Top 5 Affordable Solutions for Online Quiz Proctoring

Are you looking for the most affordable solutions for online quiz proctoring?

Online quiz proctoring enables you to monitor and supervise online exams and quizzes to maintain academic integrity and prevent cheating. It uses specialized software to observe students when they take tests remotely. 

These tests are recorded using personal computers, laptops, mouse, keyboard, and microphone.

There are plenty of online quiz proctoring solutions but not all of them are affordable. Here’s our list of affordable solutions for online quiz proctoring. 

Best Affordable Solutions for Online Quiz Proctoring

Our team has tested and tried different solutions and curated this list. The list has the most affordable and high-quality online quiz proctoring options. 

1. Quiz Proctor

Quiz Proctor - Affordable Solutions for Online Quiz Proctoring

Quiz Proctor is the best premium affordable solution for online quiz proctoring. It ensures that all your online assessments are fair and have security measures within. Quiz Proctor is one of the most trusted virtual assistants for online quizzes. 

It allows you to conduct fair and secure tests. The plugin ensures that there is no cheating in the quiz. It enables capturing images, limited tabs on the monitor, and more! Quiz Proctor is the best solution to maintain the integrity of online assessments. It is a perfect solution for teachers, educators, and bloggers looking forward to the affordable solution. 

Major Features of Quiz Proctor: 

  • Prevent cheating with content protection
  • Capture real-time insights with image capture
  • Complete focus with full-screen mode
  • Track tab switching option
  • Wide customization option


Quiz Proctor is available for assistance starting at $59 per site. It has three different pricing and plans: 

  • Personal: $59 for 1 site
  • Business: $119 for 2-5 sites
  • Developer: $149 for unlimited sites

2. Honorlock

    Honorlock - Affordable Solutions for Online Quiz Proctoring

    Honorlock is the best proctoring service with AI assistance, offering live proctoring and 24/7 support. It is designed and developed to protect the exam’s integrity by supporting test takers from start to finish. It provides a wide range of solutions to ensure fair performance, like live proctoring and AI, live support, detection of cell phones and other devices, blockage of AI Tools, protection of exam content, and more. 

    Honorlock is suitable for all professionals! Whether you’re a high school institution looking to conduct a secure online exam or an LMS looking for certifications and licensure exams, Honorlock offers the best services. Get Honorlock – affordable solutions for online quiz proctoring. 

    Major Features of Honorlock: 

    • AI proctoring software to monitor exams
    • No exam schedule because the service is available 24/7
    • Cell phone detection
    • Blockage of AI tools during exams Automatically searches the web for your leaked exam content
    • Secure LMS integration


    The price of Honorlock varies on the features, support or training required, and customization requests. The standard pricing is $4.45 for one exam. 

    3. Talview

    Talview - Affordable Solutions for Online Quiz Proctoring

    Talview is an affordable AI-powered interviewing and proctoring platform trusted by many individuals, educational institutions, and companies to conduct live interviews, exams, quizzes, and more. It offers the experience of simplicity with live video interviews. It uses a proxy to identify the candidates and ensure that the exam or interview is done fairly. 

    Talview has performed over ten million interviews and exams with over 250,000+ happy recruiters and exam administrators. The solution has been used in over 120+ countries to conduct exams. It offers video interviews, live interview rooms, assessments, online coding tests, interview insights, remote proctoring, and more. With its enhanced features and functionalities, Talview is an affordable solutions for online quiz proctoring. 

    Major Features of Talview: 

    • Advanced AI proctoring to ensure assessment integrity
    • Worldwide service accommodating candidates across diverse locations
    • Cost-efficient monitoring options
    • Candidate verification tool to prevent proxy test takers
    • Candidate verification and automated AI proctoring
    • Works on low bandwidth without compromising on features


    Talview pricing varies on the features selected. You can reach out to them and request your service to get a price quote. 

    4. Meazure Learning

    Meazure Learning - Affordable Solutions for Online Quiz Proctoring

    Meazure Learning is an innovative solution changing how people take online assessments, interviews, and tests. It delivers proctor services to analyze higher education and credentialing exams. It is an effective solution for online quiz proctoring that offers test owners and test-takers the human expertise and software they might be looking for. It helps improve performance outcomes, achieve goals, and save valuable resources. 

    Meazure Learning takes time to understand the function of your exam program and deliver services according to your needs. It has scale technology designed with all businesses in mind. It offers various options like exam blueprinting, item banking, automated item generation, candidate management, exam regulation, scheduling, and more. With Meazure Learning, you have a tailored solution for all market needs. 

    Major Features of Meazure Learning: 

    • Proctor platform to ensure fairness and security
    • Offers exam platform to perform successful exams and tests
    • Helps connect candidates with potential talent
    • Automated item generation Remote exam proctoring feature


    Meazure Learning’s price differs on the service you select. YOu can visit their website and enlist the services you need to get the quoted price. 

    5. Proctorio

    Proctorio - Affordable Solutions for Online Quiz Proctoring

    Proctorio is one of the most affordable solutions for online quiz proctoring, which views each proctored exam online or in person. It is a step closer for learners to achieve their academic and career goals. The platform is designed and developed to make proctored assessments accessible to anyone, at any time, anywhere. 

    Proctorio ensures that a secure exam takes place with its reputable proctoring features. It requires identity verification, performing plagiarism, content protection, and more. Proctorio encrypts the collected exam recording and ensures that it is not accessible by anyone other than the test takers and institutions. It is designed with test-taker privacy in mind. 

    Major Features of Proctorio:

    • Only institution-approved representatives to decrypt the screen, video, and audio
    • 24/7/365 support
    • Offers live or automated proctoring with no scheduling required
    • Limitless scalability
    • Accessible across the globe


    Proctorio charges are based on the service and features selected. 

    Wrapping Up

    With these affordable solutions for online quiz proctoring, educators, trainers, and organizations can ensure that their exams are safeguarded with cutting-edge technology and active support.

    These proctoring solutions offer a creative approach to exam integrity by combining AI-driven solutions with live proctoring and round-the-clock assistance. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can select the proctoring solution that suits you best.

    Among all these online quiz proctoring tools Quiz Proctor add-on is the most suitable solution due to its versatility. This add-on lets you take fair online assessments with amazing security. Get started with this most trusted and affordable solutions for online quiz proctoring!

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