Common Theme Conflict Fixes

The following scenarios are the most common theme conflicts that our support staff have come across.

How to use this CSS

To use any of this CSS, you can use the new Additional CSS option in the Customizer in WordPress 4.7 or newer. Alternatively, some themes have a spot for adding custom CSS in their menu. If your theme does not have an option for adding custom CSS, please consider using a free CSS plugin such as Simple Custom CSS.

If you are a little more technical, you could add this CSS to your child theme. In the menu, go to the “Editor” page. When that page loads, make sure “Stylesheet (style.css)” is above the editor. If not, choose it from the links on the right. It is vital that you are on the right page as pasting this into the wrong file can crash your site. Once you have “Stylesheet (style.css)” open, simply paste the above CSS at the end of the file.

For assistance, refer to the video below:

Radio buttons/checkboxes and answers not on same line

A scenario that is very common is an inline conflict with different themes. If you see the radio buttons out of alignment with the questions then your theme might be conflicting with the plugin. This issue is most common with multiple choice, multiple response, and horizontal multiple choice. Some themes have specific declarations for labels and inputs which affect the quiz. The most common fix is to override the label with this CSS:

If this doesn’t work, another option is to override the radio button CSS with this CSS:

Question number and question on separate lines

Another common scenario is where the question number and the question are on two separate lines. There are a few reasons that this may be caused; however, this CSS has fixed this scenario in all instances of this issue that we have come across.

We are always adding to this page. If you think of anything specific please feel free to contact us using the Support Form on the Help page inside the plugin’s menu.