up lists as part of planning the quiz.

Step 2: Creating the Quiz

Once you are ready with your questions, the next step is to create the quiz. After installing the QSM Pro Bundle, you can “Create New Survey/Quizzes”

A dialog box will appear on your screen, that asks you to choose your theme and you can choose one from the beautiful themes.

How to create a Food quiz?- Choosing a Theme
How to create a Food quiz?- Choosing a Theme

After choosing the theme, you can add the Quiz Name, the type of quiz, and if you want the users to log in before the quiz begins or not.

If you are planning to make a Food quiz with marketing agenda, then getting your users to log in or to enter their email addresses will be a good move. You can get them to sign-up for your subscription list. In this manner, your food quiz with marketing can also work without any surplus work.

How to create a Food quiz?- Creating the Quiz
How to create a Food quiz?- Creating the Quiz

Now, you add your questions. In the first question, we have added a Description image, which goes along with the question. You can change the answer type from text to Image or to a Rich answer type which will allow you to add gifs and etc.

How to create a Food quiz?- Creating the Quiz
How to create a Food quiz?- Creating the Quiz

If you wish your users to see the correct answer information, you can add that as well. Here we have written a short message for the user and this is how you can add Information about the right answers, add images or gifs, correspond to them!

Step 3: Publishing the Quiz

Once you are through with adding questions and answers for your Food quiz, you can now create a simple yet interactive Results Page. You can add links for the users to share the results on Facebook or Twitter. You can even add an additional condition, for setting the results page, once the condition is fulfilled

How to create a Food quiz?- Results Page
How to create a Food quiz?- Results Page
How to create a Food quiz?- Publishing the Quiz

Final Thoughts

We all love food, even if we do not like some parts of it. As a whole, it brings not only people together, but making a food quiz for your WordPress Website using the QSM Plugin will help your website grow in a long run. It is solely because everyone loves a delicious food quiz!

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