What Are Public Opinion Polls?

Do you think your opinion doesn’t count? You are totally wrong. Public opinion is the most powerful force in the world. Public opinion polls help the government to make policies and businesses to know which product will sustain the market.

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress survey plugin, that helps people in creating amazing surveys with just a few clicks. It has various options which can make your surveys easy and more understandable for your respondents. 

Read this blog to know about public opinion polls and how Quiz and Survey Master can help you in creating one for your own website. 

What Are Public Opinion Polls?

Public opinion polls are simple surveys designed to know the opinion of people over a certain issue or some other matter. In the traditional method, the polls were conducted by one-on-one interviews. But due to the advancement in technology, now we can make polls online using the various online poll makers. 

We can see the use of public opinion polls, in the social, economic, and political changes that have occurred over years. 

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Who Uses Public Opinion Polls?

  • Businesses use public opinion polls to help improve their services and products by gathering and reviewing customers data.
  • Employers use public opinion polls to know about their employees and keep the staff engaged in work and happy on the job.
  • The government uses survey polls to gather information so that they can make better policies or change the existing policies. 
  • Non-profit organizations and charities who want to know their donors’ priorities and how often they want to contribute. 
  • Unions take public opinion surveys to find out what changes their members want in the workplace. 


Public Opinion Polls Have a Wider Reach

With the advancement in technology, it is very easy to reach a large audience using an online platform. The majority of the people use their time browsing on the internet. If the polls are responsive to the different screens, it becomes much easier for respondents to perform them in between the task and will increase the results by certain times. 

Easier to Respond

Since a respondent can perform a poll at their convenience of time and place, it becomes much easier for them to respond. If you pressurize them to give the poll, there might be chances of inaccurate poll results. But since it is an online public opinion poll, the respondents will find it much convenient to perform it, which will help in accurate poll results. 

Faster and More Accurate

Online survey polls are more effective and precise than traditional one-o-one interviews. Since the entire process is digital and automatic, it becomes much easier to track responses. 

In the traditional method, there were high chances of inaccurate results as the poll takers first need to talk to people and then make an opinion. But in online public opinion polls, the accuracy is much higher as the responses are directly submitted by the public. 

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How You Can Use Quiz and Survey Master to Make Public Opinion Pools?

The type of question in public opinion polls depends on the motive behind asking it. So, Quiz and Survey Master has 15 different question types to meet users’ requirements. Select one that you feel works best for your poll. Below we have suggested few question types for public opinion polls. 

1. Closed Questions

A closed question is the most common type of question asked in polls. Here, a user has to select between “Yes” or “No”. By giving a third option like “Maybe” or “None”, you give respondents a fair chance to not have a fixed opinion.

For these types of questions, we suggest you opt between “Horizontal Multiple Choice” and “Vertical Multiple Choice”. Add your answers in the answer field. Since it is an opinion poll, you don’t have to check “Correct” to any answer. 

2. Open-Ended Questions

They are also known as free questions as users need to write their opinion in the form of text. Open-ended questions are beneficial for researchers to get a piece of detailed information and users insights. 

For these types of questions, we suggest you opt between “Short Answers” or “Paragraph”, as they provide a field where users can write their opinions.

3. Multiple-Choice Questions

When researchers need to know how strongly people think about a particular situation or any product, they use multiple-choice questions. Here, the answers for particular questions are listed, and a participant can choose either one or multiple choices.

We again suggest “Horizontal Multiple-Choice” and “Vertical Multiple-Choice”. You can add as many answers as you want. 


We hope this blog about public opinion polls has helped you. To make online public opinion polls is not a big deal. With an online poll, you can reach a broader audience and get results faster. With Quiz and Survey Master you can also make tracking polls and public opinion polls Quizlet as well.

You can use Quiz and Survey Master to make a poll for your WordPress site. Quiz and Survey Master provides you with a vast range of question types, adding value to your polls. Quiz and Survey Master also have various addons which you can use in your polls to organize and optimize it. We recommend “QSM Pro Bundle” as it has various useful addons, ready for your service. 

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