A poll and a survey are two common tools used when you need an in-depth knowledge of your target audience. Here, in this blog, we will show you what is a poll and a survey and the difference between them. 

Quiz and Survey Master is an amazing WordPress survey plugin, that helps people in making a poll and a survey for their website. It has various options using which you can optimize a poll and a survey and also track the results. 

What Is a Poll?

A poll is a normal survey that records public opinion. The purpose of a poll is to gather general data and to know people’s choices. The success of any event or any product can be determined by conducting polls at different stages. Polls are a single question or a set of questions created to determine what people believe, how they feel about something, or how they will act. 

Traditionally, polls were carried out in person. A group of people were called and asked the questions. People used to raise their hands to show if they agree or disagree with the question. Later, telephonic polls become popular. 

Now, with the advancement of technology, people prefer online polls. Online polls have a wider reach and are much easier to respond to. People can take online polls at their convenience. Also, they are more accurate. 

What Is a Survey?

In a survey, more systematic and advanced questions are asked to a group of people. The purpose of a survey is to get an elaborated data about the insights and information. Surveys are very helpful to business, government organization and private organization as it gives a detailed idea and insights. 

In the traditional method, surveys were conducted manually where the forms were distributed among the respondents. Respondents needed to fill them during a specific time and then they used to submit it. The forms collected, were then used to analyze the data and took too much time. 

Online surveys are way more convenient than manual surveys. In today’s fast-paced life, most people take surveys on go. Online surveys make it easier for them and save so much time. Also, there are many different tools by which it becomes much easier to analyze data online

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Difference Between a Poll and a Survey

  1. A poll is short, and there are fewer questions in it as compared to a survey. 
  2. Since a poll is short, it takes less time to complete it as compared to a survey. 
  3. The depth of information obtained in a survey is more than a poll.
  4. Polls are conducted to make simple and quick decisions. On the other hand, surveys are made when you need to analyze something in depth. 
  5. Polls are not used to gather sensitive and personal information. For that, you need a survey. 

How You Can Use QSM to Make a Poll and a Survey?

Quiz and Survey Master is an amazing WordPress survey plugin, that helps in creating a pool and a survey. There are various options available for you to make a poll and a survey more interesting. First, you need to download and install Quiz and Survey Master to your WordPress site.

Next, to make a pool and a survey, create a new survey, name it and select a grading pattern according to your needs. After creating a new survey, you will land on a “Questions” tab, where you will find various options. First, select a question type for a poll and a survey. Add questions to it and their respective answers and customize it with various options like featured images and hints.

Further, use the “Contact” tab to create a contact form for the users. By gathering the contact information of your users, it becomes easier to reach out to them for future marketing. Collect essential data required to contact them, like name, phone number, and email address. 

With the “Text” tab, you can present various texts at different places in a poll and a survey. It also allows some template variables, which you can use to customize a poll and a survey. Select where you want your users to see the particular text, edit the text and save it. 

The “Options” tab has various options to edit a pool and a survey a. You can change the grading pattern, show the progress bar, set the time limit, and much more with the “Options” tab. Explore it, set it according to your requirements of a poll and a survey, and save it. 

After taking a poll and a survey you should present your respondents with a results page and should send them an appreciation mail. You can do that with the “Results” tab and the “Email” tab respectively. In the particular tabs, click on “Add additional Conditions” when you want your users to see the particular result page or when they should receive an email. Edit it with various template variables available and save it. 

After completing all these steps for a poll and a survey, preview it and publish it on your website. Quiz and Survey Master has various addons which can help you in different ways like tracking the results and sending mails to the respondents. We recommend QSM Pro Bundle, as it has various useful addons to optimize a poll and a survey. 


We hope this blog has helped you in getting a better idea about a poll and a survey. Using this information, you can decide whether you need a poll or a survey for your website. 

Quiz and Survey Master is an amazing multipurpose WordPress plugin that helps in making really good pools and surveys. It also helps you with 40+ addons which you can use to make a poll and a survey more easier and convenient. We recommend you to purchase QSM Pro Bundle as it has such useful addons to your polls and surveys stand out.


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