Display flashcards for users to share information, learn, and interact with. Simply flip the card, judge, and decide whether it is correct or incorrect based on the question.

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics addon helps in tracking quiz and survey submissions and deliver custom events when visitors complete your quizzes and surveys.

Export & Import

The Export Import addon simplifies transferring quizzes and surveys between websites. Allowing export/import entire quizzes, individual questions, or specific settings. Formats like JSON and CSV are available for export, easing bulk edits.

Summary Emails

Replace the frequent emails concerning individual quiz completions. Receive emails that offer a summary of all the outcomes over the course of a day or a week with the summary emails addons.


You can use the Logic addon to add logic and conditions to your quizzes and surveys. Displaying questions based on the user’s reaction humanizes your quizzes.

Drip Integration

Grow your mailing list with quizzes and surveys, and create user-friendly drip email courses and feature-rich marketing automation

Landing Page

Send the user to a simple landing page with just the survey or quiz to guarantee that the form is completed without distraction.

ConvertKit Integration

ConvertKit can help you grow your mailing list with quizzes and surveys by establishing straight forward drip email sequences and strong marketing automation.