What are the different types of Quizzes? Simplified (7 Minutes Read)

Every now and then we come across surveys or take various types of quizzes for ample reasons. Sometimes it is an examination quiz or sometimes it is a trivia quiz.

Nowadays personality quizzes are also very famous. Other than these, the ‘Which Celebrity/Cartoon Am I?’ quiz is busting charts because let’s be honest, we all want to know which celebrity or cartoon personality we are, don’t we? But do we ever sit back and think, what is the true essence of these types of quizzes?

Today, we will look deep into various types of quizzes and how they are different from each other.

What is a Quiz?

Fundamental questions are often hard to answer. Jokes apart, what is the literal meaning of quiz? It is a type of questionnaire or a game in which a series of questions with one correct answer is put up to a person who is said to be taking the quiz. 

It is very frequently taken up in classrooms, to assess the knowledge grasped by children. But it has a broader use in terms of assessing and analyzing. This could be understood by learning about different types of quizzes.

Types of quizzes

There are many types of quizzes. The types are however derived according to the types of questions these quizzes host. For example, the types of questions in a personality quiz will be very different from those in a knowledge quiz. Here are a few types of quizzes you can host on WordPress using the QSM plug-in.

Personality quiz

We can find personality quiz on the internet very easily. The simplest example can be the quizzes created by the fandom of a movie/novel. “Which Harry Potter house do you belong to?” “Which Disney princess are you?” “What type of Entrepreneur are you?” These types of quizzes come under a personality quiz on broad terms. You can even build your own personality quiz by learning about the types of questions and quizzes. Some common types of personality quizzes are:

What are different types of quizzes- Personality Quiz
What are different types of quizzes- Personality Quiz
  1. MBTI quiz: This type of quiz is gaining a lot of popularity. This defines your personality from 8 broad categories.
  2. What are you? Quiz: This category of quiz includes almost all the what are you types. For example, “What type of animal are you?” “What type of flower represents you?” “What color represents you?”. These quizzes are also a type of personality quizzes.
  3. 16 personality Quiz: Like the MBTI quiz, this is a special type of personality quiz. It raises questions that you can answer on a scale ranging from ‘highly agree to highly disagree’
  4. DiSC Quiz: This type of quiz is also a personality quiz. In this, you need to select an option that describes you the most and an option that describes you the least. Based on the answers, the test can measure the subject’s influence, dominance, steadiness, and conscientiousness.
  5. Relationship/Bonding Quizzes: these types of quizzes are popular among young adults. One can assess the friendship or relationship bonds by answering questions about each other. Learn how to make online relationship quizzes. 

Points/Scored Quiz

What are different types of quizzes- Scored/points Quiz
What are different types of quizzes- Scored/Points Quiz

This is a very common type of quiz and is highly used in marking assessments online for students. This quiz can also be easily created by using the QSM plugin on WordPress. In this type of quiz, you can award points to each right and wrong answer. This quiz is a type of viral quiz, which we see come across every now and then. In the end, those points are summed up and then your eligibility usually passes or fails, is reflected. 

Multiple choice quiz

What are different types of quizzes- Multiple Choice Quiz
What are different types of quizzes- Multiple Choice Quiz

A multiple-choice quiz is another common kind of quiz. In this, as the name suggests, you’ve got multiple choices and one of them is a correct answer for the given question. This can be a point-based quiz also. In that, your right answers will get marked and points will be shown at the end of the quiz.

Visual Quiz

What are different types of quizzes- Visual Quiz
What are different types of quizzes- Visual Quiz

In this type of quiz, you can see the image or video or any other type of visual media. You will need to comprehend the answer to the given question using the image. This type of quiz is very famous among children and is used in their assessment also. Every quiz can be customized to be made a visual or a photo quiz.

You can create your own quizzes, customized into a visual quiz! Whether it is a history quiz or a travel quiz, make them your own.

Yes/No Quiz:

What are different types of quizzes- Yes/No Quiz
What are different types of quizzes- Yes/No Quiz

This quiz is the simplest and yet a very useful type. It is widely taken into account when the quiz has to show results with a white-black range. For example, a True-False quiz is also a type of Yes/No quiz only. The more you give the right answers, the more are the possibilities to acquire a good score. 

This/that quiz:

What are different types of Quizzes- This/That Quiz
What are different types of Quizzes- This/That Quiz

As the name suggests, this quiz will put up questions giving you two clear choices. You need to choose either of them to get evaluated. This type of quiz is also a category used in a personality quiz. Also, in such a quiz, there are no right or wrong answers.

Learn to Create an Interactive quiz

Types of Test Questions

Now, you understand that there are innumerable questions a single type of quiz can have, depending upon the purpose, level, and accessibility of a quiz. We have figured out some popular types of test questions that you can include in your Quizzes:

  1. Which is your dominant hand?
  2. What color was your childhood bedroom?
  3. Which is your favorite activity?
  4. What is the shape of your eyes?
  5. What is your favorite genre of music?
  6. Which book genre do you like to read?
  7. If you were to write a book, which genre would that book be?
  8. What is a unique trait you possess?
  9. Are you a dog person or a cat person?
  10. Which is your dream destination?
  11. Which is your favorite place to be?
  12. Beaches or mountains?
  13. Coffee or tea?
  14. Bread or Chapati?
  15. Black or white?
  16. Crawlers or Creeper plants?
  17. What is your most common dream?
  18. Which word do you find yourself speaking the most?
  19. What are your strengths according to you?
  20. What are your weaknesses?
  21. How do you tackle stress due to work?
  22. How would you respond to a conflict?
  23. Would you call yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
  24. What do you prefer: winters or summer?
  25. Which do you like more: cars or bikes?

So the list can go on and on and on. But you get the idea, right? These were sample collections of questions that can be included in different types of quizzes, depending upon what you host.


Which type of quiz is best?

Nowadays people like to spend lesser time thinking and more time doing and that is why Multiple Choice Quiz and True or False Quiz is the most popular type of quiz.

What are the two types of quizzes?

There are various types of quizzes. Some of them are :
1) MCQ quiz
2) Fill in the blanks quiz
3) True and False quiz
4) Multiple response quizzes
5) Trivia Quiz

What is an interactive quiz?

Interactive quizzes are pieces of material where readers respond to questions and subsequently receive a response or score. The outcome is determined by calculating user interactions and responses to each inquiry.
An interactive quiz seeks to find out more about the target audience’s opinions or to test their knowledge of the particular topic area. Interactive media can serve a variety of functions, including engagement and education.


From this blog, we can draw out that, there are various types of quizzes, and you CAN develop any of them on WordPress using the QSM plugin. Other than that, the different types of quizzes host a totally different type of vibe along with them. Anybody can create quizzes and ask questions, but smarter would be the one who knows how to ask those questions. Be the smarter one. Happy learning!

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