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Best Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2024

Best Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2024

In this article, we have discussed how you can use the Quiz and Survey MasterOnline Exam WordPress Plugin to easily create detailed online exams with a timer function and more advanced features including categorizing each question, limiting the number of attempts, scheduling exams, etc.

Online Examinations are gradually superseding the Traditional Pen-Paper-based Exam that would cost huge in Physical Logistics, Capital, and Time. Thanks to the progression of technology, devices, and various free tools we can now conduct exams over the Internet thus cutting costs, physical assets, and time.

Students can now appear for examination even if they are at home, or anywhere else for that matter. All that they need is a computer device with an internet connection.

Conducting Exams online has become the new normal as many schools, universities, and academic institutions are slowly realizing the benefits of it and are planning to build a robust system that can help achieve the desired goal quickly.

One of the best and most convenient ways of making this possible is by using an Online Exam WordPress Plugin. The Exam WordPress plugin offers an all-in-one solution for conducting online exams, tests, assessments, and any time-based tests.

How to Choose the Best Online Exam WordPress Plugin?

Look for the following aspects while choosing an online exam WordPress plugin:


Look for a plugin that includes the features you require, such as the ability to create different types of questions, customize quiz settings, and view detailed student performance reports.


Select a plugin that is simple to use and navigate, with an intuitive interface that allows you to efficiently create and manage quizzes.


Make sure the plugin is compatible with your WordPress theme and other plugins. Check the plugin’s documentation to see if there are any known conflicts.


Look for a plugin that is secure and dependable, with regular updates and developer support. To avoid security vulnerabilities, ensure that the plugin is compatible with the most recent version of WordPress.


Think about whether the plugin is a one-time purchase or a subscription-based model. Choose a plugin that is within your budget and provides the features you require.

How to Create an Online Exam WordPress using QSM

Top Online Exam WordPress Plugins

Here is a list of some top online exam WordPress plugins to try out:

#1 Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master is the most significant option on our list and meets the criteria for the best Online Exam WordPress Plugin. This could be a deal-breaker if you’re seeking something to follow your plans and slay. Watch to see how. This WordPress online exam plugin offers tremendous modification capabilities and provides an excellent user experience.
This plugin allows you to create sophisticated tests and quizzes. It also includes a variety of questions kinds to get you started. Furthermore, you can easily tailor the exam to your specific requirements. You can add an exam timer, question hints, test restrictions, and other features.

Quiz and Survey Master is an excellent online exam WordPress plugin. You can customize the student results page, email them, or include social sharing buttons.

#2 Formidable Forms

Another good WordPress exam plugin on the market is the Formidable Forms builder. You may simply build exams with multiple question kinds with the Quiz Maker add-on. Multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, and other types of questions are available for your use.

You can also change how the exam is graded. Choose from a variety of grading scales or construct your own to make it truly unique. The plugin automatically calculates student scores from correct answers and displays them on a separate page as a percentage, letter, grade, or number count.

#3 ClassMarker

ClassMarker is another online quiz builder for teachers, offering specific programs for both educators and business customers. How many people get access to your tests and examinations is entirely up to you.

The quizzes can be tailored to your website’s appearance and even allow for customized certifications. With the help of an advanced results extension, you can quickly examine data and generate reports. This plugin is a fantastic solution for large surveys with a large number of participants.

Which Online Exam WordPress Plugin to Use?

You must choose a plugin that helps you create online exams with ease, has an easy-to-use interface, and most importantly costs less money.

There are many Online Exam WordPress plugins listed for sale on third-party vendors on the internet, you cannot trust them as there is no way of fact-checking if the plugin they offer works and the data remains safe or if the reviews they’ve shown are genuine or not.

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So, to be assured it is always better to download plugins from the Official WordPress Plugins repository as it is constantly being monitored and comes with guaranteed free support.

When you search for the term “survey plugin” in WordPress Plugins the first result you see is that of the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin followed by WPForms, Formidable Forms, etc.

Best Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2021 - quiz and Survey Master
Create an Exam with the Best Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2023 [Free]

Quiz and Survey Master is a popular quiz, survey, and exam plugin. It can be used to create any type of question-answer form that is easy to build and share.

It has 15+ Question Types like Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Slider, Fill in the Blanks, Short answers, and more. It can also be used to create graded exams using points and scores. You can even add hints and provide the correct answer description to the examinee.

The Quiz and Survey Master Plugin has been tried and tested by 1 Million Plus+ users and it is helping them in making Exciting Quizzes, Detailed Exams, Engaging Surveys, Polls, etc.

The Quiz and Survey Master Plugin is super simple to use, you don’t need to be an expert in creating an exam with the plugin, it is intuitive and free. It’s much more than just an Exam Plugin. You will get to know more about this amazing plugin as we proceed further and create an online exam.

In the following steps, I have explained how you can download the plugin and start creating an exciting online exam.

Creating an Exam using an Online Exam WordPress Plugin – Quiz and Survey Master

We will now create an online Exam using the Online Exam WordPress Plugin – Quiz and Survey Master.

#1 Install Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

If you are logged in to your WordPress admin panel you can download the plugin by navigating to Plugins > Add New > and then Search For “QSM“.

If you want to manually upload and install the plugin to your site then you need to download the QSM plugin from the Official WordPress Listing. The Plugin is free to download and use.

Hit the Install Now button and then Activate. Once Activated, you will see the QSM Menu on the sidebar.

#2 Creating a New Exam

online exam WordPress plugin - creating an exam - Quiz and Survey Master
Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2023 [Free]

Open the QSM Menu and you will see the QSM Dashboard. The Dashboard consists of all the info. that you need to run the QSM Plugin.

To Create an Online Exam, hit the “Create New Quiz/Survey Button“. , Enter the Name you want the Test to be named. I’ll be naming the test as the QSM Online Exam.

We need to choose the form type, As this is an online exam we will need a timer to keep track of the time taken to complete the exam. So, we will choose the Quiz form type.

As one of the best features of QSM is that the test answers can be graded as correct/incorrect or with points we will choose the option “Both” in the Graded System.

form settings - online exam WordPress plugin - quiz and survey master
Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2023 [Free]

Also, we can set the time limit to the test depending on the number of questions asked and the difficulty level we can set the desired time. As this is just a sample test with only a few questions I will set the time limit as “5 mins“.

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These were some of the initial form settings that will help you kick-start building a detailed online exam. There are many more settings, options, and configurations that we will see later in the QSM options tab.

After configuring the form you can go ahead and save the settings. By hitting the Next” button.

#3 Adding Questions and Answers

You can add numerous questions to your online test. If you want you can display all the questions on a single page or disperse them into multiple pages.

Adding Questions and Answers - Creating an Online Exam - Quiz and Survey Master
Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2023 [Free]

Step 1: Starting with Page 1 you need to type your question in the blank field that says “Type your question here“. If the question you’re asking has a supporting question that is more descriptive you can add it by hitting the add description button.

For Example: If you are a teacher you can build a comprehension question where the students can answer the questions based on the asked passage.

Your question may be in the form of images, videos, audio, files, or plain text.

Step 2: Quiz and Survey Master has 15 Question Types and we adding more with every major release. Do check them all, by default Vertical Multiple Choice is selected.

You also can choose from different Answer Types like Text Answers, Rich Answers, and Image Answers. You need to mark a question as required if you want the question to be answered and not skipped by the respondents.

Step 3: After adding the question you can now add the answers. Depending on the Question Type you choose the answers list will also vary. Besides every answer, there are blank fields to allot points and also mark the correct answer. This helps later in calculating the points earned and reviewing the number of correct answers when the respondent submits the exam and sees the result.

So, to keep it simple we are just going with the Vertical Multiple Choice Question Type. You can however check out all the Question Types and experience their working.

With the Correct Answer info, you explain to the respondent why the correct answer is the correct answer.

Step 4: Categorize each question as it becomes better to identify the type of question being asked and can be later randomized when published about the category it belongs to.

You can even let the respondents share comments on the asked question or help them crack the question with a provided hint.

This way you can create multiple questions of various question types and add them to multiple pages so that it doesn’t burn out the respondents.

After making the required changes don’t forget to hit the Save Changes button.

#4 Creating a Pre-Exam Form

To collect the respondent’s name, ID, Class, and other information we can configure a form that the respondents need to fill out before or after the exam.

Creating a pre-exam form - online exam WordPress - quiz and survey master.
Best Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2023 [Free]

The form can collect the respondent’s name, ID, class, gender, etc., or any other necessary information.

For accepting Names, In the Field Type choose Small Open Answer, Give it a Label, and select Name in the Used For dropdown. Also, if the information needs to be strictly filled, tick the required checkbox.

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For ID, Class, etc. everything remains the same except No need to select the Used For field, keep it as seen in the above image. Hit the Save Contact Fields button to save the changes.

#5 Configure the Message to be Displayed

Here you can display a custom message that will be displayed as soon as the respondent clicks on the exam link or before the exam commences.

Message to display before exam - online exam WordPress- quiz and survey master plugin
Best Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2023 [Free]

Here we don’t need to configure much. If required you can go ahead and add an image, or any other media that informs the user about the exam instructions and its rules.

Other than that you can keep the options as they are.

#6 Configuring the Exam

Here you can configure the actual exam to work. Some of the options like the Quiz Type, Time Limit, etc. have already been configured at the initial stage itself.

configuring exam options - WordPress online exam - quiz and survey master plugin
Best Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2023 [Free]

Now, you can configure and set things like:

  • Progress bar
  • Questions per page
  • Force Exam submit after timer expiry
  • Limit the number of user attempts
  • Limit the total number of entries
  • Limit the number of Questions to display
  • Set Exam Live Date and Time
  • Make Questions appear randomly
  • Make Questions appear randomly only from the chosen category
  • Show question numbers
  • Save Responses permanently in a database, and much more.

Know more about all the QSM Options by visiting the options tab documentation.

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#7 Configuring the Emails

You can send emails to respondents after they’ve finished submitting the exam, reminding them of the answers they gave to the questions, the points they won, the number of correct answers, or simply letting them know that they’ve submitted/appeared for the exam.

You can add an additional conditions for emails to be sent. And send customized emails to every respondent depending upon the points earned or score received.

For this, you can make use of the various template variables that make this task a lot easier and quicker.

#8 Configuring Results Page

Here we can configure what needs to be shown to the respondent once they complete the exam. Just like the Emails Tab here we have the Template Variables that are specific to the Results Tab.

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You can configure the results page that will be unique to every respondent giving the exam. Using additional conditions and the score earned. Learn more about configuring the Results Page Here.

#9 Publishing the Quiz

To publish the Exam and make it live you can hit the Publish Quiz Button that is at the top.

copying shortcode- online exam WordPress - quiz and survey master
Best Online Exam WordPress Plugin 2024 [Free]

To embed the Exam on a Web Page or use it as a hyperlink you can navigate to QSM > Quizzes/Surveys.

Find the Exam you just configured and hit the shortcode icon, a window pops up showing the Embed Shortcode and Link Shortcode. You can copy the codes and paste them onto your webpage for later use.

#10 Customizing Exam with QSM Pro

What makes Quiz and Survey Master the best online exam plugin is that it has various Pro Addons that are extremely useful in real use and help you churn out the required data from the exam. Now build powerful exams with QSM Pro.

QSM Pro is a bundle of 30+ Powerful QSM Add-ons that will take your quiz and survey game to the next level. You can build logic-based exams, display a leaderboard, collect useful user data and use it for marketing purposes, import and export quizzes/surveys, deeply analyze the exam results with charts and graphs, share certificates with the top performers, and do much more.

It includes 30+ Pro Addons like:

  • Reporting and Analysis – allows you to display the collected data using 4 different charts
  • Active Campaign Integration – Integrates QSM with ActiveCampaign mailing service
  • Advanced Timer – Starts visual timer automatically and comes with two different timer styles
  • Paypal and Stripe Payment Integration – Integrates PayPal and Stripe services with QSM for Paid Exams/Quizzes
  • Drip Integration – allows you to add quizzes and survey-takers to your subscribers in Drip, etc.


What are the key features to look for in an online exam WordPress plugin?

Some key features to look out for in an online exam WP plugin are presented in the QSM plugin. First and foremost, it boasts a user-friendly interface that prioritizes simple configurations coupled with versatility. Additionally, it provides a diverse exam creation process with multiple question types and various add-ons. It also allows the option to randomize questions and answers, customize exams, personalize the result page, and more.

How do I install and activate an online exam plugin on my WordPress site?

To install the QSM on the WordPress site, click on the Plugins (from the admin panel) > search Quiz and Survey Master > click on Install Now > Activate the plugin and it will get activated in your WordPress site.

Can I integrate an online exam plugin with my existing Learning Management System (LMS)? 

QSM doesn’t have direct compatibility with Learning Management Systems (LMS). However, users can integrate QSM with LMS plugins through customizations made on the user interface (UI) side by the user itself. If the LMS system accepts the QSM quizzes shortcode then you can move further and use it.

Are there any security measures or precautions I should take when using an online exam plugin? 

When using an online exam plugin like QSM, there are certain security measures to follow like ensuring regular updates for compatibility with the latest WordPress version. Regularly inspect for any vulnerabilities from your end, using access control and user authentication. QSM is a secure online exam plugin, consistently updated to maintain its performance and security. 

How can I customize the settings and design of my online exam platform using a WordPress plugin?

QSM, an online exam plugin, offers extensive customization options to tailor the appearance of your exam. With a range of themes available, you can easily change the aesthetic of your exam platform. Furthermore, QSM allows for custom styling using CSS codes. Additionally, QSM offers various add-ons such as timers, proctoring features, advanced assessment tools, and more.


I hope this article helps you to create awesome tests using the Online Exam WordPress Plugin, QSM. Explore yourself and you will get a better understanding of the Plugin’s working

QSM is a powerhouse and is constantly being upgraded for a better user experience. There are many benefits of using QSM, things as Frequent Updates, Superior Performance, Ease of Use, and Instant Customer Support make QSM the Best Exam Plugin of all.

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Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on this article. If you need help with the QSM Plugin or have doubts regarding the Pro addons feel free to contact us, we’ll get to you in no time.

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