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Setting up Social Media Sharing

You can set the quiz/survey to have social media buttons displayed on the results page. This would allow users to share their results on social networks.

Quiz and Survey Master only supports Twitter and Facebook Sharing as of now.

To enable this, first begin editing your quiz.

Setting up Social Media Sharing - Twitter- QSM

Then, go to the Text tab. Click the Select Message Dropdown and locate the “Twitter Sharing Text” option. You can add your own content if you want using the allowed template variables.

Setting up Social Media Sharing - Facebook- QSM

At the very bottom of the drop-down list you will find, Facebook Sharing Text option, now do the same for the “Facebook Sharing Text” option too. Add your own content if needed by using the Allowed Template Variables.

Once this text has been modified save your changes by hitting the “Save Text Message” button. Now simply include the variables %FACEBOOK_SHARE% and/or %TWITTER_SHARE% in your Results pages/Emails to share your score with your friends on social media.

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