How freelancers can attract clients with a simple a online quiz

Being a freelancer in today’s time comes with a multitude of responsibilities. One of them is to attract clients. Believe it or not, this is the most difficult task. If you are a freelancer, you must be able to understand, what goes down, right?

There are plenty of competitors, given that freelancers account for 35% of working professionals. How can you differentiate yourself when it appears that you offer the same services as every other freelancer in your field?
It’s all about finding ways to set oneself apart.

How Freelancers can attract clients with quizzes- Competition
How Freelancers can attract clients with quizzes- Competition

All of your freelance services are likely to have a unique strategy, process, philosophy, and client experience. This is what sets you apart, but you will need to be able to effectively communicate it through the manner you sell your freelance business.

One of the finest methods to attract clients that understand not only what you do, but why you do it, is to use personalized marketing. You will be closer to obtain a client’s business or to attract clients if you can demonstrate that you understand them and can provide them with value.

Today we are going to learn about how can you get clients or attract clients with quizzes. It might sound a little bit off, but selling products/services using a quiz can be a job well done if done with a thought.

Email Marketing

One of the finest methods to attract clients that understand not only what you do, but why you do it, is to use personalized marketing. You will be closer to obtaining a client’s business or obtaining more clients if you can demonstrate that you understand them and can provide them with value.

How can you customize your marketing to reach out to your ideal customers? How to get clients to trade with you? How to impress clients? All these questions crop up in the initial stages of freelancing.

Building an email list of people who suit your ideal customer description is a great place to start so you can prepare them for your freelance services.

How freelancers can attract clients with quizzes- Email Marketing
How freelancers can attract clients with quizzes- Email Marketing

Your ideal client will be more convinced that they signed up for your email list if your opt-in is beneficial. It gives your relationship a boost of trust at the start. Many freelancers may utilize lead magnets to encourage their potential clients to join their email list.

Lead magnets, such as worksheets, ebooks, templates, and personality quizzes, provide a real incentive for your potential clients to join up. You’ll want to make sure that anything you have to offer is something that can help your potential client’s business.

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Why attract clients with Quizzes?

Now you must be wondering if we are creating an email marketing funnel, that converts, then why would we need to attract clients with quizzes?

  • Gives your work/product/service another perspective to the client
  • Interacts with clients’ requirements and engages them.
  • Make them understand your approach towards work
  • Makes a bridge between the client and a freelancer

The answer is quite simple. How often do you find clicking on a banner like, “I am a professional wedding photographer, Click to know my prices” ? I don’t think so, any of us would want to choose someone like that. but what if it was something like, “What is your wedding style? Take a quiz!” Even if you are not getting hitched, you would want to take the quiz, right?

Similarly, things work here. If you are putting out your product/service, without any effort, it would be one of those million applications. But if you tend to do something out of the box, you probably could get more traffic.

For example, you are a freelance makeup artist and want to attract clients with quizzes. How would you impress clients? Making a quiz might sound a little overboard, but trust the process.

How freelancers attract clients with quizzes- Creating quiz for Freelancers
How freelancers attract clients with quizzes- Creating quiz for Freelancers

You create a quiz titled, “Which make up products suit you best? Take a quiz!” People who were scrolling through profiles might just want to take a minute out, because of sheer curiosity. And that is how my friend, your stage one completes.

Once the client is done with the quiz, you just have to prepare an interactive landing page and a results page. This will be the game-changer as this is where you would market your service or product. You will branch out various links to prior works, to your contact, and so on. You can also create a dialog box to make people sign up for your email list.

Creating a Quiz

Consider the freelance service you want to highlight in your quiz as a starting point for creating your quiz. A freelance social media manager, for example, would want to use the quiz to lead to a community management package, whereas a freelance illustrator might want to make a quiz that showcases their bespoke illustration work.

Learn to make a quiz using the QSM plugin

Consider who is the best fit for your freelance service after you’ve decided on a specific service type or package. What kind of client do you want to work with? What are the issues they’re now dealing with, and what are the answers they’re looking for?

Here’s everything you need to get started with an online quiz:

  • Know who your ideal client is
  • Decide on a quiz theme and idea
  • Create a title for your quiz
  • Write engaging quiz questions and answers
  • Create personality results that fit your ideal clients
  • Lead ideal clients to your freelance services in your call-to-action

You can create your own quiz on, say, your WordPress website using the QSM plugin. By doing this you are making half of the task easier, as it provides an inbuilt feature to customize your results page and email marketing list. Attract clients organically by creating a quiz using the QSM plugin.

How freelancers attract clients with quizzes- Sample QSM quiz
How freelancers attract clients with quizzes- Sample QSM quiz

The above picture is a sample quiz made from the QSM plugin.

Check out the sample quiz.

Install the plugin from and activate it to create your very own quiz.

If you are unable to find the QSM plugin from the website, you can download it easily with one click from the Quiz and Survey Master Website.

How to make sure your quiz stands out?

Here are some of the key steps one should take to make their quiz stand out:

Pick an engaging, interesting theme for your quiz

If your quiz is a no-show it is going to hamper your engagement. remember, to make your quiz interactive and engaging adhering to the fact that it has an interesting theme too. If not, the quiz is going to be another factor in why your services are being scrolled over.

Get original ideas for your quiz questions and answers

To win freelance jobs is quite a task in today’s time. You have to be real and work on goals and ethics simultaneously so that your reputation remains unstinted, however much the competition rises.

Add extra value with a dedicated landing page for each quiz type

Making a good landing page is a key for every quiz to be proper. Making one with the QSM plugin would help you in gaining insights into a simple and easy-to-understand algorithm.

Introduce who you are and what you offer as a freelancer

A freelancer’s job is to attract clients, get ahold of more clients, more projects. If you are making your portfolio, make sure to add it to the quiz. Other than that, put your introduction as a professional on the landing page so that a quiz-taker realizes the person who was behind it.

Freelance Tips and Tricks

How freelancers attract clients with quizzes- Tips and Tricks

As you put your quiz together, think about the kinds of questions your ideal clients will be asking themselves when they land on your quiz. If they are interested in the services your offer as a freelancer, what do they need to know before making the decision of who they want to work with?

You can answer these questions proactively with your quiz by adding valuable resources, writing personality descriptions that resonate with your ideal clients, and personalizing every aspect of your email marketing after the quiz.

Every choice you make while you construct your quiz should assist you in attracting clients that suit your ideal client profile. To attract clients, the words you use, the images you offer, and the topic you chose are all important.

Here’s another set of suggestions to create an online quiz with better traffic and to attract clients:

  • Make your quiz title a compelling question for your viewers to answer.
  • When constructing your quiz, use 6-10 questions to keep your audience interested.
  • Create your online quiz logic with ease by defining your personality types before producing your answers.
  • Keep your personality description to 3-5 sentences in length but cover enough data about yourself.
  • Maintain a cheerful attitude when delivering your audience’s personality results.
  • To establish your email list, collect email addresses at the end of your online quiz.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we have just one thing to inform you that creating a quiz without its marketing and broadcasting cannot attract clients. You have to be on your toes with responses and email follow-ups if you want to make something out of the quiz that you create to attract clients. Happy learning (and earning )

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