WordPress Quiz Plugin is the simplest way for individuals to create viral content they want to share. Your visitors can participate in the quiz that you generate, which enhances participation through leaps and boundaries.

With the WordPress Quiz plugin, you can generate an infinite amount of quizzes, and each quiz will be responsive. Therefore, even from their mobile phones and tablets, your visitors can participate.

WP quizzes have several options to create quizzes with specific layouts in different styles. Creating a trivia, personality, or flip quiz is an extreme task. To help you with the basic configuration, each quiz sort has its own demo data. Importing demo data is as simple as when you click a button.

Each type of quiz has options for adding text, video, or pictures. You can choose any of these combinations to create specific clicks that your visitors will instantly like. Don’t you have the images you’d like to use? Only add image credits because the option is built and is highly user-friendly.

If there are too many questions, you can spread the whole quiz on the same page or different websites. If you like this style with more skins coming soon, a traditional skin is included.

Questions can be resumed if the user prefers to retake the quiz. Social media buttons are made for sharing the quiz results on social media with your friends, which is very easy for visitors.

You can allow the quiz to scroll to the next question automatically. This makes it profoundly simple in a short time for visitors to complete a lot of questions.

You can edit font colors in an instant with the WP Quiz plugin. You can adjust the background color to suit your subject or keep it in a bright color to separate the quiz from the rest of the content.

To help your visitors understand their quiz status, a progress bar is presented. You can adjust the color of the progress bar.

Six animation impacts to make the questions and the quiz pop out. These specific effects help capture the design.

With the built-in shortcodes, you can manually put the quiz inside another post. This option also enables you to display quizzes in the sidebar.

Amazing Features of WordPress quiz Plugin

  1. One-Click Demo Import
  2. Single or Multi-Page Layout
  3. Social Share Buttons
  4. Auto-Scroll to Next Question
  5. 6 Animation Effects
  6. Shortcode Support

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