Create a 5-point Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey the Easy Way!

Are you looking to create an awesome Likert scale questionnaire and survey, but don’t know which form builder you should use? You have landed at the right place!

Today’s blog is all about it. We are going to discuss everything about the Likert scale, how it came to be, and why is this the most popular way to register your consumers’ opinions. We are also going to go through the 4-step procedure for creating a Likert scale questionnaire using the QSM plugin.

But before we start going into the process of creating the Likert scale survey, you can take our sample customer satisfaction survey to get the feel of it and how it works.

What is the Likert Scale Questionnaire?

A questionnaire with a five- or seven-point scale is known as a Likert scale. For the survey creator to acquire a comprehensive understanding of people’s perspectives, the response options vary from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree.

All Likert scales also have a middle option, such as “neither agree nor disapprove,” for people who are undecided about the issue. Rensis Likert, a social psychologist, created it in 1932.

It is currently the method of choice for gauging audiences’ attitudes and opinions regarding particular goods, services, and brands.

Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey
Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey

It provides pre-populated answer possibilities with a neutral middle, as well as positive and negative attitudes. Respondents are thus free to select their responses without feeling compelled. Because of the increased audience response rate, this surveying technique is well-liked by the vast majority of surveyors and researchers.

When can you use a Likert Scale Survey?

  • When you desire to learn what consumers think of your new product
  • When you wish to comprehend how your clients have used your product
  • To know the quality of the services provided by the customer service team
  • When you want to find out what clients think about receiving their orders
  • When you want to find out what the viewers of a webinar enjoyed about it

Advantages of Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey

Here are some advantages of Likert Scale survey:

#1 Best for a survey with a single focus

The best usage of a Likert scale survey is for a series of questions centered on a single subject. Because it is simple to report the data when you want to study the findings from a few questions when you ask questions that are pertinent to a particular issue.

#2 Practical in any circumstance

Likert scale surveys can be utilized in any circumstance where you want to learn more about how your customers feel about your product. You can use it to determine whether clients are satisfied with your service. One of the most frequent uses of a Likert scale survey is in this situation.

#3 Proves or Overrules an Opinion/Action

When attempting to gauge the strength of an opinion, the Likert scale poll is incredibly helpful. For instance, if you ask a consumer if they enjoyed the goods, they will often respond with a binary yes or no.

However, there are a variety of possibilities accessible when you question the consumer about how much they appreciate a product, and whether they dislike it completely or just a little. Additionally, it becomes simple to determine “how much” your buyer enjoyed or despised the goods.

Why is the Likert Scale Questionnaire so popular?
Why is the Likert Scale Questionnaire so popular?

#4 Simple to Understand and Answer

It’s likely that your respondents have completed a Likert scale survey before, making it simpler for them to complete your survey. The answers are additionally simpler to quantify and are calculable using mathematical analysis.

#5 Decreases Pressurised Responses

The participant is not forced to provide a specific response on a subject with which they may not be initially comfortable because it does not call for a Yes/No response from the reply.

Additionally, a Likert scale questionnaire makes it simpler for the respondent by allowing them to express their level of agreement.

How to create a Likert Scale Questionnaire and Survey?

You can create the Likert scale questionnaire survey in WordPress by following the given steps:

Step 1: Installing the QSM plugin

The QSM Plugin simplifies the quiz design process while keeping it efficient. To begin, go to your WordPress website and download and install the Quiz and Survey Master WordPress quiz plugin. The plugin can be found on the Quiz and Survey Master’s website as well as the WordPress official site.

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Option 1: Download from your WordPress dashboard

  • Go to your plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard
  • Search for “QSM” or “Quiz and Survey Master” in the search bar
  • Spot the QSM plugin
  • Click on Install and then activate
  • Your plugin is ready to use
Installing the QSM plugin

Option 2: Download from WordPress’s official website

  • On the WordPress website, go to the plugins menu
  • Search for “QSM” or “Quiz and Survey Master” in the search bar
  • Download the setup to install the plugin
  • After downloading, the .zip file, toggle to your WordPress website
  • Go to the Plugins menu
  • Click on “upload plugin”
  • Drop your .zip file into the dialog box
  • Click install and activate
  • Your plugin is ready to use.
Installing the QSM plugin
Installing the QSM plugin

Step 2: Likert Scale Questionnaire

To create the Likert scale questionnaire, you need to know your target audience. If you are creating a customer satisfaction survey then your tone should be formal and straight. For example, restaurants conduct the Likert scale very commonly. A formal Likert scale questionnaire can be like this:

  • I enjoyed my dining out experience and my shopping experience (Strongly Agree-Strongly Disagree)
  • The restaurant offers a good range of selections for customers (Strongly Agree-Strongly Disagree)
  • I enjoyed the flavor of the restaurant cuisine that I ate (Strongly Agree-Strongly Disagree)
  • The amount of time it took to deliver the food to my location was reasonable (Strongly Agree-Strongly Disagree)

Step 3: Creating a Likert Scale survey

After completing the Likert scale questionnaire, easily create a “Likert scale survey” using the QSM plugin. The plugin has a variety of themes in addition to marketing tools like follow-up emails and other features that let you create a quiz that involves more than just answering questions.

Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey
Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey

You will observe that there are many different themes available in QSM. After that, you can further customize your quiz by adding the quiz name and grading scheme using various QSM add-ons.

The QSM plugin contains a variety of question kinds. Fill-in-the-blank and multiple-response questions are available in addition to the multiple-choice questions. We will be using the ‘Radio grid’ question type. When you are creating the quiz, you can browse your addons and find the Advanced question type as shown in this video given below and followed by the steps.

Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Installing the QSM advance question

Once you have downloaded the addon you can upload it as a plugin.

Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Installing the QSM advance question
Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Installing the QSM advance question

After you have uploaded the plugin, you can install it on the wordpress website.

Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Installing the QSM advance question
Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Installing the QSM advance question

Further, when the advanced question type has been installed, you would be able to see the Pro column in the Question types menu.

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Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Radio grid question
Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Radio grid question

Now you can add various questions. With the point scale as points, and row and column values.

Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Questions tab
Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Questions tab
Screenshot 2022 07 15 003337
Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Text tabs

After setting your questions tab, you can customize other tabs like the results page tab and the text tab. To make the quiz more interactive, you should create attractive results pages.

Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Results tab
Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey- Results tab

Step 4: Publishing the Survey

Now that your survey is completed, all you have to do is publish it. You can add the survey to your post. There are 6 ways to embed surveys in wordpress posts that you should totally check out!

Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey
Creating Likert Scale Questionnaire Survey

Use-Cases of Likert Scale Survey

Some popular ways to use Likert Scale Survey are as follows:

#1 Employee Satisfaction Surveys:

Employee happiness and engagement can be measured by asking them to score characteristics such as job satisfaction, workplace culture, and leadership effectiveness. Use the responses to identify areas for improvement and to improve the work environment.

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#2 Customer Feedback Surveys:

Use Likert scale surveys to get customer input on product quality, customer service, pricing, and other topics. Understand customer preferences, identify opportunities for improvement, and strategically meet customer expectations.

Learn Tips Create Customer Feedback Surveys

Use-Cases of Likert Scale Survey
Use-Cases of Likert Scale Survey

#3 Academic Assessments:

In educational contexts, use Likert scale surveys to evaluate student and teacher comments on course content, instructional techniques, and overall learning experiences. For improved learning outcomes, use the comments to improve educational programs and teaching techniques.

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What is the 5-point Likert scale?

The Likert scale is a psychological response scale in which the survey takers specify their level of agreement at five points naming: strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, and strongly disagree.

How do you create a Likert scale survey?

You can create a Likert scale survey using the Quiz and Survey Master plugin for WordPress. You would require the Advance Questions Type addon that allows you to use the radio grid button.

Is a Likert scale a survey?

The Likert scale is a psychometric scale that is used in survey questions that are based on it. It is one of the most popular sorts of survey questions.

Final Thoughts

From this blog, we understood how can we create a wonderful Likert scale questionnaire within four easy steps. The QSM plugin offers customers to add advanced question types and use the Radio grid question type to create the Likert scale survey.

Unlike other surveys, Likert scale surveys are extremely popular and one of the first choices to create a consumer survey. This is large because of the fact that it is the least time-consuming and most giving kind of survey. In fact, it takes less than a couple of minutes to go over tens of questions, pretty efficient right?

If you are looking to create more surveys, you may also like to read Secrets of Brand Awareness Surveys and how to create surveys for health websites.

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