How to create a Quiz with Random Questions?

You want to create a quiz that asks random questions to the user from a pool of questions. Just like this?

Asking random questions makes the quiz/survey more interesting and also makes the test less boring when you allow the user to attempt the quiz/survey multiple times and especially when the test is long. 

There can be many reasons you would want the quiz to be with random or with limited questions. To create a quiz/survey that asks random questions to a user is very simple with the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin.

To start you need to create a quiz first, head on to the WordPress sidebar Quizzes/Surveys section and create a new quiz with the name of your choice.

Click on Edit and then on Create New Page in the Questions Tab. You can add as many questions and answers as needed depending on the question types you use. But in this Quiz we are going to ask the questions randomly and the quiz will be limited to 5 questions.

Though the amount of questions we create can be any number but limiting the questions as per need can be helpful at times.

Next, in the Contact tab you can configure the quiz to ask the name and other details about the user attempting the quiz. Again, it totally depends on what kind of quiz you are setting up. I’m going to settle with the Name and Email fields.

In the text tab we can configure what Text is to be displayed to the user at the beginning and at the end of the quiz. We aren’t making many changes in this tab just need to remove the non-required variable from %QUESTIONS_ANSWERS% Text and go with the below-depicted configuration.

In the Options tab, make sure you select the graded system as this is a points-based quiz I’m going to select Points as the graded system.

Limit the questions to be asked in the quiz to any number you want in the How many questions should be loaded for quiz? field. I’m going to display 5 questions and so writing 5 into the text field.

I want the questions to be randomly asked and hence selecting Random Questions in the Are the questions random? menu. Do check out all the options and use them as per your need.

That’s all we needed in the Options tab, hit the save button and move to the Results Page tab.

In the results page, we need to add %USER_NAME%, %POINT_SCORE% and %AMOUNT_CORRECT% and remove the unwanted variables as displayed in the above image. Hit the Save button and you’re Random Questions Quiz is ready.

final random

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Try Quiz and Survey Master

QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes and Surveys on your WordPress Website