New QSM 8.0 Released: Everything You Need to Know!

After innumerable iterations and trials and hard work for months, the newest version of your favorite WordPress Quiz and Survey Plugin is finally released!

QSM 8.0 is here!

Quiz and Survey Master never fails to refresh their menu of possibilities for you all. When you hit a refresh button this time, guess what you get? WPML compatibility, Improved Interface, Improved Editors, New Themes, and the list goes on!

We are more than excited to welcome the new and fresh updates for the best WordPress Quiz Plugin with new features, improvements, and most importantly, bug fixes.

Let us see what all is new in this new QSM update.

WPML Compatibility

WPML is the talk of the hour. Literally, it means WordPress Multilingual Plugin. Nowadays, people across the globe have access to your quizzes and therefore it becomes only necessary to create quizzes and surveys in more than one language. It not only gives your quizzes a chance to achieve honest and accurate results but also provides your quizzes an extra edge and increased audience engagement.

In the newest update, QSM has been integrated with WPML for creating multilingual quizzes and surveys.

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Improved Editor

Is it even new, if you cannot see the difference from the old? With the newest release of QSM 8.0 comes the brand new Quiz and Survey editor interface. The editor has been redesigned to have a clean and contemporary look with a simple interface which makes your quiz-making process easier.

QSM Improved Editor
QSM Improved Editor

New Contact Form Editor

We designed our contact form editor from the ground up to be much easier to use. Not only that, but you can now apply additional validation criteria to form fields, giving your contact forms greater power and ease of function.

QSM New Contact Form Editor
QSM New Contact Form Editor

Intuitive Options Page

Because QSM has so many selections, it can be tough to locate the one that is right for you. We have divided all of the options into subsections to make things a little easier. You can go to any subsection and locate your option much more quickly.

QSM Options Tab
QSM Options Tab

New QSM Themes

After the longest time, the wait is finally over and QSM has launched two brand new themes! Now adding to the family of the four veteran themes, Ivory, Breeze, Fragrance, and Pool are the contemporary, Companion and Serene Themes.

As we know that the Quiz and Survey Master themes have always been ultra-flexible and elegant at the same time, and these new additions to the collection are no different. The family characteristics of themes like its modernist colors and graphics, smart text, and beautiful user interface are observed in the new themes as well.

Coupled with the old values, the Companion and the Serene themes have more to give to the users. We are talking about its ownership. One can own either of the themes for free; you just have to log in to QSM and download the themes. Yes, you heard it right. QSM has finally launched its two, by far the best, complimentary themes. There are some specific features to both of the themes.

The Companion theme is the definition of modernity with a brand new rectangular watch-face timer. It has a minimalist tinge to its design that pairs well with formal as well as informal surveys and quizzes. It would fit best with your WordPress Website if you are too a fan of ‘less is more.’

It completes your blogs and pages almost effortlessly with its round edge rectangular quiz card. The theme displays a featured image, like all others of the QSM themes family, on the first page of the quiz. You can very well customize the themes’ colors from the style tab and opt-in to go for any sort of color palette that suits your website the most. 

QSM themes- Companion
QSM themes- Companion

The Serene theme is the same yet different from the Companion theme. For starters, the Serene theme has a completely contrasting interface as compared to the Companion theme. Where the Companion has a minimal and a design inspired by cubic properties, the Serene theme sees more of an organic and free-flowing spectrum of graphics. 

As it is visible on the first page of the quiz itself. In the Serene theme, we have a round corner rectangular quiz card that is beautifully complemented by the curve graphic form on the first page of the quiz. It is also visible throughout the quiz as a footer that contains the Next and the Previous Buttons. In the Serene theme also you can customize the colors of each of the buttons, the progress bar, the text, and even the background. 

QSM themes- Serene
QSM themes- Serene

In the Companion theme, a designated area that covers about two-thirds of the total first page displays the featured image. However, in the Serene theme, there is about three-fourths of the space in the quiz card is devoted to the featured image in the background and the heading sitting on the curvy graphic is displayed as the foreground. 


In essence, we can say that the new form editors, the WPML integration, and the new QSM themes are unique in themselves. And it is needless to say that all of the updates have beautiful interfaces that carry on the legacy of the Quiz and Survey Master versions with their contemporary and distinguished looks and functions.

With new and free QSM themes, you can make your quizzes attractive and you can make the most of the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin by using the QSM add-ons. QSM has also recently released a Pro Bundle of Add-ons that includes 30+ addons and access to 10 sites at once!

The following are some features to look out for:

  • Use QSM in ten different sites.
  • Add-on for Reporting and Analysis
  • Add-on for exporting and importing
  • Integrations with Email Marketing
  • Advanced Timer Export Results with Zapier Integration
  • Connector for Google Sheets
  • Save and resume your work

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Try Quiz and Survey Master

QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes and Surveys on your WordPress Website