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How to create a WordPress Random Quiz?

Creating a WordPress Random Quiz is Super Simple. You need not buy many Expensive Plugins to create Random Quizzes. You just need a Single Free WordPress Plugin. Yes, it is the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin.

Quiz and Survey Master is a versatile WordPress plugin that lets you create WordPress Random Quizzes, Viral Quizzes, Trivia Quizzes, Questionnaires, Online Tests/Exams, Customer Surveys, Engagement Surveys, Contact Forms, and a lot more.

With Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) Multipurpose Plugin, you can customize the Quizzes a lot more than is not possible on any other Quiz Plugins. QSM also has the support of Addons that help you use the QSM Plugin to its fullest and churn out valuable data collected from the responders for further processing.

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Steps for Creating a WordPress Random Quiz

Create a WordPress Random Quiz

Step 1: Download the Free Quiz Builder Plugin

To create a Random Questions Quiz you first need to download the Free Quiz and Survey Master plugin from WordPress.

Download Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

Step 2: Create a New Quiz

After you’ve installed the Plugin and Activated it. Click on the QSM Menu on the WordPress Admin Sidebar, Now you will be greeted with the QSM Dashboard.

Create a WordPress Random Quiz
Create a WordPress Random Quiz

Hit the Create New Quiz/Survey Button to get started.

Step 3: Select the Simple Quiz Template

After the previous step, you now have to select the required template in this case we are going to choose ‘Simple Quiz’. And, give the Quiz a Name by entering the desired name in the blank field at the Top.

Create a WordPress Random Quiz
Create a WordPress Random Quiz

In the Quiz Settings Select Form Type as ‘Quiz’

You can grade the Quiz based on Correct/Incorrect, Points, or Both. We are going to select ‘Both’ and keep the rest options as it is.

After you’re done hit the ‘Create Quiz’ Button.

Step 4: Add Questions and Answers

Next, you will be taken to the Questions Tab

Create a WordPress Random Quiz
Create a WordPress Random Quiz

Select Page 1 and hit the ‘Create New Question’ Button to start adding the Questions that you would want to ask the responders.

In the Question Field Enter the Question. If the Question is too long or has many conditions in that case you can make use of the ‘Add Description’ button and add the supporting description.

Choose the Question Type according to the type of Question you want to ask the responder from the ’15 Questions Type’ and also choose the Answer Type.

If you want the responder to not skip the question you can check the ‘Required’ checkbox to force the user to answer that particular question.

You can even add a Category. Example to store questions of a category called General Knowledge, Physics, Economics, Business, etc.

You can have unlimited questions and their answers. You can add the answers allot them some points and check the correct answer in the checkbox.

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You can add correct answer info if you want to let the responders know why the correct answer is the correct answer.

Remember if you add all the Questions on a Single Page then those questions will be shown on one page to the responder as well.

Step 5: Display a Form to collect User Details

In the Contact, Tab you can find various field types like Small Open Answer, Email, and Checkbox to create a form for the user to collect his/her details.

You can collect details like Name, Email Business, Phone, etc.

Step 6: Greet the User with a Display Text

Using the Select Message Drop Down you can Greet the user with a beautiful welcome message at various instances. For example, before taking the Quiz, After taking the Quiz, a Message is displayed if the user has tried the quiz too many times, etc.

Step 7: Configure the Quiz Behaviour in Options Tab – Randomize the Quiz Questions

Here you will find all the configuration options to control the Quiz Behaviour. This is the place that makes any WordPress Random quiz. You can get options like Show progress bar, Require User Login, Questions Per Page, Time Limit (in minutes), Force submit after timer expiry, Skip validations when time expires, Limit Attempts, Limit Entries, Limit number of Questions, Quiz Dates, and more.

loading random questions
Create a WordPress Random Quiz

Here you will also have the option to Randomize the order of questions or answers every time a quiz loads. You have options like Load Random Questions, Random Questions and Answers, and Random Answers.

You can also configure the Quiz to load Random Questions from a particular category.

Do check out all the awesome configuration options to fully customize your Quiz.

Step 8: Configure the Emails

Here you can set conditions for when the email with all the Questions and Answers should be sent to the user as well as the quiz admin. You can take the help of the Template Variables to customize your quiz or survey where the variables will be replaced by actual values when the user takes a quiz.

Step 9: Configuring the Results Page

Here you can set the results page contents and add your own stuff like a message, an image, the total points earned, the number of correct answers, average points, time taken, average category score, average category points, and a lot more using the template variables.

Step 10: Style the Quiz by modifying its appearance.

In this tab, You can choose between the various pre-defined styles or add your own custom CSS style code.

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This is how you create a WordPress Random Quiz using the Quiz and Survey Master plugin.

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