Advanced Assessment

The Advanced Assessment Addon is a powerful tool designed to simplify the process of creating and analyzing assessments such as personality quizzes and psychometric tests. With this tool, creators can make quizzes or assessments that give unique results based on how people answer.

Why Advanced Assessment for Your Quizzes

Imagine you want to engage your audience with a fun personality quiz to discover more about themselves. With the Advanced Assessment Addon, this becomes effortless. Here’s how:

1. Assigning Labels to Answer Options

You can assign unique labels to each answer option, which makes the assessment easy. For example, you can label options as “Extrovert,” “Ambivert,” or “Introvert,” reflecting different personality traits. This labelling allows you to categorize responses based on the choices made by your quiz takers.

Advanced Assessment

2. Versatile Question Types

This addon works well with question types like multiple-choice, multi-response, and drop-down questions and ensures flexibility in quiz creation. Whether it’s personality assessments, educational quizzes, or market research surveys, you can use multiple question types to suit your content.

3. Personalized Results Pages

You can show unique results pages based on the quiz taker’s responses counting as per the number of answers, labels, or points after the quiz submission.

Let’s say your quiz participant selects answers aligned with Extrovert personality in most of the questions. With the addon, you can set up a customized results page that highlights their adventurous spirit, providing insights and recommendations tailored to their personality. 

4. Show Visual Analysis of Data in Results

The addon comes with a powerful data analysis feature, allowing you to display response patterns and trends on the result page. You can show the distribution of responses using charts and tables, giving a comprehensive view of the quiz data to the participants.

5. Customization Options

To personalize the results or email that matches uniquely for all the participants, you can use the template variables of Advanced Assessment that help you show unique assessment data to the respondents.

The Advanced Assessment Addon offers deep insights into participants’ preferences, traits, or skills for personalized feedback. It’s easy to use without any coding skills needed. Install, enable, and create amazing assessments for higher engagement and satisfaction.

Use Cases

  • Personality Quiz:
    A lifestyle blogger can use Advanced Assessment to create a personality quiz that helps readers discover their unique personality traits, resulting in increased website traffic and engagement.
  • Psychometric Assessment:
    A mental health professional utilizes the addon to design a psychometric test that provides insights into respondent mental well-being, facilitating personalized recommendations and support.
  • Educational Quizzes:
    A teacher creates quizzes for students to assess their understanding of course material. By tailoring results based on student responses, the teacher can identify areas of strength and weakness, allowing for targeted intervention and support.
  • Career Aptitude Tests:
    A career counsellor utilizes the addon to develop aptitude tests for clients seeking guidance in their career paths. By analyzing respondent choices, the counsellor can offer personalized career recommendations aligned with individual strengths and interests.
  • Product Recommendation Quizzes:
    An e-commerce retailer creates quizzes to help customers discover products tailored to their preferences. By customizing results based on respondent input, the retailer enhances the shopping experience and increases customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
  • Health and Wellness Assessments:
    A wellness coach designs assessments to evaluate client health and wellness goals. By collecting data on respondent’s lifestyle choices and habits, the coach can provide personalized recommendations for improving overall well-being.
  • Market Research Surveys:
    A marketing firm utilizes quizzes to gather consumer insights and preferences for product development. By analyzing respondent feedback, the firm can identify market trends and opportunities, informing strategic decision-making and marketing campaigns.

Take Your Assessments to the Next Level

Experience the power of personalized insights with the Advanced Assessment Addon. Seamlessly integrate it into QSM on WordPress and elevate your quiz creation process. Try it today and unlock the potential of personalized quizzes!

License Terms & Documentation

The add-on includes one year of support and updates. Access the license terms and documentation for more details.


Version: 1.0.1

Last Update: March 28, 2024

Released: March 28, 2024