Are you looking for a way to create engaging and interactive quizzes with images as answers? Look no further than Pixel.

Impress your audience with eye-catching images, beautifully formatted answer options, and unique design elements that enhance user engagement. 

Pixel is the perfect theme for anyone looking to create visually appealing quizzes and surveys. With the ability to use images as answers, your quizzes and surveys will not only be more engaging but also easier for users to answer.

Pixel Theme
Pixel Showcase

More Highlights

Images at Centerstage

One of the highlights of the pixel theme is its ability to display image answers of custom sizes with Multiple Choice (Horizontal & Vertical) and Vertical Multiple Response Question Types. This means that you can create visually stunning quizzes and surveys that will engage and delight your users. 

Easy Pagination

With Pixel Theme’s beautiful navigation, your users will always know exactly what page they are currently on out of the total number of pages. This helps to keep them engaged and motivated to complete your quizzes and surveys.

Easy Progress Tracking

The QSM Pixel theme has a dynamic progress bar with a simple pointer at the top of your question. This makes it easy for quiz takers to have visual cues regarding quiz progress. Easy Pagination helps even more & assists the user to know his progress & take informed decisions.

Customization Options

With the QSM Pixel theme, you have complete control over the appearance of your quizzes and surveys. Easily change the appearance of the progress bar, buttons, and answers, or even the background image to match your overall website’s color scheme.

Pixel Theme Settings

License & Documentation

QSM Pixel theme is compatible with QSM v8.0.9 and higher, it comes with a 1-year License & updates.

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Version: 1.1.0

Last Update: February 13, 2023

Released: February 2, 2023