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6 Best Quiz Maker WordPress Plugins in 2024

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Did you know that interactive content like quizzes is likely to generate up to twice the engagement rate than static content like articles, standalone infographics, or images? 

Major brands like BuzzFeed and The New York Times use quizzes to captivate their audience and boost site interaction.

According to RockContent, around 96% of BuzzFeed visitors not only commit to interactive content.

Experiences like personality quizzes but finish them, even going as far as leaving behind their information and valuable data.

Given these impressive statistics, it’s no surprise that more businesses are integrating quizzes into their websites.

You can also do the same. All you need is a good WordPress quiz plugin to help you create a quiz and embed it on your website.

So keep reading to learn about the best WordPress quiz plugins out there.

The Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

The main details are listed down below, but if you’re in a hurry here’s a quick list of all the plugins in no particular order.

1. Quiz and Survey Master Plugin


Known for its simple user interface and extensive features, the Quiz and Survey Master plugin is one of the best quiz makers in the range of WordPress quiz plugins

The plugin allows you to create a variety of quizzes from personality-type to knowledge-based quizzes and more, with multiple types of questions like radio grid, dropdown, fill-in-the-blanks, file upload, etc.

In addition, the plugin has the import option to select questions from the question bank directly.

You can also add visuals to your quiz through a featured image in questions and images, or videos in your questions and answers. 

Furthermore, if you want your quiz to interact with your audience on a personalized basis, then QSM comes with different levels of customization and specifically allows you to add custom result pages and email pages with template variables. 

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Benefits/Key Features of our Quiz Maker WordPress

  • You can secure online quizzes using user access login, restrict attempts, and user entries limit features
  • You can add time limits to quizzes and schedule dates to opt for the quiz.
  • It has interesting features like adding hints and comments, and in the case of using media in your questions, you can even set a custom image size.
  • You can customize your quiz by using custom messages in different scenarios. Like, add a custom welcome message or choose to add a message for limited attempts, and so on.
  • It supports LaTex and TeX, which can allow you to create interactive math quizzes using math formulas.
  • The plugin has great reporting and analysis functionality using premium features like reporting and analysis add-on, export and import add-on, Google Sheets connector add-on, etc.
  • It has a variety of email marketing integration add-ons like MailerLite, MailChimp, and MailPoet that can be helpful to use your quizzes for marketing strategies.

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2. Quiz Maker


If you are looking for a WordPress quiz maker for its responsive, customizable, and user-friendly interface design, then Quiz Maker might be your ideal choice.

Despite its obvious name choice, it has gathered the attention of 20k+ active users, to create unlimited quizzes, each with unlimited questions and answers of multiple types.

You can use the plugin to create any type of interactive quiz, or if you are inspired by the BuzzFeed quiz, you can do quizzes similar to it, like personality types, trivia quizzes, and IQ tests, using the plugin’s ready-to-use themes.

Besides, the plugin has great features like custom certificates, a live progress bar, randomization and shuffling of questions, flashcards, and more.

Benefits/Key Features of Quiz Maker

  • You can set time limits for the overall quiz and each question. Also, schedule the quiz in a desired timezone to activate your quiz for a certain time period.
  • The plugin allows you to set default and custom fields for data collections. It also comes with email marketing integrations that can help you generate leads.
  • The plugin allows you to display quiz results with responsive charts and quiz statistics on your website.
  • You can set passwords for all your quiz takers or single-usage passwords for individual users.
  • Quiz Maker comes with some powerful add-ons and integrations like ChatGPT integration, the Chained Quiz add-on, WooCommerce, Google Sheets, etc.

3. Opinion Stage [Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker Plugin]


Next on our list of the best quiz-maker WordPress plugins is Opinion Stage.

As the name suggests, this WordPress quiz plugin is a stage for creating engaging polls, surveys, quizzes, forms, and slideshows either from scratch without the need for coding or a quick start with AI.

It has hundreds of templates for your various use cases to create a quiz.

Whether you want to create a personality quiz or lead generation quiz for your website, or you want to get user opinions through image polls, Opinion Stage has it all.

You can choose between a variety of formats, like standard text, single- or multiple-page layouts, and question types, to make your quiz flow.

In addition, you can customize the aesthetics of your quiz through fonts, text color, and themes. Also, you can use custom CSS to change design aspects.

Benefits/Key Features of Opinion Stage

  • You can have real-time automatic visual reports, including the number of times a quiz was viewed, started, and completed. Plus, how long people stayed, and where they dropped off.
  • The plugin allows you to embed your quiz on any CMS or HTML web page, or add it to a landing page on the plugin’s site. 
  • It provides a secure and safe environment for conducting your quizzes. All data they store is on secure Amazon AWS servers.
  • It also has native integrations with popular tools like Slack, Salesforce, MailChimp, and more.
  • You get the benefit of functionalities like smart logic, exporting results to CSV/XLS files, adding CTAs, and randomizing answer orders.

4. Formidable Forms


True to its name, Formidable Forms is the most powerful WordPress form builder plugin.

It also lets you create interactive quizzes for your website. With drag-and-drop, tons of form fields, and extensive customization options, you can create any type of interactive content.

Online quizzes, surveys, polls, and product recommendation quizzes — Formidable Forms does it all.

The plugin comes with conditional logic to turn your basic form into smart forms or quizzes. 

Plus, the quiz aesthetics can be transformed using a visual form styler that can help you change form colors, borders, and more without any code.

The plugin gives you the option to build responsive form layouts that fit perfectly with your theme.

Benefits/Key Features of Formidable Forms

  • Schedule forms and limit responses to automatically active your quizzes
  • Display your quiz data in as interactive format as you create content for your website using pie charts, bar charts, bubble charts, etc
  • It gives you the full control over what happens after submission of a quiz – show a perfect message or page
  • You can easily import and export forms, entries, views, and styles.
  • Create multi-page forms with progress bar with autosave.
  • The plugin comes with top email, automation, and CRM integrations like API Webhooks, Zapier, Advanced custom fields, etc.

5. Riddle Quiz Maker


Just a download away, and you’ve got the best way to engage your customers with the Riddle plugin.

If you want to make your quiz creation super easy, then this is an ideal solution.

It gives you the flexibility to create 15 types of quizzes, surveys, polls, and lists.

Built with privacy in mind, it provides excellent accessibility and data privacy with GDPR compliance.

You can easily create and embed your mobile-friendly quizzes. Plus, it lets you match your brand’s style with 75+ customization options and CSS.

You can give your quiz a hand-tailored experience with the help of the plugin’s branching logic feature, animated GIFs, audios, and videos.

Create and publish your interactive quiz on any site, from Wix to WordPress, No complicated code, only easy embedding.

Benefits/Key Features of Riddle

  • Create viral contests and giveaways using your quizzes to increase your user engagement.
  • Create and collaborate your projects with teams with login and access rights.
  • It comes with 100% white-labelled, you can add your logo and hide Riddle branding
  • You can use quiz to increase website traffic and then track and retarget conversions using Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, etc

6. ARI Stream Quiz


The last plugin from our best quiz maker WordPress plugins list is ARI Stream Quiz.

It is a great plugin to create responsive and viral quizzes like trivia and personality types that you can encourage users to share via popular social networks.

Furthermore, the plugin offers you to add media content in your quiz and HTML code in questions.

You get no limits in creating quizzes, each with unlimited number of questions and answers.

Benefits/Key Features of ARI Stream Quiz

  • You can use the plugin to collect leads, like names and emails of quiz takers. It comes with integrations like Zapier, ActiveCampaign, etc.
  • Add questions in random order and shuffle answers
  • You can export results to CSV or show results statistics
  • You can create multi-pages layout 

Which WordPress Quiz Plugin is Right for You?

Choosing the right or even the best WordPress quiz plugin is crucial when you want it to look right for your brand but also have built-in features that you can use every day. 

Among the many options, we say the Quiz and Survey Master plugin is the best to create professional quizzes with its user-friendly interface that makes it easy to design and share quizzes.

It is also a bit budget-friendly, as it provides extensive features to create a quiz for free.

In addition, with premium features, you can go above and beyond to create excellent quizzes.

While Quiz and Survey Master excel in many areas, you might also consider other plugins based on your specific requirements:

  • If you want to create advanced online forms, then Formidable Forms is a great choice for you. 
  • Or those who look for creating BuzzFeed-style quizzes, then you can look for the Quiz Maker plugin.

Ultimately, Quiz and Survey Master is a top recommendation for most users due to its balance of features, ease of use, and flexibility.

It’s a powerful tool that can cater to both simple and sophisticated quiz needs, making it a valuable addition to your WordPress toolkit.

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