How to add a timer on Google Forms?

Want to know how to add a timer on Google Forms? With Google forms, we can only create a form but to add the timer function you need the help of addons.

With Addons we can extend Google Forms to help construct new Surveys, establish connectivity to third-party systems, and integrate forms data with other Google applications like Google Sheets.

In this post, I’ll help you to create an Online Exam with the timer function that can be clubbed easily to Google Forms. Here we are going to make use of the Extended Forms Addon.

Extended Forms is the best alternative to the already existing Timer Addons like Form Timer and Quilgo. Extended Forms has an easy to use interface and offers a countdown timer with a 1-click integration.

Extended Forms is the best one-stop solution form creating a timed test for google forms, you can create any type of forms and not limited to Employee Feedback, Event Planning, Surveys, Quizzes, Student Feedback Form, Parents Feedback Form, and much much more…

With Extended Forms, you turn your ordinary google form to an exciting online test and collect valuable data from the responders.

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Here’s How to add a Timer on Google Forms with Extended Forms Addon

  • Goto Extended Forms in G Suite Marketplace.
  • Sign-in with your preferred Google Account and Hit the Install Button.
  • Once installed navigate to the Google Forms
  • Choose any of the pre-configured forms from the Google form’s Template Gallery or create a new blank form and customize it as per your needs.
  • If you have installed the Extended Forms Addon correctly, then you must see the Extended Forms in the Addons Menu.
  • Click on the Extended Forms Addon > Configure.
  • The Extended Forms Settings Box Appears on the Bottom Right of the Browser.
  • You can configure most of the settings in the newly opened Settings Box, but to get the full view of the Extended Forms Settings hit the Form Settings Icon shown in the above image.
  • You are taken to a New Tab and with more Extended Form Settings.
  • You can set the permissions as Public – to give access to all and Invite Only– where only the user with the desired link can access the form.
  • Set the Time Limit, of how long you want the timer to operate and the form to be active, after which the form can’t be edited and the results will be captured. This is how to set a time limit in the google form quiz.
  • Restrict the number of attempts one can have with Restrict Attempts, each user will be provided ‘n’ number of attempts as required.
  • You can change the Form Navigation Menus Background Color to any desired RGB values.
  • Also, You can change the Body Background Color to any desired RGB values. Hit the Save Button, after making the required changes.

In the current Extended Form shown above, there are some icons which have the following use:

#1 Form Settings

It Opens Up Form Settings as seen in the previous image.

#2 Send Invitation

You can send an invitation to those who will give the test/take the survey.

 #3 Preview Form

It provides you with a live preview of the newly created Extended Form

#4 Share Form Link

Clicking on it will automatically copy the form link and you can send it to any of the wilful responders or have it as a hyperlink or use it as a button.

#5 Visit Google Form

Clicking on it will open up the Google Form for which you have configured the Extended Form functions on a new tab.

#6 Transfer Ownership

With this function, you can transfer the ownership from you to any other person who has access to Extended Forms and has installed the addon and they can share their Extended Form Token.

You can find your Token in Extended Forms > Dashboard > Settings > Token.

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Below is the final Output where we add a timer on Google Forms and create an Employee Feedback Form using the Extended Forms Addon:

Extended Forms-Google
This is the Pre-Test information displayed to the user specifying the Name of the Test, Name of the Responder, Time Limit of the Test, and the Get Started Button to begin the online test.

Extended Forms-Google Sample Example
This image shows the Extended Forms in action with a Clock Timer above the form notifying the time left for completing the form and There’s a timer even on the Title Text of the Currently used Tab.

Extended Forms-Final Test
This image shows what happens after submitting the form. The responder is acknowledged with a Thank You message denoting the response has been recorded.

Extended forms - Employee Feedback form
Here you can see the Recorded Responses from the Form Responders with their emails, time last attended, time taken to complete the test/form, see the Permissions given to that test/form, and the Time Limit of the Form/Test.

So, this is how you add a timer for google forms and create Online Exams and Tests. So, do download the Extended Forms Addon and create exciting google forms/online exams and share your experience in the comment box below.

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