Avengers is one of the most cherished and precious gifts that MCU (Marvel Comic Universe) has provided us. Thank you, Stan Lee. But have you wondered which Avenger are you? Don’t worry, we do not leave you in question, take an Avenger Quiz to find out which of the 6 (core members) Avengers are you!

In this blog, you could find out about the history of the Avengers, longitudinally and latitudinally. And not just that, but you can also learn how to make an Avenger Quiz using the best WordPress quiz plugin, Quiz and Survey Master.

Quiz and Survey Master is an all-in-one package for all your quizzical needs. It not only makes your quiz-making process fun but also tremendously reduces the time one normally takes to create and publish quizzes on their WordPress websites.

We have created a fun and crisp avenger quiz for you using the Quiz and Survey Master plugin:


Who Are the Avengers?

How to make an Avenger Quiz- Who are the avengers?
How to make an Avenger Quiz- Who are the avengers?

The Avengers was an American comic strip superhero team whose roster was always shifting and often included some of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters. The team was conceived by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby and debuted in The Avengers no. 1 as “Earth’s Mightiest Super-Heroes” (September 1963).

Marvel aspired to assemble its biggest personalities in one book, inspired by the success of DC Comics’ Justice League of America, which featured characters such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The Avengers, on the other hand, was far from a carbon copy of the Justice League. Internal strife defined Marvel’s team, which owed its existence to the manipulations of a villain.

Loki, the Norse god of mischief, manipulates his half-brother, Thor, into a confrontation with the Hulk. Iron Man and the crime-fighting team of Ant-Man and the Wasp are also drawn to the scuffle.

How to make an Avenger Quiz- Who are the avengers?
How to make an Avenger Quiz- Who are the avengers?

Although this group initially suspects the Hulk of being the perpetrator of railway sabotage, Loki appears as the true villain and is defeated decisively. Before the heroes leave, Ant-Man advises that they form a permanent alliance, and the Avengers (named after the Wasp) is founded.

On-air Appearances:

The Avengers have appeared in a number of animated films and television shows, and The Avengers was their first live-action picture (2012). Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, directed and co-wrote the film, which brought together the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s different franchises in a blockbuster production that was a smash with both fans and critics.

The Avengers grossed over $1.5 billion globally, making it one of the highest-grossing films of all time. The Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) reunited Whedon and the cast for the sequel, which marked the film debut of one of the group’s most-invincible villains.

How to make an Avenger Quiz- Who are the avengers?
How to make an Avenger Quiz- Who are the avengers?

For Avengers: Infinity War, Joe and Anthony Russo, who previously directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and Captain America: Civil War (2016), took over as directors (2018).

Over the course of ten years, eighteen films had built up to Avengers: Infinity War, a tale that pitted nearly every significant character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe against Thanos, the Mad Titan. Avengers: Endgame brought the huge story arc to a close (2019).

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What is an Avenger Quiz?

Just like any other quiz, there are various types of avenger quizzes. In this quiz, we will be working on the personality questions as we are finding out the type of avenger for our users.

How to make an Avenger Quiz- What is an avenger quiz?
How to make an Avenger Quiz- What is an avenger quiz?

There are different ways in which marvel quizzes are hosted throughout the internet and the most famous one is the “Which Avenger are you?”

Some other quizzes are:

  • Which is your favorite Marvel character quiz?
  • Which space stone is your match?
  • Which Marvel Avengers Movie is your favorite?
  • Who is your challenger from the Marvel Universe?

How to create an Avenger Quiz?

Now is the time to create the avenger quiz. We would go through this step-by-step process. Beginning from installing the QSM Plugin to actually posting the quiz.

Step 1: Installing the QSM Plugin

The QSM Plugin simplifies the quiz design process while yet keeping it efficient. To begin, go to your WordPress website and download and install the Quiz and Survey Master WordPress quiz plugin. The plugin can be found on the Quiz and Survey Master’s website as well as the WordPress official site.

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Option 1: Download from your WordPress dashboard

  • Go to your plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard
  • Search for “QSM” or “Quiz and Survey Master” in the search bar
  • Spot the QSM plugin
  • Click on Install and then activate
  • Your plugin is ready to use
How to make an Avenger Quiz?

Option 2: Download from WordPress’s official website

  • On the WordPress website, go to the plugins menu
  • Search for “QSM” or “Quiz and Survey Master” in the search bar
  • Download the setup to install the plugin
  • After downloading, the .zip file, toggle to your WordPress website
  • Go to the Plugins menu
  • Click on “upload plugin”
  • Drop your .zip file into the dialog box
  • Click install and activate
  • Your plugin is ready to use.
How to make an Avenger Quiz?
How to make an Avenger Quiz?

Step 2: Avengers Quiz Questions

There can be various types of quizzes that could be branches of the avenger quiz. For example- marvel quiz, favorite avenger quiz, and fun marvel quizzes.

Some common avenger quiz questions can be:

  1. What year was the first Iron Man movie released, kicking off the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
  2. What is the name of Thor’s hammer?
  3. In the Incredible Hulk, what does Tony tell Thaddeus Ross at the end of the film?
  4. What Is Captain America’s shield made of?
  5. The Flerkens are a race of extremely dangerous aliens that resembles what?
  6. Before becoming Vision, what is the name of Iron Man’s A.I. butler?
  7. What is the real name of the Black Panther?
  8. Who was the last holder of the Space Stone before Thanos claims it for his Infinity Gauntlet?
  9.  What fake name does Natasha use when she first meets Tony?
  10. What does Thor want another of when he’s in the diner?

Step 3: Creating the Quiz

After you have finished the questionnaire, utilize the QSM plugin to quickly construct “the avenger quiz.” The plugin has a number of templates as well as marketing features such as follow-up emails and other features to enable your quiz to go beyond just answering questions.

How to make an Avenger Quiz?
How to make an Avenger Quiz?

You’ll see that QSM has a wide range of themes to choose from. After that, you can further personalize your quiz with different QSM add-ons by adding the Quiz name and grading system.

There are numerous types of questions in the QSM plugin. We currently use multiple-choice questions, but there are also fill-in-the-blanks and multiple-response options.

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How to make an Avenger Quiz?
How to make an Avenger Quiz?

After completing the first step, you are required to personalize the different tabs offered by QSM. Step-by-step customization is possible using these QSM tabs.

The Contacts Tab, for example, can create a contact collecting form, the Options tab can adjust the look and feel of your quiz, and the Text Tab can add different messages to be shown at different times during your quiz.

How to make an Avenger Quiz?
How to make an Avenger Quiz?

The QSM tabs allow you to utilize most of the WordPress quiz plugins and therefore create quizzes that are user-friendly and generate great sales funnel for your blog or business.

The next step is to create result pages. You may improve your results pages by using template variables and conditional formatting. The most crucial stage in a Pokemon-style quiz is to optimize the results pages, as this will ensure accurate results and, as a result, increase engagement on both the quiz and the blog or website.

How to make an Avenger Quiz?
How to make an Avenger Quiz?

Step 4: Publishing the Quiz

When you have completed setting up the results pages and optimizing your quiz, you can preview it using the various tabs. Looking at the preview can help you figure out what the problems are and how to fix them. The quiz can also be embedded in any of your articles or blogs.

How to make an Avenger Quiz?

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Final Thoughts

Through this blog, we learned in brief about the making of Avengers. Although it is really hard for all of us to take on the fact that the super six have now been dissolved yet, they persist to live in our hearts forever.

Further, we talked about how the Quiz and Survey Master plugin gives you the best possible way to create an Avenger Quiz. Whether it be a “which avenger are you quiz” or your “favorite avenger quiz” QSM has got you covered with its evergreen themes, addons, and in-depth QSM documentation and you can make about every marvel quiz!

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