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WordPress quiz plugins can make the process of creating and managing quizzes much more straightforward, making it easier to create quizzes with multiple types of questions, set up a response scoring system, and ultimately get results.

Creating attractive quizzes can take time, but plugins can make it easier to create and manage questionnaires. Using the WordPress quiz plugin is an easy decision, in terms of setting questions and answers and automatic scoring and presenting results.

Quizzes help a lot in bringing traffic to websites. There are several plugins for quizzes on WordPress sites. It is entirely up to you which type of plugin you want to use for your website free plugin or premium plugin; two kinds of plugins are available. It has an unlimited amount of quizzes. All quizzes are mobile-friendly and provide excellent documentation.

WordPress quiz plugins have all the features you are looking for-

  • Instant classified result
  • Upon completion of the test, display the on-screen results to users and also send the results via email to users.
  • Show hierarchical questions — green checkmark for right, red x for wrong and blue for many missed options.

You can copy/paste iFrame HTML code to submit your quiz to add a quiz. You have to do is to check your favorite iFrame plugin and copy/paste the embed code and your quiz will be open to your users on your WordPress page!

You can also create a variety of questions that include photos, documents, audio, and video, as well as label your quizzes to suit the rest of your WordPress blog.

The WordPress quiz plugin allows you to create quizzes, surveys, polls, or personality tests and display individual or overall results in various formats. (Progress bar, pie chart, text format, bar map, etc.)

One comment on “Want More User Engagement, Use WordPress Quiz Plugin

  1. Its a fantastic plugin but there you must improve some area of this plugin i.e

    1) Pagination: If I have 100 MCQS per Quiz and I am showing only 10 MCQS per page than there should be pagination option for 1 to 10 pages instead of NEXT and PREVIOUS button (Mean I can navigate from 1st page(10 MCQS) to 6th page(10 MCQS)).
    2) The real time Answer of Question is taken more time to load , it will be better to give Cross for wrong and Tick for correct answer directly to radio buttons instead of load class for correct incorrect..
    3) How to small font size of Answer (its good for destop but not for mobile)
    4) shortcode work perfectly but quiz links did not work from archive

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