Let’s face it, who does not love a challenging trivia quiz? Whether it be a 7-year-old or a 70-year-old, we all love an interesting trivia quiz that is enjoyable. If you are looking for some spicy trivia quiz questions, Quiz and Survey Master has got your back

In this blog, we are going to talk exactly about that! There are numerous types of trivia quizzes that can be made and with each of them comes with different types of trivia questions. Those questions are a package of entertainment and fun along with the knowledge of course, even though it is not our first priority.

Trivia is entertaining, but knowing a number of weird and interesting facts is even more interesting. You will appreciate your inner nerd for it playing trivia quizzes and more like winning the trivia quizzes. Learning this collection of facts is important whether you’re attempting to expand your knowledge or defeat everyone at next week’s game night.

Now there are general trivia questions that include all of it, but some specific trivia quizzes might include history trivia questions, geography trivia questions, entertainment or pop culture trivia questions, fitness trivia questions, and so on.

Let us go through some common trivia questions, with answers, category-wise, starting with-

General Trivia Questions

General Trivia Questions
General Trivia Questions
  1. What did Queen Anne Die from? (Ans. A Stroke)
  2. Zurich is the capital of? (Ans. Switzerland)
  3. What was the nationality of Marco Polo (Ans. Venetian)
  4. Which is the World’s Largest Ocean? (Ans. Pacific)
  5. What is the hardest rock on earth? (Ans. Diamond)
  6. Which is considered a semi-planet? (Ans. Pluto)
  7. Who was the most beautiful woman in the 50s and 60s? (Ans. Marilyn Monroe)
  8. What are nails made of? (Ans. Keratin)
  9. Was Oprah Winfrey married? (Ans. No)
  10. Who is the richest and the youngest person in the world? (Ans. Kevin David Lehmann)
  11. What band was Harry Styles in before his solo career? (Ans. One Direction)
  12. How many weeks are in a year? (Ans. 52)

Geography Trivia Questions

Geography Trivia Questions
Geography Trivia Questions
  1. What is the largest continent on the planet? (Ans. Asia)
  2. What sliver of land makes up more than half of South America’s western coastline? (Ans. Chile
  3. What is the name of the river that passes through Baghdad? (Ans. Tigris
  4. Which country has the greatest number of natural lakes? What is the only sea that doesn’t have any coasts?  (Ans. Canada)
  5. How much of the Nile River is located in Egypt? (Ans. 22%)
  6. What is the world’s tallest mountain? (Ans. Mount Everest)
  7. What is Thailand’s capital city? (Ans. Bangkok)
  8. What is the name of the desert that spans the majority of Northern Africa? (Ans. Sahara)
  9. Which continent has the largest freshwater resources? (Ans. Antarctica)
  10. Which country has the world’s longest coastline? (Ans. Canada)

Entertainment Trivia Questions

Entertainment Trivia Questions
Entertainment Trivia Questions
  1. What legendary European-produced “Spaghetti Western” starred which American writer/director? (Ans. Clint Eastwood)
  2. In the film 12 Angry Men, who played Juror Number 8? (Ans. Henry Fonda)
  3. In an iconic scene from The Godfather, what kind of animal’s head is front and centre? (Ans. A horse)
  4. When Jack Nicholson improvised “Here’s Johnny!” in The Shining, he was referring to what TV show? (Ans. The Tonight Show)
  5. What critically panned country-musical comedy starring Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone become a cult favourite after its release in 1984? (Ans. Rhinestone)
  6. In Jurassic Park, who played park owner John Hammond? (Ans. Richard Attenborough)
  7. “You talkin’ to me,” as Robert De Niro famously says in this 1976 thriller? (Ans. Taxi Driver)
  8. What is the name of the anthemic dance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the beginning? (Ans. The Time Warp)
  9. What film won Steven Spielberg his first Academy Award for Best Director? (Ans. The Schilder’s List)
  10. In Moulin Rouge, what is the name of the courtesan played by Nicole Kidman? (Ans. Satine)
  11. “Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a rocky night,” says Bette Davis in which 1950 film? (Ans. All ABout Eve)
  12. What instrument was used to perform the tune from The Third Man (also known as “The Harry Lime Theme”)?  (Ans. Zither)
  13. What iconic 1954 crime drama did Marlon Brando “might have been a contender” in? (Ans. On the Waterfront)
  14. What famous Los Angeles landmark appears prominently in Rebel Without a Cause? (Ans. Griffith laboratory)
  15. In the masterpieces Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, who directed Boris Karloff? (Ans. James Whale)
  16. What iconic 1980 box-office failure damaged Michael Cimino’s career as director of The Deer Hunter? (Ans. Heaven’s Gate)

Obscure Trivia Questions

Obscure Trivia Questions
Obscure Trivia Questions
  1. What is a dog’s permanent tooth count? (Ans. 42)
  2. What is the most popular Walker’s crisp flavor? (Ans. Cheese and Onion)
  3. What does someone who believes in antidisestablishmentarianism oppose? (Ans. The Church of England)
  4. In English, what does the Latin word Tempus mean? (Ans. Time)
  5. In a polo match, how many chukkers are there? (Ans. 6)
  6. What is the average distance between the moon and the earth in miles? (Ans. 238,000)
  7. How long is a nautical mile? (Ans. 1.15 miles)
  8. In the 1800s, before the phrase “cheese,” said the name of dried fruit was used to induce people to smile before a photograph. (Ans. Prunes)
  9. Which country is thought to have the most highway miles in the world? (Ans. China)

Science Trivia Questions

Science Trivia Questions
Science Trivia Questions
  1. What type of energy does an unlit match have? (Ans. Potential energy)
  2. The sharing of electron pairs between distinct atoms occurs in this form of relationship. What do you name this kind of relationship? (Ans. Covalent Relationship)
  3. What does peeling skin have a scientific name? (Ans. Desquamation)
  4. True or false: animal cells have chloroplasts. (Ans. False)
  5. What is the solar system’s hottest planet? (Ans. Venus)
  6. What is the most uncommon blood type? (Ans. AB negative)
  7. Where would you find the pinna on your body? (Ans. Ear)
  8. Which portion of the plant is responsible for photosynthesis? (Ans. Leaf)
  9. What is the temperature at which water boils? (Ans. Elephant)
  10. What is the world’s largest land animal? (Ans. Blue Whale)
  11. What connects the muscles with the bones? (Ans. Tendons)
  12. What scientist came up with the three laws of motion? (Ans. Issac Newton)

Animal Trivia Questions

Animal Trivia Questions
Animal Trivia Questions
  1. What animal has the longest lifespan? (Ans. Giant Tortoise)
  2.  What is the only mammal capable of true flight? (Ans. Bats)
  3. What is the fastest flying bird in the world? (Ans. Peregrine Falcon)
  4. What is the gestation period of a blue whale? (Ans. 10-12 months)
  5. What is the smallest mammal in the world? (Ans. Bumblebee Bat)
  6. How far away can a wolf smell its prey? (Ans. Nearly two miles)
  7. What is the world’s most poisonous spider? (Ans.Brailian Wandering Spider )
  8. How many times can a hummingbird flap its wings per second? (Ans. 80 times)
  9. What animal has the highest blood pressure? (Ans. Giraffe)
  10. Which organ can account for up to 30% of a shark’s total body mass? (Ans. Liver)
  11. How many times does a giant panda poop each day? (Ans. 40 times a day)
  12. How far can a squirrel fall without dying? (Ans. Any height)

Fitness Trivia Questions

Fitness Trivia Questions
Fitness Trivia Questions
  1. What exactly is tai chi? (Ans. Chinese Martial Art)
  2. What do the letters ART stand for in the realm of massage? (Ans. Active Release Technique)
  3. What type of exercise is best for getting the blood flowing? (Ans. Aerobics)
  4. What fitness guru created the P90X programme? (Ans. Tony Horton)
  5. Which muscle do we usually refer to when we talk about the “abs”? (Ans. Rectus Abdominis)
  6. In a bicep curl exercise, which muscle group is the biceps’ antagonist? (Ans. Triceps)
  7. Flat dumbbell press affects? (Ans. Pectorals)
  8. What is acupressure’s ultimate goal? (Ans. Clearing blockages)
  9. Which exercise machine contains the huge bar often associated with bodybuilders? (Ans. Bench press)
  10. Which of these workouts aren’t part of the P90X programme? (Ans. Running)
  11. A racing horse’s massage is known as? (Ans. Equine Massage)
  12. Which of the following massage techniques is not extensively used? (Ans. Fromage)

Sports Trivia Questions

Sports Trivia Questions
Sports Trivia Questions
  1. Every year on Memorial Day, a sporting event is held. What exactly is it? (Ans. Indianpolis 500)
  2. Who was the first woman to win a World Figure Skating Championship for women? (Ans. Madge Syers)
  3. What was the sport that bank robber John Dillinger participated in? (Ans. Baseball)
  4. Muhammad Ali was well-known in which sport? (Ans. Boxing)
  5. In golf, how long are players permitted to look for their ball? (Ans. 5 minutes)
  6. In the history of tennis, how long was the longest point ever recorded? (Ans. 29 minutes)
  7. Tennis was first presented as an Olympic sport in what year? (Ans. 1896)
  8. What is the only NFL franchise that has never hosted or played in the Super Bowl? (Ans. Cleveland Browns)
  9. Michael Jordan won how many NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls? (Ans. 6)
  10. Who holds the record for the most fouls in basketball? (Ans. Kareem Abdul)
  11. In NBA history, which team has the longest winning streak? (Ans. Los Angeles Lakers)

Funny Trivia Questions

Funny Trivia Questions
Funny Trivia Questions
  1. What is illegal for a single lady to do in Florida solely on Sundays? (Ans. Skydive)
  2. You can’t lawfully buy a mousetrap in California unless you have what? (Ans. A hunting license)
  3. In the French vineyards, what is prohibited? (Ans. Flying saucer)
  4. What is the dread of coprastastaphobia? (Ans. Constipation)
  5. What is it against the law in Texas to swear in front of? (Ans. A corpse)
  6. What is it prohibited to eat with a fork in Georgia? (Ans. Fried Chicken)
  7. What were the first hockey pucks used in early outdoor hockey games? (Ans. Frozen cow dung)
  8. What kind of animal is it illegal to tease in Minnesota? (Ans. Skunks)
  9. What is the number of teeth on an aardvark? (Ans. None)
  10. What was the natural hair colour of Marilyn Monroe? (Ans. Red)
  11. That was the singer who sung about being a “eggman” and a “walrus”? (Ans. The Beatles)
  12. Which Tasmanian marsupial has a reputation for being irritable? (Ans. Tasmanian Devil)


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