How to Make a Career Quiz in WordPress?

A career quiz is a guide to introspection, analysis, and planning of your career. Nowadays, pursuing a career is much more than schooling, graduation, and working 9 to 5. To help people understand which career suits them best and areas where they need to improve, you need a career quiz.   

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress quiz plugin, that helps you in creating a great career quiz. It has various options available for you to make your quiz interesting and more engaging. It is a user-friendly and time-saving plugin to make your work a lot easier. 

In this blog, we will discuss what is a career quiz, why it is important, and how you can use QSM to make one. 

What Is a Career Quiz? 

A career quiz helps students and professionals understand themselves better. It helps people understand and analyze how multiple traits like choices, likes, and dislikes can determine possible success and satisfaction with different career options. The most interesting fact about a career aptitude test is no answer is right or wrong.

A career quiz observes an individual’s skills, expertise, interests, motivations, values, and personality traits and helps them figure out a suitable career for them.  These quizzes have already made a great impact in developing the careers of many individuals. It is mostly used by schools, universities, career counselors, outsourcing companies, private human resource staff, career couches, and many others. 

The result of a career quiz is clarity. A career test not only tells you which steam is most suitable for you but also promotes a better understanding of yourself. The quiz is designed in a way to capture your skills, your personality, and your aptitude and thus give you a better understanding of who you are as a person and what are your strengths and weaknesses. 

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Why Is a Career Quiz Important?

The biggest benefit of a career quiz is, of course, a better understanding of one’s career needs and possibilities based on who they are and discovering alternatives that could work for them. It can help you draft a roadmap for your entire career. 

A career quiz for students helps to figure out which other domain they can work in if not a particular one. In that way, a student always has the flexibility to change the field, if needed. 

In the companies, it helps people to know if they are going on the right path or not. It helps them to figure out their strengths and weakness and also suggest which work environment suits best to them. 

Here is the list of 6 key importance of a career quiz.

1. Internal Growth

People mostly overlook personal growth for the career and making more money. This eventually turns to burnout in a certain role and affects overall productivity in both personal and professional life. When the water goes above the head, they have a meltdown and drop out of the career field. 

A career quiz ensures that the skills you have are properly utilized in the role you are currently in or are working for. The best career test also helps you to plan better for your future. 

2. Explore New Career Choices

Earlier there were limited career paths available. But now, as we are living in the era of opportunities, one just needs to figure out their skills and what they are good at and they can make a sustainable living out of it. A career quiz helps you explore new career choices based on your skills, expertise, and interest. 

3. Saves Time and Money

Once you identify the right career, you can invest all your time and money there. Without a career assessment, you would be more likely to spend your time and energy exploring and would end up losing all that if it didn’t go the right way. It is always recommended to have a career quiz before entering some career so that you can explore it well and that will also save your time and money. 

4. Helps in Confidence

Once you have career clarity, you will be developing more confidence automatically. If you are not sure about what you are doing, how can you be confident? Once you know what you’re doing, you will never hesitate in any situation and that will help you boost your confidence.

5. No More Career-Related Frustration

Many times, career-related frustration is not because of abilities but it is because of lack of interest. When you don’t attend a career quiz or career assessment, you might choose the wrong path and end up in the wrong career. Even if you have abilities to make wonders in that particular field, you won’t because of a lack of interest. A career quiz analyzes all your interests, abilities, and skills before suggesting you a career.

6. Guarantees Success in Career

With time and money saved and with more confidence, you are guaranteeing your success in the respective field. The right career quiz helps you make yourself aware and sets you on a path to success. 

How You Can Use QSM to Make a Career Quiz?

To make a career quiz for your WordPress website, you need to first download and install Quiz and Survey Master- WordPress quiz plugin. After that, create a new quiz, add questions, text, emails, and results page to it. Make it look beautiful with various QSM Premium Themes

Customize it and personalize it with various options available. Use available template variables in text, emails, and results pages. Preview it and if satisfied with it, publish it. You can even embed it on your website or any blog. Use a shortcode to embed it.


We hope this blog about a career quiz has helped you to understand why it is important and why you should make it. Helping people with their careers will build your brand awareness and customers loyalty. Be aware of the fact that the reliability of your quiz will depend on the credibility of the research behind it. 

Quiz and Survey Master is a great WordPress quiz plugin, that has various options to customize and optimize your quiz with just a few clicks. It also has various addons which can make your work several times easier. We recommend you to purchase the “QSM Pro Bundle” as it is a bundle of such amazing and useful addons. 

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QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes and Surveys on your WordPress Website