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Wondering how to create a viral quiz for your website? We can help you with that. Quizzes are the most shared piece of content on social media and yet many people overlook it.

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress quiz plugin, that helps you create a viral quiz with various options. Quizzes are a great way to generate traffic and make leads for your business. With a good quiz, you can get a clear idea about your audience. 

We all know how addictive are BuzzFeed quizzes and to make one for your website, read this blog. Here we have shown 5 simple steps to make a viral quiz with an example of a FRIENDS quiz. 

Step 1: Select Your Quiz Wisely

People take quizzes because it is a great way of time-pass and you need to leverage that. Firstly, you need to choose an attention-grabbing topic, that is compelling, sharable, and leverage. It should be relevant to the users more than your business. For example, “Let’s Have a FRIENDS Quiz”.

To start, take a trending topic in your niche and give it a humorous or different angle. To make a viral quiz, you will have to be fun and exciting for your users. It is recommended to have a short quiz (around 7- 12 questions) to respect your user’s time. 

Step 2: Add Questions and Answers

After adding Quiz and Survey Master- WordPress Quiz Plugin, to our WordPress site, create a new quiz and give it an exciting name. Next, add questions to the question field and give its description to make it a little more exciting. To make a viral quiz, choose your questions wisely that relate to your audience and your business.

Viral Quiz - Create a new quiz

Next, select a proper question type and answer type for your quiz. After adding answers in the answer field, give its description in the “Add Correct Answer Info”, to give more context to your answers to your users. Add a  featured image, that relates to your question. 

Next, after editing your question, save it, by clicking on “Save Question” and add another question by clicking on the “Create New Question”. This way, add all the questions to your quiz and save them. Don’t create a boring quiz by making it too lengthy.   

Viral Quiz - Add questions

Step 3: Customize It With Text, Options, Themes

Next, to optimize your quiz, Quiz and Survey Master has various options like presenting text to the users and set a relevant theme. 

You can present to your users with some text. In the “Text Tab,” you can find 11 different options of when to present your users with the text. Select one that fits your needs and write the text in the text field. There are some allowed variables that you can find on the right side of the interface and can use that to personalize your quiz. 

Viral Quiz - Text

Next, in the “Options” tab, there are various options by which you can control how you want your users to take the quiz. With options like a progress bar, questions per page, and results inline, you can optimize your quiz. Save the changes by clicking on “Save Changes”. 

Viral Quiz - Options

To make a wp viral quiz, it is very important to choose a perfect theme for the quiz. In the “Styles” tab, there are some predefined themes and also you can customize the themes using “Custom CSS”. Quiz and Survey Master also have Premium Themes, that can just take your quiz to a whole new level. 

Viral Quiz - Themes

Step 4: Appreciation- Showing Results and Sending Emails

Once your users take the quiz, you need to appreciate them by sending them emails and presenting them with results pages. 

In the “Emails” tab, you can create different emails for the individual. For that, first, you need to select when the particular email should be sent to the user in the “Add Additional Conditions”. Next, there are some allowed template variables, using which you can personalize your email subject and body. Likewise, add various conditions and customize email accordingly.  

Viral Quiz - Emails

In the “Results” tab, you can handle which result page to show which user. In “Add Additional Conditions” you can control when to show the particular result page to the user. In this also, there are various allowed variables, to customize your results page body. One way to make a viral quiz is to make amazing results pages, that your users can share. 

Viral Quiz - Results pages

Step 5: Add the Quiz to Your Website

Once you save your quiz to your WordPress site, you will find a shortcode. You can simply copy-paste it to your website where the quiz is supported. Click on the “Shortcode” and then simply copy embed shortcode or link shortcode to the website or blog. And there your quiz will be live on your website. 

Viral Quiz - Shortcodes


Now that you know how easy it is to make a viral quiz, go and make one for your website. Create a short and sweet quiz that engages your users and also markets your business. 

Quiz and Survey Master is a great WordPress quiz plugin, which makes it very simple for its user to create viral quizzes. Try your hands on one and if you feel comfortable, try QSM Pro Bundle. It has various useful addons, that optimize your quizzes and make them even more interesting. 

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