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How to create an Online Exam or Quiz during COVID-19

Coronavirus aka. COVID-19 has affected millions around the globe spreading beyond geographical boundaries. And the year 2020 will be remembered as it is going to change our take on the future. Most of the countries are affected by this pandemic and it will take longer for things to get normal.

The truth is even scientists can’t predict things turning to normal soon, but one thing is for sure it will have a major impact on our habits and the way we live. Don’t mind, if Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers are made compulsory by the government for the public in the coming years.

As, some initial tests have shown positive results for the Coronavirus Vaccine but till the time the testing is fully completed and made ready for the public it’s gonna take months. Most of the businesses are shut and employees are working from home.

quiz and survey master wordpress plugin

Many offline businesses have had losses and have joined the race to turn their business online, Governments too now promote digital payments and offer subsidies for fully going digital. It’s clear having an online presence is better at the time of crises and help you stay alive and earn for a living.

This crisis situation should be taken as an opportunity to try new things and get yourself used to online mediums. Lots of Institutions and Schools have turned their lectures and exams online. Making it easy and efficient for the Millenials to attend at the comfort of their home.

But for the teachers, it can be a headache as most of them are not used to the technology and unaware of the benefits or maybe they are reluctant to the online world.

You can create exciting quizzes and online exams to engage students and other professionals making the utmost utilization of their time with learning new things. Quiz and Survey Master helps you do just that.

QSM homepage wordpress plugin ef154191773df6aecddf0e03f6d91f5b 800

The most easiest way to Create a Quiz or an Online Exam is with WordPress. WordPress is a Publishing Platform that can be used to create Blogs and Websites. Making an online exam and survey is very simple with the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin. The most important thing is that it is free.

Quiz and Survey Master is a Plugin that helps you to create Quizzes and Surveys in WordPress and lets you record the response and also notify the user with their results.

If you have a WordPress Website, then you can easily start creating a quiz with QSM Plugin here is a Quick Start Guide for installing and setting up your first quiz.

Here are some of the screenshot which shows our WordPress quiz plugin in action

Quiz Survey master wordpress plugin 1

After the user attempts and submits the Quiz, they get to see the below image.

Quiz Survey master wordpress plugin answers b4bf28de3bef8829e1385683e1e098eb 800

Likewise, you can create a quiz of any Category be it Technology, Science, Commerce, History, Psychology, General Knowledge, etc. There are endless possibilities for creating Quizzes with QSM.

With Quiz and Survey Master you can create all types of online tests/exams it comes with Question Types like Multiple Choice Questions, File Upload, Date, Horizontal Multiple Choice, Drop Down, Small Open Answer, Multiple Response, Large Open Answer, Text/HTML, Number, Accept, Captcha, Horizontal Multiple Response, Fill in the Blank and Polar(Slider).

With these many Question Types you can easily create an Online Exam with multiple Questions and display them Category wise or make them appear randomly.

It also has a Timer Function that alerts the user of the time left to submit the exam or if you want you can automatically set the exam to auto-submit once the set time is up.

QSM online exam wordpress b4bf28de3bef8829e1385683e1e098eb 800

Other than Quiz and Survey Master Standard Plugin, There are some Paid Addons in simple words they are the Premium Features that will help you customize the Quiz/Exam and add more functionality to it. These Addons are sold separately by QSM or if you need more than one you buy them all as a Bundle.

Premium Addons like Advanced Timer, Advance Leaderboard, Certificate, will help you to enhance the Online Quiz/Exam by adding more features to it.

  • Advanced Timer Addon helps create Quizzes that are timer-based and let the users be aware of the time left while attempting the Quiz so that they can finish it before the elapsed time. Here is a Demo of Advanced Timer Plugin.
Advanced timer addon QSM Wordpress b4bf28de3bef8829e1385683e1e098eb 800
  • Advanced Leaderboard Addon helps to display the Quiz/Exam results in Graph or with a Table Format. Details like the Rank, User Name, Points Score, Correct Score, Time Taken, Correct Answer Score are shown to the user at the end after they submit the Quiz.
qsm laederboard wordpress abe89ffbcd6147d3d62247d01c69cdb6 800
  • Certificate Addon gives you the option of creating a certificate for users who pass your quizzes or tests, you can customize the title of your certificate, its message, a background, and also add a logo of your choice.
QSM Certificate Wordpress plugin 2 abe89ffbcd6147d3d62247d01c69cdb6 800

You can visit the How-To Section of Quiz and Survey Master for more information on Quiz/Survey creation and to get some ideas for your upcoming quiz.

Do stay connected and comment down below and share your thoughts on the latest developments on the Quiz you are working on.

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