Geography Quiz Simplified using QSM! (5 easy steps)

Remember those years when you thought the earth was flat? And then you grew up and got to know about geography… Well, some people are still stuck with old thoughts. Just kidding, the geography quizzes that we used to take in our school times are very similar to what we have now but the level goes higher and there is no upper limit!

Today, in this blog, we will be talking about how you can create your own geography quiz for your WordPress website. Now you might wonder, how can you create custom quizzes on WordPress? We got your back!

Geography Quiz Simplified using QSM!
Geography Quiz Simplified using QSM!

To make a geography quiz on WordPress we will be using the Quiz and Survey Master plugin. This is the “master” of making extraordinary and well-equipped quizzes, read throughout the blog to know all about it.

What is Geography all about?

As the name suggests, “geo” means, earth or land, and “graph” means mapping or studying, so in that sense, it literally means the study of the land and earth.

The study of places and the relationships between people and their surroundings is known as geography. Geographers study the physical features of the Earth’s surface as well as the human societies that live there.

They also look at how human culture interacts with the natural world, as well as how different settings and regions can affect people. Geography tries to figure out where things are, why they are there, and how they evolve and change over time.

What is Geography all about?
What is Geography all about?

What is a Geography Quiz?

When we talk about a geography quiz, it is just like a questionnaire that is made in a fun manner. A quiz could be of various uses and a geography quiz is usually taken up for educational purposes and general knowledge tests also. You would observe geography questions in a random quiz.

So what should you know when beginning with making a geography quiz?

Firstly, there are various subtypes of geo quizzes. You can have a general quiz that consists of any random geographical question or you can have various specific quizzes.

For example, a world map quiz that included questions only related to the map, or you can make an Africa map quiz, which would have questions only related to the African continent.

Similarly, there can be different types in which you can make a geography quiz. We have listed some very common types in geography quizzes:

Map quizzes

How to create a Geography Quiz- Map Quiz
How to create a Geography Quiz- Map Quiz

These quizzes are related to images on the map, or how do we look at it. A picture quiz could be made into a map quiz as it will be the easiest way to ask questions. You can make use of the various types of questions that QSM has to offer to make an interesting map quiz.

Specific geography Quiz

geography quiz
How to create a Geography Quiz- Specific geography Quiz

A specific geography quiz is used when you need to ask specific questions related to a particular territory. For example, you can create a continent specific or a country-specific quiz that will include questions that are concerned with a particular country.

General Geography Quiz

A general geography quiz is the easiest to make and also the most popular one. It is very rare to see a specific geo quiz. The general quiz could have any type of questions relating to the maps, territories, and a lot more.

geography trivia questionss
How to create a Geography Quiz- General Geography Quiz

How to make a Geography quiz?

In this blog, we will create a general geography quiz that would include different types of questions. Let us go through the process step-by-step:

Step 1: Installing QSM Plugin

You will need to get the QSM WordPress Quiz Plugin to create an intriguing geography quiz. It is the best quiz and survey-making plugin in town, and it can help you create amazing quizzes.

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The Quiz and Survey Master plugin makes it easy to create quizzes like the Africa Map Quiz, Clutterbug Quiz, and Chronotype Quiz. With its user-friendly interface, you can optimize and build as you choose.

To get the Quiz and Survey Master plugin, go to the WordPress website and look for the QSM plugin in the Plugins Menu. If you want to save time, simply click the provided button to go straight to the QSM Plugin.

How to create a Geography Quiz- Installing the QSM Plugin
How to create a Geography Quiz- Installing the QSM Plugin

Once you find the Plugin, you are required to download it. After downloading, you have to install it on your WordPress website. After you install it, you could simultaneously activate it.

How to create a Geography Quiz- Installing the QSM Plugin
How to create a Geography Quiz- Installing the QSM Plugin

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Step 2: Creating Questionnaire

The next step is to create the questionnaire for your geography test. Just like every other quiz, this is the most important part, whether it is for educational purposes or for your WordPress blog.

For different types of geography quizzes as we saw above, we can have different types of questionnaires. For a general geography quiz, we have listed a few geography trivia quiz questions:

  • Which US State has the longest coastline?
  • What is the capital of Italy?
  • Which state has the most vegetation diversification?
  • What country has the largest population ever recorded?
  • Which is the smallest country in the world?
  • Which is the only country bordering the UK?

Step 3: Creating the Quiz

Go to your WordPress website’s QSM dashboard and create a new quiz. When you select “Create Quizzes/Survey,” a dialogue box will display, where you will find the first stages to create your quiz.

To create a geography quiz, you must first determine the type of quiz and how you intend to conduct it. You can express it using the QSM Plugin’s themes. There are a bunch of options and all of them are gorgeous themes. You can add your quiz name and grading system.

How to create a geography quiz- creating the quiz
How to create a geography quiz- creating the quiz

The QSM plugin provides a variety of add-ons from which to pick. These add-ons enhance the interactivity of your quizzes and make quiz creation easier than before.

After the first stage is completed, you must personalize the quiz’s tabs. Tabs in the QSM allow for step-by-step customization. For example, the Contacts Tab may be used to construct a contact collection form, the Options tab can be used to change the appearance and haptics of your quiz, and the Text Tab can be used to add different messages to be presented at different times during your quiz.

How to create a geography quiz- creating the quiz
How to create a geography quiz- creating the quiz

In the same way, you must add questions to the questions tab. Every question can be modified in this way, for example, you can pick between image and text answers. Not only that, there are various types of questions including fill-in-the-blank and true and false questions, that can make your quizzes more happening. You can also use the rich answer types to add gifs to your quiz to make it more entertaining.

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Step 4: Optimizing results pages

This step is very crucial to making your quizzes. A geography quiz requires a good and interactive result page which is possible using the QSM Plugin. To make a geography quiz result page, you can use template variables.

How to create a Geography Quiz- Optimizing the Results Page
How to create a Geography Quiz- Optimizing the Results Page

With conditional formatting and template variables, any kind of quiz or survey could be easily modified.

Step 5: Publishing the Quiz

Once you are through with editing the quiz and making customized results pages, you can preview the quiz to check for errors. If you want your users to see your quiz in a blog, you can embed the quiz easily.

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How to create a Geography Quiz- Publishing the Quiz
How to create a Geography Quiz- Publishing the Quiz


How do I make a map quiz online?

To create a map quiz or a geography quiz online, you can make use of online quiz makers like Quiz and Survey Master. Online quiz maker, QSM gives a chance to completely customize your quizzes from landing pages to results pages according to the design of your website.
Steps to make a map quiz online:
Step 1: Create a Map Questionnaire
Step 2: Assess the target audience
Step 3: Download an online quiz maker, like QSM
Step 4: Create a quiz
Step 5: Create interactive result pages
Step 6: Preview and publish the quiz

How do you make your own quiz?

You can make your own quiz using the Quiz and Survey Master plugin in just a few clicks. Whether it is an educational quiz like a geography quiz or a fun quiz like a pokemon quiz, you can create it all using the QSM plugin.

What is the best online quiz maker?

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin is the best online quiz maker. With over 40,000 active installations on WordPress, it gives you a smooth and efficient quiz-making experience for free. You can learn more about creating interactive quizzes on QSM.


The idea behind a geography quiz could lie in its very essence which is to realize the marvelous planet, Earth. We all study geography and a quiz only add up to our knowledge. Educational quizzes like a history quiz or some mythology quiz could be of the same utilization.

The role that the Quiz and Survey Master plays in this lead is to bring the best of the quiz’s optimization and user interaction. Most of the quizzes could become tasteless and monotonous after a few questions, but the features of QSM allow you to bring out the better side. You can add gifs and rich media and create a wholesome world map quiz or any other type of geography quiz.

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