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How to Use a Leadership Style Quiz to Easily Generate Leads?

How to Use a Leadership Style Quiz to Easily Generate Leads- template

Own a website and want to generate more leads? You can do that easily with a leadership style quiz. With a leadership style quiz, you can help your audience figure out what type of leader they are and what they can do to improve it. 

Quiz and Survey Master is a leading WordPress quiz plugin, that will help you create amazing quizzes with just a few clicks. It has numerous options to customize and personalize your quizzes. You can even embed those quizzes on your website or a blog. 

Read this blog to know more about a Leadership Style Quiz. 

What Is a Leadership Style Quiz?

A leadership style quiz helps you understand your leadership styles and methods so that you can be self-aware of associated pros and cons. With leadership questions, you can understand the management styles you tend to employ. It helps you to make a more in-depth look at yourself and open your eyes to the areas that may need improvement. 

While we are all not maybe a leader in the sense we are managing an organization or running a team but we all possess some habits when we are presented with an opportunity to lead like a project manager, a parent, a friend, or even a volunteer. So with the help of a leadership quiz, you can make up identity and attitude as a leader. 

Benefits of Understanding Your Leadership Style

1. Improve Your Communication

Understanding your leadership style will help you communicate better with the people around you. As communication can be a big barrier, with a leadership style quiz, you can understand your style and how to improve it. And when you become better at your style, you become more confident and can communicate properly. 

2. Better Work Environment

When you attend a leadership style quiz and understand your style, you will also understand a work environment that is ideal for you. You can even select a work environment where your style is the asset. For example, if you are looking for a job, knowing your leadership style will help you select the right organization and position. 

4. Handle Challenges More Effectively

Challenges happen in every situation in life and the way you handle them can have a huge impact on your success. Knowing your leadership style quiz can help you understand and tackle your challenges and also takes your attention to the place where you need improvement. 

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Different Types of Leadership Style Quizzes

1. Authoritarian Leadership (Autocratic)

Authoritarian leaders or autocratic leaders dictate other people and control the followers. With no or very little input from other people, they are the ones who make the decision. They clearly state the expectations of what needs to be done, when it should be done, and how people are supposed to do it.

This type of leadership works best when there is little time for decision-making or when the leader is the most talented and the most knowledgeable person in the group. It can also be good when the situation calls for rapid actions. It works well where strong, directive leadership is needed. 

Apart from the pros, there are also many cons of this leadership. As the leaders make decisions without consulting the group, other group members might dislike that they are unable to contribute ideas. Also, it might neglects or impairs the creative solution or expertise of subordinates. 

2. Participative Leadership (Democratic)

Participative leaders or democratic leaders offer guidance to the group of people and also allow input from the other group members. Here, even the group members are allowed to participate in decision making, ideas are exchanged freely and discussion is encouraged. As the decision is made by the input of many people, this type of leadership is one of the most effective leadership types.

As the group member has to discuss and not blindly follow what the leader is saying, they feel more engaged and motivated. Though the leaders retain the final say over the members, group members are highly encouraged to share their ideas. 

This type of leadership is more effective, higher productive, and has increased group morale. When the time is of essence or the roles are unclear, this type of leadership can lead to communication failures and incompleted projects.

3. Delegative Leadership (Laissez- Faire)

In delegative leadership, group members make more demands on the leaders, showed little or no cooperation, and are unable to work independently. Here the group leaders don’t offer any type of guidance to the group and leave decision-making on them only. 

If the team is highly skilled, experienced, and is capable of doing all the work on their own, this leadership might work. Since the group members have knowledge and expertise, they can accomplish the task with little or no guidance from the leader. 

Since this leadership demands on the skills of a group member, it doesn’t work in the situation where group members lack the knowledge and experience they need to complete tasks. Delegative leaders are often uninvolved or less involved which can lead to undefined roles. If there is no guidance, group members might not be clear about what they are supposed to do and how they are supposed to perform a task.

Other leadership styles

1. Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders are not only committed to helping the group achieve its goals but also to help group people to fulfill their potential. Leaders have a clear vision that they can articulate to the other group members. They serve as a role model for other group members. 

2. Transactional Leadership

In the transactional leadership style, the member of the group agrees to obey the leader. Here the follower completes the task given by the leader in the exchange for monetary compensation. In the transactional leadership style, rewards and punishments motivate the group members. 

3. Situational Leadership

A situational leader doesn’t follow a particular leadership style. They mold themselves with the type of leadership and strategies that are best suitable for the task. Since every situation can’t be the same and there can be different ways to handle a situation, the situational style of leadership avoids the downside of a single-style approach. Leaders consider the relationship with the group, level of maturity, and level of authority while taking a decision. 

How to Create a Leadership Style Quiz With QSM?

Quiz and Survey Master lets you make an amazing leadership style quiz for your WordPress site. You just need to follow few steps and you will be good to go.

  1. Download and install Quiz and Survey Master plugin to your WordPress site
  2. Create a new quiz
  3. Add questions to it
  4. Create a contact form
  5. Add text at various places
  6. Customize various options
  7. Create custom emails and results pages
  8. Add style

To generate leads, use these steps to make an indulging leadership style quiz for your audience. 


We hope this blog has helped you in creating and understanding a leadership style quiz in more depth. When you help your audience to know their leadership style and how they should practice it, you gain their loyalty, which even helps you generate more leads. 

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress quiz plugin with which you can easily create a leadership style quiz. It has various options and add-ons to make your work a lot easier. We recommend you to purchase a “QSM Pro Bundle” as it has many such useful addons for your service. 

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