The Ultimate Guide to Online Quiz Proctoring in WordPress

Online quiz proctoring is crucial for maintaining the integrity of online exams in modern education. It utilizes technology to monitor exams remotely, mirroring the traditional in-person proctoring experience. With the growing popularity of online education, the demand for secure proctoring solutions has increased to ensure fair evaluation and uphold academic standards.

In response to the rising trend of online exams/quizzes, institutions or organizations are seeking robust proctoring solutions to restrain cheating. That’s where online quiz proctor plugins come in handy for WordPress quizzes/exams.

One popular plugin is our Quiz and Survey Master (QSM), which has a feature to help with online quiz monitoring. In this article, we’ll show you how to implement an online proctor in your quiz using this plugin and some of the use cases and best practices.

How Does Online Quiz Proctoring Works in QSM?

QSM stands out as one of the top online quiz plugins for WordPress, thanks to its user-friendly interface and handy add-ons like Quiz Proctor.

Using online proctoring in your quizzes is similar to traditional invigilation, but setting up the Quiz Proctor addon in QSM is straightforward.

To set up QSM’s Quiz Proctor addon on your WordPress site, start by installing the plugin. Then, create your quiz with QSM and navigate to the Quiz Proctor settings under the Add-ons tab.

1. Here’s how the user can set up a quiz proctor;

  • Starting with, configure camera settings to allow snapshots at intervals during the quiz. Or you can just allow the quiz to operate without camera access from the participants’ end.
  • Next, you can enable full-screen detection to prevent participants from exiting full-screen mode, with customizable warning popups.
  • After that, you can activate tab-switching detection and disable copy-paste functions from other sources to prevent cheating.

And that’s how you can add an online proctor to your quiz. Once the quiz is live and you get the submissions, you can view detailed proctor reports for each participant on the result page, including quiz-taker details, completion time, and tracking reports.


2. Instructions for participants;

When the quiz becomes available to participants, they must adhere to the instructions provided by the user as they begin taking the quiz.

  • If the examiner has enabled the camera snapshot, you must allow the system to access your camera to proceed with the quiz. Failure to do so may prevent access to the quiz.
  • Next, to prevent cheating detection in the report, you must keep your quiz webpage in full-screen mode. Failure to do so will prompt a warning message to resume the quiz in full-screen mode, or you may not be able to proceed with the quiz.
  • Likewise, if tab detection is enabled, you will receive a warning message advising against tab switching while taking the quiz.

To know more about the process and features of Quiz Proctor Addon in QSM, you can refer to our documentation – Quiz Proctor Documentation

Benefits of Using QSM’s Quiz Proctor Addon 

1. Copy/Paste Prevention

When you’re taking online quizzes or tests, a common strategy is to swiftly copy and paste content from various sources. But with QSM’s Quiz Proctor Addon, you can have the advantage of stopping quiz-takers from copying and pasting from external sources into their quiz window. This crucial anti-cheating feature isn’t found in every proctoring plugin or tool.

2. In-depth Reporting

If you are using an online proctor to monitor any cheating taking place, then it is essential to have a way to track every quiz-takers performance during the quiz and identify any violations to ensure the integrity and reliability of the participants’ responses. You can track every quiz violation through the proctor report, which provides comprehensive information about the quiz-taker, the number of violations captured, and the frequency of each reported violation, along with details on the time spent on the quiz.

3. Better Assessment Security

Having enhanced security over online assessments gives credibility to the evaluation process. Quiz Proctor add-on improves security through its continuous monitoring or tracking of the quiz through real-time image capturing. It allows you to capture snapshots of your quiz-takers in intervals so that you have a better identification of any malicious activities. Besides that, QSM tracks tab-switching and full-screen detection for secure assessment.

4. Customizable Proctor Settings

Quiz Proctor addon provides flexibility and customization choices to users setting up the proctoring in their quizzes/exams. They can adjust the level of security criteria to meet the specific requirements of their quizzes. Like, you can set at what time interval you need the camera to take snapshots of the participants. Or you can customize the warning title or message of the popup that will be shown if participants don’t follow the proctoring guidelines.

Use Cases for Online Quiz Proctoring

1. Minimized Difficulty in Administering Online Entrance Exams

Online proctoring helps educational institutions conduct entrance exams efficiently and securely. It eliminates the need for physical exam centers, administrative tasks, and onsite invigilation. This is especially helpful in today’s remote and hybrid learning setups, providing a convenient way to assess prospective students. 

Additionally, for critical exams like certifications or licenses, maintaining test security is crucial. Online proctoring ensures a secure testing environment by remotely monitoring test-takers, guaranteeing the integrity of the assessment process.

2. Efficient Employee Evaluation

Online proctoring is valuable for employment assessments, especially during remote hiring processes. Employers can set up the test with an online proctor in WordPress, invite the candidates to take the test, and provide them with the necessary instructions and guidelines.

This helps organizations make informed hiring decisions by assessing candidates’ skills and competencies accurately, regardless of their location.

3. Preventing Cheating in Online Exams

The primary scenario where online quiz proctoring proves highly advantageous is in conducting online exams while ensuring integrity by preventing cheating. Especially with the increase in remote learning, students might cheat by using unauthorized resources.

Quiz Proctor addon can detect and stop cheating behaviors like copying answers, using external resources, or communicating with others during the exam. This helps maintain fairness and academic honesty, ensuring students are evaluated based on their knowledge and skills. 


We hope this article helped you understand why it’s important to use online proctoring for quizzes and how QSM’s Quiz Proctor add-on can help WordPress users. If you’re interested, you can also read our blog about the advantages of online quiz proctoring.

Feel free to check out our QSM plugin and Quiz Proctor add-on if you found this article helpful and want to use online quiz proctor in your learning setup.

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