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Theme Installation

QSM offers multiple premium and free themes to enhance your quizzes and surveys. In this guide, you will learn how to install any QSM theme. The installation process is similar for all QSM themes.

Step 1: Purchase a Preferred Theme

Once you have purchased a QSM theme you will find the Product zip on the Product Confirmation page, in this case, you find all the purchased themes available to download with all its versions. Download the latest zip onto your computer.

Step 2: Install the theme to your site

After you purchase the theme and are ready with the zip on your computer, you must upload it to your site. One thing to note here is even though it is a theme you need to upload and install it as a plugin on our site. The process remains the same. Goto Plugins > Add New > Locate the Theme zip and upload it > Install. After the theme is successfully installed you can Activate it as seen in the video below.

Once the theme is successfully activated. You can now use it on your quizzes and surveys and the same will be reflected in QSM > Quizzes & Surveys > Style > Themes.

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