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10+ Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins to Look Out for!

WordPress Poll Maker Plugins are indispensable for all marketing and business websites. But it becomes hard to find, which is the best for your website and its specific requirements.

To curb that dilemma, we bring the list of 10+ poll maker plugins that will do justice to your requisites and deliver good quality polls! Here’s the list of the Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins to look out for in 2023:

  1. Quiz and Survey Master
  2. WP Forms
  3. Opinion Stage Poll Maker
  4. Hubspot
  5. Formidable Forms
  6. WP-Polls
  7. Poll Maker
  8. Crowd Signal
  9. Gravity Forms
  10. TS Poll
  11. Democracy Polls

But before we look into the features of these plugins, let us first discuss what are the attributes of a good poll maker plugin for WordPress.

What are the Features of a Good WordPress Poll Maker Plugin?

#1 Interface

A code-free poll builder is the most important feature that a poll and survey plugin must provide. The best polling plugins have almost no learning curve; you should be able to sign up, create a poll, and embed the poll into your website within an hour.

#2 Dashboard or Leaderboard

A poll is useless unless the results can be read and analyzed. A poll plugin should have an entry tracker, ideally with notifications when a new entry is submitted. You should also be able to see results charts and graphs that show the distribution of responses across your audience.

#3 Themes

A boring theme for polls or surveys can bring down a well-set questionnaire. Therefore, editable themes can become an important part when looking for a WordPress poll maker plugin. This theme also adds to the look and feel of the website, the quality of answers, and the interaction with the audience.

#4 Integration of Third-Party Software

If you intend to use your WordPress poll builder in conjunction with another tool, such as a CRM or payment gateway, software integrations are required. As a result, you can easily attribute and sync data across all of your chosen services. For example, if you want every poll submission to generate a new contact, your poll plugin should integrate with your CRM.

Since we now know important features, you are ready to choose your WordPress poll maker from the given options.

#1 Quiz and Survey Master

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Quiz and Survey Master Plugin
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

Quiz and Survey Master plugin is the best Poll Maker plugin that can be used to create polls and surveys for free! The QSM plugin is also one of the most versatile poll maker plugins for WordPress. Because of its codeless and easy-to-use interface, you can easily bring out your A-game of quizzes and poll-making.

Some notable features of the QSM plugin are:

  • It is a free WordPress Poll Maker. The cost of creating tests, questionnaires, or surveys is zero dollars.
  • Themes and Addons for the plugin are among its extensions that may be purchased. (Some themes and add-ons are offered with the plugin for free as well.)
  • Utilizing it is easy. It has a solid reputation in the community for excelling at user interaction.
  • With thorough documentation provided at every stage of the quiz-making process, designing quizzes is made simple.
  • It is flexible. The QSM plugin offers a multitude of design and redesign options for your surveys and quizzes.
  • Since nothing is fixed in stone, you can still make changes in real time after publishing the quiz.
  • User-friendly for all purposes.
  • Has a window for extensions like Active Campaign, MailChimp, and payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe.
  • You can add an extra edge to your polls by using User Dashboard, Reporting and Analysis, and Advanced Leaderboard Addons which makes it easier to project results at the end of the poll.

#2 WP Forms

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- WP Forms
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- WP Forms

WPForms is the most popular poll builder plugin on the market. It includes 300+ pre-built form templates to help you get started quickly, and the drag-and-drop builder allows you to easily customize forms to your liking. You can also easily create powerful polls with the Survey and Polls add-on.

Furthermore, you can display real-time poll results on your website as well as view results from the WordPress dashboard in beautiful, easy-to-read report types such as pie charts, bar graphs, and more.

However, it is a paid plugin that retails at $39.5 for the basic plan.

#3 Opinion Stage Poll Maker

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Opinion Stage
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Opinion Stage

With OpinionStage, creating a poll or survey is simple because you can choose from hundreds of free templates or create one from scratch based on your specific preferences.

It includes color, font, and size customization options, as well as a CSS override that gives you complete control over the look and feel of the poll or survey. In the end, you can also include images and a call to action.

It is a free WordPress poll maker plugin.

#4 Hubspot

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Hubspot
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Hubspot

Consider using the HubSpot WordPress Plugin to get a sense of what your website visitors or customers are thinking. The free form builder in the plugin is a simple solution for gathering feedback on WordPress.

Create your form with the simple drag-and-drop builder, then embed it or launch it as a popup on pages throughout your website. Submissions are synced to HubSpot’s free CRM and can be analyzed from a WordPress dashboard.

#5 Formidable Forms

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Formidable Forms
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a sophisticated WordPress poll maker that offers many powerful capabilities for creating solution-focused polls.

Using its visual drag-and-drop builder, anyone can easily create a variety of forms, including polls and surveys, payment forms, tests, contact forms, and more. Users can edit any form using the visual styler, and each form design is mobile-friendly.

The HTML of the form can also be changed, and conditional logic can be used to determine which form fields to display based on the user’s responses.
The ability to calculate is a unique feature of Formidable Forms.
Calculators that calculate percentages, mortgage payments, or automobile payments, for example, could be created.

#6 WP-Polls

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- WP-Polls
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- WP-Polls

WP-Polls is a free poll solution for your WordPress site that is simple and easy to use. It enables you to incorporate online polls into your WordPress pages, posts, and widget areas.

The poll allows users to select multiple options. WP-Polls displays results automatically after users select their options. If you want to change the theme and add custom CSS styles to your poll, you can do so if you know a little coding.

Its popularity stems from the fact that it is both simple and highly customizable. You can personalize it by selecting from a variety of templates and CSS styles, then easily embed the output on a post or page using a generated shortcode.

#7 Poll Maker

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Poll Maker
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Poll Maker

Poll Maker is an excellent choice for creating an attractive poll, with over 13 style options and the ability to customize colors, borders, backgrounds, and images.

It has a “schedule poll” feature that allows you to set a start date for when it should appear for visitors to your site. It does not restrict the options available to users, and there are also options for voting and rating using emojis or star-rating icons.

Finally, you can direct poll respondents to different pages based on their responses. That way, you can keep engaging them after they have voted.

#8 Crowd Signal

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Crowd Signal
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Crowd Signal

Crowdsignal is yet another fantastic survey plugin. Because the plugin API is a WordPress product, you will need to create a WordPress account in order to access it.

It comes with some pre-built templates to help you quickly create a survey. According to their website, it is a simple yet powerful tool.

You can customize your survey by selecting one of their pre-designed themes or creating one from scratch. You can distribute the surveys to them via social media or email. All of its features are available right here. It is available in a free version.

#9 Gravity Forms

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Gravity Forms
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a popular WordPress plugin for embedding forms. If you’re already using Gravity Forms for this purpose, you could easily adapt the Polls or Survey add-ons to meet your needs without involving another vendor.

Both of these add-ons are Elite add-ons, meaning they are only available with an Elite license of the software. However, being able to rely on a well-known industry resource like Gravity Forms would be extremely beneficial.

Furthermore, Gravity Forms elevates the data analysis aspect of polling by allowing you to filter submissions using conditional logic.

#10 TS Poll

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- TS Polls
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- TS Polls

TS Poll is an excellent tool that allows you to create a survey using the Gutenberg editor or a shortcode. This plugin allows you to display and manage poll results on your website.

This creates a unified on-page experience in which you can show users the poll results after polling them. The plugin supports image responses as well as an unlimited number of polls. It is a free WordPress poll creator.

#11 Democracy Polls

Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Democracy Polls
Best WordPress Poll Maker Plugins- Democracy Polls

Democracy Poll allows users to collect customer feedback from anywhere on their website. Online polls can be completely customized. Users can select which questions and scoring options to use, as well as add their own design or logo and language. They can also enable and deactivate write-in responses.

When feedback is gathered, it is immediately available on the dashboard. Users can also receive feedback alerts directly in their email inboxes.


Narrowing down, all of the above WordPress poll makers are one better than the other. In case you are looking for a versatile and free poll maker plugin then Quiz and Survey Master is the best choice.

The QSM plugin offers a myriad approach to the poll-making process with its user-friendly interface, its easy-to-use Addons, and its beautiful themes. Polls need to project a good look and feel with a simple and holistic questionnaire and the QSM plugin helps to achieve that.

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