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QSM Checkbox Grid

QSM Checkbox Grid is a Pro Question Type that comes included with the Advanced Question Types Addon. The checkbox grid is similar to the Radio grid with the only difference being a user can choose between multiple options in the given quiz/survey against the set parameters in rows & columns.

Here a user can tick multiple checkboxes against the set parameters on rows and columns. And, can select multiple answers too.

qsm checkbox grid

To create a quiz/survey using the checkbox grid question type you first need to select the question type as Checkbox Grid. Next, add the answers as rows and columns. Select as many as rows you want with the corresponding columns.

To make sure users answer all the questions, you can make the individual questions as required and even make the responses of individual rows compulsory by checking the “Require all rows” checkbox.

In this demo, We’ve created a Checkbox Grid that would take input from the user for purchasing a new car. Here, we’ve added 4 rows and 4 Columns. The rows represent the factors to be judged and the columns represent the values the user will provide. You can even allocate points to the answers.

Now, after making this quiz/survey live the user can select multiple answer options from the grid, the answer will then be stored and the points associated with the answer be released.

This is what the final output will look like:

Checkbox Grid in Action

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