How to Create a WordPress Quiz in 5 Easy Steps! (No Coding Required!)

We know how tiring it could be to stick your eyes to the screen every time you want to create a WordPress quiz on your website. We have all been there and done that, but why do it over and over again? this is the time to break the loop now and stop right here!

5 Things to look for in a WordPress quiz plugin: The Complete Guide

End your search here for the best WordPress quiz plugin! In this blog, we will go through the features that you might want to look for while investing in a WordPress quiz plugin. Towards the end, we would also discuss some of our top 3 recommendations for your website (don’t miss the #1!) What is

Create a True Bipolar Quiz in 4 Simple Steps!

How to make a bipolar quiz in 4 steps? (1) bipolar quiz questionnaire (2) creating a quiz on WordPress using QSM plugin (3) creating interactive result pages

10+ Best WordPress Test Plugins of 2022

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Create a Magical “What is my Patronus quiz?” in 4 simple steps!

If you are a wizard, not a baboon brandishing a stick, then my friend you are at the right place! Today we will be creating a magical Patronus quiz that you can brag about in your Hogwarts common room, ready for it? In case you are wondering, which is this Pottermore Patronus Quiz that I

Create Divergent Faction quiz on WordPress (5 Simple Steps)

Have you ever wondered which Divergent Faction do you fall in? If you are also super excited to know it, let us make a Divergent Faction Quiz! Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant all together are called the Trilogy series of Divergent. If you are also a book and reading enthusiast like me, you must have read

What is a Chronotype Quiz? How to Create an interesting Chronotype Quiz? (7 Minutes Read)

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How to Make a Clutterbug Quiz in WordPress? (3 Easy Steps)

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How to Create an Interesting Constitution Quiz – Step by Step (6 minutes read)

Have you ever taken a Constitution quiz? Do you know what the constitution of your country says? Or are you among those 90% of the people who are unaware of what the constitution even has in it? Well do not fret by those words, it is not a race to learn the constitution by heart.

4 Effective Ways to Collect Zero-Party Data with a Quiz

Quizzes have always been a source of entertainment for every age group alike. Simultaneously, the quizzes also can be used to collect zero-party data. But do we know what is zero-part data? How is it collected? And more than anything else, how quizzes are used to collect this zero-party data? Let us learn about what