Looking for the Best Questionnaire Plugin for WordPress?

Questionnaires are a great way of gathering valuable information about a particular topic from the responders. You can ask a mix of close-ended and open-ended questions and offer the responder to elaborate on their thoughts.

The questionnaire consists of multiple types of questions like Multiple Choice, Multiple Responses, Rating Questions, Likert Scale, Picture Choice Questions, Demographic Questions, etc.

The invention of Questionnaires dates back to the 18th Century at the Statistical Society of London.

The principal reason for the Questionnaires getting so much attention back then was the ability to receive standardized answers making it simple to compile the data. These questionnaires used questions that were printed or written on a sheet of paper and then used for collecting responses.

Coming back to the 21st Century the idea of Questionnaires still remains the same but the execution has evolved for the better, we no longer just depend on pen and paper to collect user responses but we can now create, collect, share and store questionnaire and the responder’s data within minutes.

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Best Questionnaire Builder Plugin on WordPress

In WordPress CMS we can make use of WordPress questionnaire builder plugins to get things going. One such Questionnaire Plugin is the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin.

It is the Best Free Form Builder Plugin that is Easy to Use, Multipurpose, Fast, Feature-Packed, and Highly Customizable.

The Plugin comes with 15+ Question Types to frame the Best Set of Questions for your Questionnaire. 100+ Customization Options for Extreme Customization and full control over the Questionnaire.

You can Create Questions with Images and allot points for each question for grading them. You can even set up a Timer for creating Time-based Tests and Exams.

With Quiz and Survey Master you can create an Engaging Questionnaire and allow the users to respond and share the results on various Social Networks.

It is ‘Tried and Tested’ by over 30000+ users and has 800+ 5-Star Ratings on WordPress.org

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Why Choose Quiz and Survey Master Plugin?

#1 Easy to Use and Simple to Understand

Just as you download the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin you are greeted with the new QSM Dashboard from where you can find the ‘Get Started’ Section and start creating any Question-Answer form of your choice.

Thereafter choose your preferred Template or Build your own with custom Quiz Settings.

#2 Multiple Question Types

QSM has a total of 15 Question Types and more are in the pipeline. Meaning you have ample options to frame different types of questions appropriately as they should be without giving up on the idea behind it.

QSM has Question Types like:

  • Multiple Choice Questions (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Short Answer
  • Paragraph
  • Slider
  • Opt-in
  • File Upload
  • Date
  • Text/HTML
  • Number
  • Captcha
  • Fill in the Blank

Add images, music, videos, to your Questions and customize them with the WordPress Text Editor.

You can even Categorise the Questions and later display results based on the scores earned in each category. Example: Mathematics, Science, General Knowledge, etc. You also have the option to ask Random Questions.

#3 Questions Grading

In Quiz and Survey Master you can grade Questions based on –

  • Points System
  • Correct/Incorrect
  • Both

While creating a new Quiz you will be presented with the above options to Grade your Questionnaire. Though these can be changed later on while configuring the Quiz.

If you go for Points System, you can grade questions based on points and allot some points to each question asked. Later, the results will display the number of points earned by the responder

In Correct/Incorrect, the question will be graded on the correctness. Again, while setting up the questions you can check the correct answer checkbox to set it as the correct answer. Later, the results will be displayed based on the Number of Correct Answers.

In Both, you can make use of both Points System and Correct/Incorrect System to grade your Questionnaire.

#4 Send Emails after Completing the Test

In Quiz and Survey Master you can easily send custom emails to the Exam Admin and the Examinee too. You can make your own custom email by using the various Template Variables to add specified values to your email.

You also have the option to set conditions, meaning the when a user scores or earns points greater than, less than, equal to, not equal to, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to the set value then an email is sent depending on the conditions set while configuring the Questionnaire.

#5 Time-Based Tests

In QSM you have the option of adding a Timer to the Quiz or Survey. It is like a Countdown Timer that starts when the user commences the Exam and stops at the specified time.

The Timer will be visible to the user giving the test. Also, if the time is up you can force submit the Test after which the user cannot make any further changes.

If you need advanced features like a Warning to be displayed if 90% time is completed, Start the timer only when the user reaches a specified page, Two different Timer Faces, Better Timer UI, Stop Timer Button then you can Purchase the Advanced Timer Addon of QSM.

#6 Unlimited Quizzes/Surveys

Quiz and Survey Master lets you create Unlimited Quizzes, Surveys, and Other Types of Forms all for Free without any restrictions or limitations on collecting and storing user responses.

You need not pay anything while using the Base QSM Plugin as it is absolutely free to download and use. Whereas, you only need to pay if you want Advanced Premium Addons for Added Functionality.

#7 Advanced Pro Addons

In QSM you download Free Addons Like Certificates and Leaderboards

Also, It has many Premium Pro Addons like Reporting and Analysis, Google Analytics Tracking, PayPal and Stripe Integration, MailChimp Integration, Google Sheets Integration, Logic, Flash Cards, Drip Integration, Convert Kit Integration, Daily Limit, and many more…

Check all the Addons in Actions on this Addons Demo Page

#8 Quick Support

If while using the Plugin you get stuck and can’t find the way out or face some unexpected error you can easily find the solution on the Support Forum. It has an Active Support Forum monitored by Experienced Support Professionals 24×7 for Immediate Query Resolution.

You’ve got the Updated Documentation for Quick Reference too.

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Final Thoughts

You can find the Plugin’s Full Specifications on the WordPress or QSM Website.

Quiz and Survey Master is capable of much more and can be used for creating Feedback Forms, Online Exams, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Trivia Quiz, Viral Quizzes, Riddles, Polls, Contact Forms, Personality Quiz, Employee Engagement Surveys, Event Feedback Surveys, Event Planning Surveys, etc.

So, all in all, the QSM Plugin is a Power House and Extremely Useful WordPress Plugin and must be used to create Engaging Questionnaires.

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