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You don’t want inaccurate survey results by asking the double-barreled question, right? Poorly phrased questions are probably the best way to ruin your survey. If you don’t care about how you formulate the survey, you may end up ruining the validity of your survey. 

Quiz and Survey Master is an amazing WordPress survey plugin, that helps you in creating different types of surveys. It has numerous options, using which you can optimize your survey. 

In this blog, we will show you the meaning of the double-barreled question, their example, and how you can use Quiz and Survey Master to avoid it. 

What Is a Double-Barreled Question?

A double-barreled question, or a compound question, or a double-ended question, is a combination of two different questions in one and allows only a single answer. It can occur entirely on accident or maybe due to general carelessness or lack of proofreading. Many times it happens because the survey creators want to keep the survey short and intentionally or unintentionally they create double-barreled questions. 

When you touch two different issues in the same question and don’t have room for respective opinions, there are chances of incorrect interpretation. A double-barreled question creeps its way into the survey and affects the accuracy of results.  

Most of the time, you will find a double-barreled question with “and”. It is not the obvious rule as it can be used in normal questions also. Let’s see some of the compound question examples. 

Double-barreled question

Double-Barreled Question Examples

  • How satisfied are you with your work compensation and environment?

As you can see in the above question, there are two different things mention in one question. A respondent might have a good compensation but not feel the work environment is a perfect fit for him/her. Or maybe the paycheck is less and the working environment is great. 

In this situation, how someone is supposed to interpret the question? So, that’s why its more accurate to ask two separate questions, likely,

How satisfied are you with the work environment?

How satisfied are you with the compensation?

  • Are you a hard-working employee, who is never late?

The above question might work if you are looking for both qualities in the employee. But might not go well for a hard-working employee who is sometimes stuck in some work and get late. This question should also be asked in two different parts as well,

Are you a hard-working employee?

Are you ever late for work?

How to Avoid Them?

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress survey plugin, that helps you to deal with a double-barreled question in a survey. It has various options using which you can convey a clear idea to your respondents.

The “Questions” tab, has 15 different question types which you can use to make questions more clear. It also has different answer types as well. Quiz and Survey Master has various other options to optimize the survey. 

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Things to Take Care Of

If you don’t want inaccuracy in results, because of poorly phrased questions, you should ignore, double-barreled questions. These are the few tips that you can use to avoid double-barreled questions:

  1. Avoid shortening the survey by mixing improper questions. 
  2. Separate the questions which you think might have different answers
  3. Proof-read the survey
  4. Pre-test the survey before publishing

Other Common Survey Question Mistakes:

Leading Questions

Leading questions is another survey fallacy. They assume the users and force them to answer they might not agree. For instance,

In the past how many years you are driving a car?

Since this question assumes that the respondent has a car, a response from a bike owner or any other vehicle owner might not lead to the proper survey data. The best way to tackle leading questions is to use conditional logic

When you use conditional logic, there will be a screening of questions based on the user’s response.  

Ambiguous Questions

Questions that are too broad and not specific are known as ambiguous questions. Ambiguous questions not only slow respondents down as they get confused over the meaning of the question, but can also impact the accuracy of answers. 

Have clarity and specificity in your survey questions and avoid questions in which users might get confused.

Confusing Questions

Confusing questions are those questions that are poorly phrased. You don’t want your users to get confused about the meaning of the question, so use clear and correct language that merely conveys your message. If a user gets confused, there are high chances that they might leave the survey midway. 


We hope this blog has helped you in identifying a double-barreled question. Now that you know what is a double-barreled question and how you should avoid it, you should use these tips and make an amazing survey for your website. Quality survey questions need to be formulated in a way that makes respondents understand the topic easily. 

Quiz and Survey Master also offers you various addon for your service. We recommend QSM Pro Bundle, as it has various useful addons which will make your work a lot easier. 

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