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How to Grow Your Email List and Gain Subscribers Quickly?

Did you know that your email list is one of the most valuable assets for your business? And to grow your business and target a new audience, you need to grow your email list. Whenever someone talks about email marketing, they directly start talking about email copy, subject lines, and eye-catching CTA’s. But before that one thing they need to focus on is how to build an email list and how to grow your email list. 

Quiz and Survey Master is an amazing WordPress quiz plugin that helps you in making amazing quizzes and surveys for your website. You can add a contact form to grow your email database. This plugin has numerous options to optimize your quizzes and surveys. 

Read this blog to know about why you should have an email list and how to grow your email list.   

Benefits of Having Your Email List

1. Send Targeted and Personalized Emails

People subscribe to your email list because they might be interested in some service or some products. Your audience can have different interests like some people can be interested in your new products or some just want to get coupons for the next sale. So, an email list that consists of personal details like emails and personal interest, can help you segment your audience and let you send targeted emails

2. Build Credibility

Email from an unknown person with some weird subject line can feel like spam. For some customers, one particular product can catch their interest and make them purchase that. But for some others, that might not work and they might even unsubscribe from the list. Asking your user before subscribing to the mailing list with a checkbox will help them to know which mailing list they are subscribing for. 

3. Better Brand Recognition

With emails, it is very easy and cost-effective to build your brand identity. Constantly provide valuable content to your users and help them with their shopping experience with your website. With emails, you can even ask for feedback and can start a chat with your customers which will help in gaining customers’ loyalty, in turn building better brand recognition.

4. Increase Website Traffic

Email marketing is a very good way to generate more traffic to the website. In email campaigns, you can engage your users and then ask them to visit your website and purchase some product or service. 

For example, let’s assume your one user is interested in sales. Now when you send them mail about the sales and add FOMO to it, he/she is going to visit the website and can even buy that product or service.

5. Evergreen asset

In this fast-paced world, where anything can you up and down including social media, email remains constant. An email list doesn’t seem to be important on the surface but deep down when you grow your email list, you are building an asset for your business. This asset is going to give you profit even in the future. 

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Method to Grow Your Email List

1. With New Content

Create a small free lead-generation content like some free pdf or videos and host it on the landing page. When your users visit that pdf or video and try to download it, first ask them to give their mail and then let them download it. You can create some free tools with sign-up forms, for your users which add value to their life. 

2. Through Facebook

Make sure to have high-quality graphics that grab people’s attention and convenience them to give their email addresses for further updates. Without a CTA, a person will be lost on your page and will be more likely to leave it. So, add a clear CTA that tells people what they are supposed to do. Also, a CTA on your Facebook profile will make it a lot easier for your users to get to your website. 

Add content to your Facebook page that encourages your users to submit their email addresses. One of the best ways to do that is to conduct Quizzes and Surveys. Add sharing buttons on your Facebook pages to encourage your users to share it among their friend lists as well. 

3. Through YouTube

When you make a YouTube video promoting your product or service, add engagement features like end screens that have links to your website. As these links generate great engagement it is safe to say that you can even add a sign-up landing page for your website. 

You can capture leads by promoting the email newsletter in the header and images used on Youtube. Add links to your youtube video description as well. A youtube description speaks about your content very well. So it will be great if you promote your products or services and ask them to register their mail through youtube video description. 

4. Through Instagram

The first thing a person sees when they visit your Instagram page is your profile bio. Draw people’s attention to your website and email list via proper CTA. You need to attract your users with your bio. You can do that by explaining the value addition of a product to their life or the benefits of sign-up forms. 

On Instagram also, share a post that encourages users to take action and sign-up for the email list. Relevant posts can even encourage them to share them with their contacts.  

5. Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is again a very good platform to grow your email list. You can ask your viewers and followers to subscribe to your mailing list. By subscribing to the list, they will keep the conversation going and you can market your products and service to them. On LinkedIn also, you can post about your newsletter and can provide a direct link to your homepage. 

6. With a Partner

Partner website can help you grow your audience. Using this partner source, you can share sign-up forms and target new audiences. Creating content with the partner will split your work and will increase the audience which will benefit both the businesses. 

How QSM Can Help in Growing Your Email List?

Quiz and Survey Master is an amazing WordPress quiz plugin, using which you can create quizzes and surveys for your website. You can add a contact form to your quizzes and surveys for creating a database. Quiz and Survey Master also has various options to edit the contact form and optimize it. Using this plugin, embed these quizzes and surveys to the blogs and website to grow your email list.

Quiz and Survey Master also have various addons to keep track of your quizzes and surveys. A big email list can be hard to manage. So there are various useful addons which will help you in that, making your work several times easier. 


We hope this blog has helped you in getting some idea about how to grow your email list and why it is important. Creating an email list is just a first step of marketing, you also need to grow it with time to increase your sales and target new customers. By optimizing your email list, you will eventually improve your email performance metrics like open rates, click rates, conversion rates, and unsubscribe rates. 

Quiz and Survey Master is a great WordPress quiz plugin that has various options which will help you in getting customers’ information like name, email address, and phone number. Quiz and Survey Master also has an addon bundle that has various useful addons to optimize users’ experience. These addons save your time and value your money. 

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