Want More User Engagement? Use WordPress Quiz Plugin

WordPress quiz plugin can make the process of creating and managing quizzes much more straightforward, making it easier to create quizzes with multiple types of questions, set up a response scoring system, and ultimately get results.

Creating attractive quizzes can take time, but plugins can make it easier to create and manage questionnaires. Using the WordPress quiz plugin is an easy decision, in terms of setting questions and answers and automatic scoring and presenting results.

Quiz and Survey Master Plugin is easy to use and lets you create engaging quizzes/surveys/questionnaires within minutes. It has many advanced features like timer function, creating categories, limiting user attempts, provision for adding hints, adding social share buttons, and more.

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Quizzes help a lot in bringing traffic to websites. There are several plugins for quizzes on WordPress sites. It is entirely up to you which type of plugin you want to use for your website – free plugin, or premium plugin; two kinds of plugins are available.

Quiz and Survey Master lets you create an unlimited amount of quizzes for free. Using its Question Types you can frame the questions as desired and get the best possible answer for the asked question. QSM has 15 Question Types and also supports images, videos, gifs, audio along with the text question.

All the quizzes are mobile-friendly and provide excellent documentation for quick reference. Even if you can’t find your way out just ping to the support as our support team works 24×7 for quick query resolution.

WordPress quiz plugins have all the features you are looking for-

  • Instant classified result
  • Upon completion of the test, display the on-screen results to users and also send the results via email to users.
  • Show hierarchical questions — green checkmark for right, red x for wrong, and blue for many missed options.

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You can copy/paste iFrame HTML code to submit your quiz to add a quiz. What you have to do is to check your favorite iFrame plugin and copy/paste the embed code and your quiz will be open to your users on your WordPress page!

You can also set the quiz answers in such a way that they include photos, documents, audio, and video, as well as text to get the required user input.

The WordPress quiz plugin allows you to create quizzes, surveys, polls, or personality tests and display individual or overall results in various formats. (Progress bar, pie chart, text format, bar map, etc.) using the Pro Addons.

Yes, Quiz and Survey Master has 30+ Pro Addons that you must look out for that will make your quiz data processing much easier and help you collect the data which you intended to collect while setting up the quiz.

Some of the popular addons like Advanced Timers, Google Sheets Connector, Paypal and Stripe Integration, Logic, Drip Integration, Certificate, Reporting and Analysis, Get Response Integration are downloaded by thousands of users.

View These Demos Built using the Quiz and Survey Master’s Addons

Why Choose Quiz and Survey Master over other plugin to Boost User Engagement

Most of the WordPress website owners fail to understand the fact that to boost user engagement on their site they don’t need to purchase expensive plugins or services that claim to drive maximum visitors drastically.

These claims most of the time are just a marketing gimmick to increase their sales and they fall flat when tested in a real environment. So, before buying these expensive WordPress plugins you need to think twice.

Quiz and Survey Master on the other hand practically improve the user engagement and reduces the site’s overall bounce rates as the quizzes or questionnaires drive their attention and interest them to complete it and stay longer.

This gives a positive indication and helps boost your site on search results as google too thinks that the site’s content is worthy and might be of good quality as the visitors tend to stay longer than the usual duration.

Best Features of the Quiz and Survey Master WordPress Quiz Plugin

  • Create Unlimited Quizzes with Unlimited Questions and User Responses
  • Simple User Interface, Free to Use, and Secure
  • Receive Regular Updates with new features
  • Create Advanced Quizzes using the Pro Addons
  • Provide Downloadable Certificates to the users who pass the Quiz
  • Provide Hints and Explain why the correct answer is the correct answer
  • Share the Quizzes/Survey on Social Media with the social share buttons
  • Create Time Based Tests and limit the number of user responses
  • Create Questionnaires, Surveys, Viral Quizzes, Online Tests, Polls, Exams, Buzz Feeds, Feedback Forms, and other types of question-answer forms with the QSM Plugin
  • Embed the Quizzes/Surveys on posts, pages, or use it as a widget on your website.

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Start Creating Engaging Quizzes with the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin for your WordPress Website.

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QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes & Surveys with no cap on questions or answers, helping you to take control of your website’s interactive elements.

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QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes and Surveys on your WordPress Website