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8 Best Appointment Booking Plugins of 2024

One-stop to your search for the best appointment booking plugins is here!

WordPress has unquestionably changed the way businesses develop an online presence in today’s world. Indeed, thanks to the ever-growing open-source space, WordPress, the online world is becoming a better place for webmasters and web users every day. It has you covered for anything from professional websites to online stores.

In recent times, there has been a surge in appointment booking and scheduling plugins for WordPress businesses. To list down the best appointment booking plugins is a hard task because there are various plugins and each one is better than another. Even so, we have a go-to inventory when hunting for appointment booking plugins.

Appointment Booking plugins are everywhere, but which one is the best? Here is a list of the 8 best WordPress appointment booking plugins that you can use for your website, easy-peasy!

Let us explore the best appointment booking plugins.

What are Appointment Booking plugins?

If you run a hotel and want each sort of room to have its own set of booking procedures, for example, you could want to make your job easier by creating a correct algorithm for the consumers. This will not only make paperwork and tally-keeping easier, but it will also make it easier for your consumers to contact you in a timely and orderly manner.

The WordPress appointment booking plugins will help you achieve this. It will establish a pre-set interface for your clients to access your services directly. Depending on the nature of the necessity as well as the type of plugin, your bookings will also receive a timetable. Scheduling plugins for WordPress are also getting famous under this category. Let us see the best of the appointment booking plugins.

1. Booking Ultra Pro

Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Booking Ultra Pro
Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Booking Ultra Pro

To rank as number 1 in our top appointment booking plugins list, the Booking Ultra pro plugin does justice to its name. It is a beautiful appointment plugin for WordPress that offers booking calendars to simplify the appointment procedure. Booking Ultra Pro is widely used as a scheduling plugin for WordPress.

It is suitable for both formal and informal institutions and caters to a magnificent suite of features. Booking Ultra Pro gives your users an easy 4-step booking process. This makes it trouble-free and swift for users to make their bookings. Amiable features for customizations are also available. Other than that, it is compatible with the full-site editing features of WordPress.

Key Features of Booking Ultra Pro:

  • Online Admin appointment
  • Online client appointment
  • Customizable e-mails
  • Time slots and Padding time
  • Unlimited Services Admin Calendar
  • Customization of fields
  • Company calendars
  • Employee check-ins
  • Working hours and days

2. Amelia

Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Amelia
Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Amelia

Amelia is a simple yet significant appointment plugin WordPress gives us. It has a fully automated booking personality and could work 24/7 to assure your customer’s convenience. The users could book appointments, events, reservations, and even pay online. All of these features can be available all around the clock!

The plugin allows you to embed any appointment or booking form into any page or post on your website. It comes packed with a broad number of options that can be modified via its settings page, making it incredibly interesting and easy to use.

Key features of Amelia plugin:

  • Widget ready to use
  • Email notifications will be sent to you whenever a new appointment or booking is made
  • It includes jQuery effects
  • The booking interface is user-friendly
  • Front-end and back-end design is responsive

3. Booking Calendar

Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Booking Calendar
Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Booking Calendar

One of the oldest WordPress appointment booking plugins is Booking Calendar. The plugin is free and contains the majority of the features required by a normal small business. You could think the price is a little high. The first major commercial upgrade costs roughly sixty dollars, and it only gets more expensive after that. So, if you are looking for a local plugin, I would not recommend the booking calendar as a first choice.

Any appointment or booking form may be added to any page or post on your website with this plugin. It comes with a large range of options that can be modified from the settings page, making it incredibly powerful yet simple to use. You may also add your own custom fields to tailor your appointment functionality.

Key Features of Booking Calendar:

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Sleek design
  • Responsive front and back-end design
  • All bookings stored in the database
  • Nice picker for time slots

4. MotoPress Appointment Booking

motopress appointments

The WordPress appointment scheduling solution by MotoPress is the most attractive from a functionality perspective – you are not limited in the number of services, bookings, service providers, or locations you can add.

It ships with powerful online payment processing options, including PayPal, Stripe, and digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. For even more diversity, on-site payments, as well as flexible pricing with deposits and coupons, are fully integrated.

To simplify your communication with clients and bookings management, the plugin supports multiple helpful integrations, including Google Calendar, Twilio SMS, WooCommerce Payments, Google Analytics, Elementor, and Divi.

Key features of the MotoPress Booking plugin:

  • Flexible time slots, with buffer times and breaks.
  • Working schedules for every employee individually.
  • Customer log-in area.
  • Widgets for popular builders and the block editor.
  • Holistic admin calendar.
  • Appointment reminders & notifications via email and SMS.

5. Appointment Hour Booking

Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Appointment Hour Booking
Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Appointment Hour Booking

Appointment Hour Booking is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create booking forms for appointments that have a start time and a set duration. The end-user visually selects a start time from a list of start times depending on the “open” hours and service length. The duration/schedule is determined by the “service” that the consumer has chosen. Multiple services with varying durations and pricing can be added to each calendar.

This plugin can be used in a variety of situations, such as booking medical services with varying durations and prices, booking personal training sessions, and booking other types of services/resources where start times are selected and availability is automatically managed.

Key Features of Appointment Hour Booking:

  • Easy visual configuration
  • Spare days can be marked
  • Allows you to set default, maximum, and minimum dates.
  • Open and closing hours can be set
  • One calendar, multiple services
  • start time can be set or generated

6. Team Booking Plugin

Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Team Booking
Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Team Booking

One of the reasons we like the Team Booking plugin is that it is one of the cheapest WordPress appointment booking plugins with the most features. It costs only $28 and allows you to accept payments using PayPal or Stripe.

Individual classes, technical intervention, physicians, and other uses are all possible. It’s ideal for conferences, group classes, and movie projections, among other things. There are no timeslots, only a request form. Appropriate support tickets, estimate requests, and other similar inquiries.

Key features of the Team Booking Plugin:

  • Minimal, Modern, and, appealing forms
  • Book or schedule an appointment 24/7
  • Economical upgrades
  • Google Calendar linking
  • Stripe and Paypal integration

7. Bookly Plugin

Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Bookly Plugin
Best Appointment Booking Plugins- Bookly Plugin

In terms of style, Bookly is the most modern-looking of all the WordPress appointment booking plugins on this list. Both a free and a paid version of the Bookly plugin are available. To upgrade to the premium edition, you will only have to pay once (unless you want to keep paying for customer support).

It’s a complete booking solution that you may use even if you’re not a pro-coder. It enables several service providers (workers) to be included in booking schedules and calendars. It also includes a built-in SMS system and sends out automated email notifications.

Key features of the bookly plugin:

  • backend and front have a clean design
  • add-ons are also sold
  • paid and free versions
  • email notifications
  • built-in SMS system
  • unlimited services

 8. 10to8 Online WP Booking System

Best Appointment Booking Plugins- 10to8 Online WP Booking System
Best Appointment Booking Plugins- 10to8 Online WP Booking System

The 10to8 Booking System WordPress appointment plugin is great. You can use it to make appointments and schedules. It appears to be a system created specifically for professionals and their needs. You will be able to plan your service so that others can arrange it as well.

Prospects can also use a two-way chat option to request changes via SMS, Slack, email, or Facebook. Automated appointment reminders delivered via SMS and email can reduce no-shows by up to 90%. Remind clients and employees about forthcoming appointments to avoid confusion and improve customer service.

Key features of 10to8 booking system:

  •  the plugin is free to use
  • suitable for small enterprises
  • automated reminders
  • suitable for professional use


How do I set up an appointment booking system?

You can set up an appointment booking system using an appointment booking plugin for your wordpress website. You can use the Booking Pro appointment booking blugin for best and quick set up of the appointment booking system!

What is booking plugin?

A booking plugin allows the users to create and reserve bookings and appointments according to the available time slots and their convenience. Such a plugin also caters to handling payments.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap to this inventory! These WordPress appointment booking plugins would make sure that your users are well-equipped when booking and scheduling appointments online.

If you are a company with professionals and looking for an intricate yet beautiful plugin, then the Booking Ultra Pro plugin or 10to8 booking system could be the best option. On the other hand, if you are searching for something more playful and casual then the Amelia plugin could be your go-to.

If you are strict on your schedules for your customers but cannot find a flexible hourly timed system, then you must try the Appointment Hour Booking Plugin and the Bookly Plugin.

We hope this article was helpful and you could find the best-suited appointment booking plugin for your WordPress website. You might also find interest in the list of best plugins and themes and premium WordPress business themes.

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