6 Affordable Online Exam Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Are you looking for some budget-friendly online exam plugins for WordPress?

No doubt, choosing an affordable WordPress plugin for creating exams or quizzes can feel overwhelming. You have so many options, each with its own set of benefits and pricing range.

I want to help make this process easier for you. So in this guide, I’ll discuss some of the affordable online exam WordPress plugin options that can be great for you to try and create online exams and quizzes.

PluginsPriceFree Version
1. Quiz and Survey Master Pluginstarts at $199/year
2. HD QuizFree
3. Quiz Makerstarts at $59
4. Watu Quizstarts at $47/year
5. Quiz Catstarts at $69/year
6. Opinion Stagestarts at $300/year

1. Quiz and Survey Master Plugin


The first in the list of affordable options for the WordPress exam plugin is our freemium Quiz and Survey Master plugin. It is, in a true sense, a master at creating any exam/quiz, with diverse question types ranging from multiple choice to matching pairs and more, all within a user-friendly interface.

Plus, it comes with options like, correct answers, comments, and hints boxes, and it also comes with an in-built timer to add to your exams. 

Speaking of the timer feature, the QSM plugin also has an advanced timer add-on that allows you to add a timer on specific pages, a stop timer button, and different timer styles. It comes as part of the paid plans or QSM bundles. 

Besides the timer, you can also utilize the benefit of online proctoring with the Quiz Proctor add-on, which offers you the advantage of restricting malicious activities like copy-pasting from different sources, switching between tabs, or existing full-screen.

Other notable features of our plugin are the ability to randomize questions and answers, exporting & importing of exams, and the creation of multipage quizzes or exams as needed.

During multipage exams, users can track their progress with the built-in progress bar feature, providing a clear indication of completion status. For those looking to add an extra layer of engagement, Certificates and Leaderboard add-ons are available to recognize achievements and add competition among users.

Furthermore, QSM allows users to customize result pages and emails based on individual scores, adding a personal touch to the exam experience.

2. HD Quiz


HD Quiz is a free WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of creating quizzes. With its user-friendly interface, you can craft unlimited quizzes with as many questions and answers as you need.

One standout feature is the ability to include GIF images in your quiz, making it more interactive and enjoyable. Additionally, you can add featured images and tooltips to provide hints for each question, contributing to a dynamic quiz experience.

The plugin also offers handy features like timers for each quiz and question, randomized questions and answers, social sharing options, and scoring. Overall, HD Quiz is an easy and fun way to create engaging quizzes that are accessible and responsive. 

3. Quiz Maker


Next, we have Quiz Maker yet another cost-effective online exam plugin worth considering. Its free version offers a quick and easy solution for creating exams.

With Quiz Maker, you can design online exams featuring various question types, including radio, checkbox, matching, dropdown, or text. For advanced functionality, the pro version allows for the addition of question tags and custom fields for user data collection.

Moreover, Quiz Maker offers features such as timers for tests, customizable certificates, and the ability to schedule exams. Test takers can receive personalized result pages based on their scores, or administrators can opt to send result reports via email.

To enhance security, Quiz Maker includes content copy protection to prevent test takers from copying questions into search engines. Additionally, quizzes and exams can be password-protected to restrict unauthorized access to content.

4. Watu Quiz


Watu Quiz stands out as a responsive, versatile, and user-friendly exam plugin for WordPress. It allows users to effortlessly create exams, surveys, and quizzes, with results displayed at the conclusion of each test.

Despite its simple design, Watu Quiz delivers effective results on the front end. Users have access to various question types, including single-choice, essay, and multiple-choice, among others. 

Additionally, the plugin offers the option to randomize questions or pull them from a predefined pool. One notable feature is the ability to calculate quiz grades based on points, percentage of correct answers, or percentage of maximum points. 

Watu Quiz also includes social sharing buttons, enabling participants to share their quiz results on popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, a premium version of the plugin is available, offering additional features such as reports, data analysis, student logins, and more. 

Overall, Watu Quiz provides a reliable solution for creating and managing quizzes on WordPress websites.

5. Quiz Cat

exam wordpress plugin quiz cat 1

Quiz Cat is a responsive and user-friendly WordPress plugin designed to facilitate the creation of engaging and entertaining quizzes with ease. It prides itself on being a fast and lightweight solution for quiz creation.

With Quiz Cat, users can enjoy basic customization features and a clean interface. The plugin offers functionalities such as answer shuffling, restart quiz options, and multilingual quiz capabilities.

It allows for the creation of unlimited quizzes, including knowledge quizzes, personality tests, and weighted quizzes, catering to diverse user preferences and engagement objectives.

Each quiz generated by Quiz Cat comes with a shortcode, making it easy to place anywhere on your WordPress site or within a page builder. 

Additionally, Quiz Cat offers premium features like integrations with email marketing platforms, spreadsheet exporting, and Facebook pixel integration, enhancing its functionality and versatility.

6. Opinion Stage


Concluding our list, the free Opinion Stage online exam plugin offers a comprehensive solution for creating visually appealing and engaging exam content. With unlimited questions, various question types, and free templates, users have the flexibility to create exams tailored to their specific needs.

The plugin has a user-friendly interface and customizable design options, such as fonts, colors, and quiz box sizes, allowing you to create interactive quizzes & exams effortlessly.

Furthermore, Opinion Stage supports various media types, including images and videos, allowing for enhanced customization through custom CSS. Opinion Stage lets you create smart and interactive online exams with features like skip logic, randomizing answer options, and support for over 40 languages. 

Moreover, the plugin provides real-time automatic visual reports, including result, drop-off, and performance reports, for comprehensive analytics. It’s important to note that an Opinion Stage account is required to use this plugin. 

In the End

When considering budget-friendly online exam plugins for WordPress, a range of options exist to suit various needs. They all offer unique features and functionalities, catering to diverse preferences. 

However, for users seeking a comprehensive solution with advanced features and cost-effective pricing, our online exam plugin Quiz and Survey Master emerges as the standout choice. 

With its intuitive interface, extensive range of add-ons including advanced timer features and online proctoring capabilities, QSM provides educators and businesses with a robust platform for exam creation and management. 

Note – QSM bundles offer significant cost savings, up to 95%, compared to purchasing individual add-ons, making it an attractive option for those looking for affordability without compromising on quality and functionality.

Try Quiz and Survey Master

QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes & Surveys with no cap on questions or answers, helping you to take control of your website’s interactive elements.

Try Quiz and Survey Master

QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes and Surveys on your WordPress Website